My Teacher is a Rockstar?

Zander Care Day 1

[3 days later]
[Shaneal's Pov]
Today we get to go get Zander today.
I told Jake and he couldn't have been happier.
"Landon hurry we gotta get Zander in fifteen minuets."
Landon is still in the bathroom he takes longer than I do in the bathroom and all he's doing is putting on eye liner.
"I'm out, now get in the damn car."
We get into the car and drive to the hospital.
[time lapse me no like car ride]
"Okay I'll be there to take care of him and make sure he takes his meds."I tell the nurse
The nurse replies with," That's good honey he'll need some one to help him do alot of things until he's fully healed."
The nurse and I talk for a while about what I'll need to do for Zander.
"You'll also need to help him shower."
"Uh I'll let Landon or Jake do that for him I don't really feel comfortable giving my brother a shower."
Then nurse laughs and says that it's fine.
We all (Landon, Zander, and I) leave the hospital and head home.
"Hey Shay Landon I'm sorry I'm gonna be such a bother."Zander says when we get in the car
I reply with,"Zander your not a bother you're our brother and we love you. You're hurt so we're going to help you wether you want us to or not."
"But Shay I can take care of myself."Zander protests
"Hey shut the hell up or else I wont let Jake help you take a shower and I'll make Landon do it."I say
Landon hears his name and pops in to the conversation.
"Landon's doing what?"
"Helping Zan take a shower if he's not good."
"But Shaneelio I don't wanna see Zander's area!!!!!!!!"
"Well then make him be good."
"Zander be good."
"Fine can we go pick up Jake?"
"Zander Jake has practice right now but he said he'd be over when it was done."
"Shit that means I gotta clean the damn house."
Don't worry Lando I'll help you."I say
[Time lapse to them getting home]
"Shay I don't mean to bother you but can you get me something to drink?"Zander asks uncertain
"Yeah hold on."I say before fixing him some Sprite.
I give him his drink and head to my room since Landon and I are done cleaning.
I decide to text Willow. I mean Antoine.
'Hey Antoine!!!!^-^ xCharlie'
'Hey Charlie why aren't you at school??? xAntoine'
'Gotta take care of Zander atleast till Jake gets here. xCharlie'
'Andrew says hi big sister and Matt says his midgett needs to text him. xAntoine'
"Tell Andrew hi little brother and tell Matt that anything he can tell me he can tell my wifey. xCharlie'
'Lol i told him and he looked at me and went she's cheating on me with you and you're cheating on giraffe boy with her so does that mean we can cheat on you guys with each other. xAntoine'
'Tell them yes it does mean that and anything they do I want pictures ^o^. xCharlie'
'They said tht they dnt do porno xD. xAntoine'
'Ask Andrew why he has a porn star name thn xD. xCharlie.'
Our conversation went like that for a while then she had to go to Ash's class.
I decided to look for his number so I could talk to him.
I finally find the number when Fang pulls the pants I was wearing that day over to me.
"Thanks babe."I say petting the black fuzzball
I reach in the pocket and grab the paper and enter it into my phone.
He's teaching right now so I can't call him I'll just text him.
'Hey Ash it's Shaneal.Xo'
'Shaneal where have you been all week?? Xo Ash'
'Had some stuff to take care of I'm not sure when I'll be back, but when I do get back I promise you can give me all the detentions you want ;P.Xo Shay'
'I like that idea but I gotta teach We'll talk later I promise Xo Ash'
'Kay I'm keeping you to that promise ^-^ Xo Shay'
"I seriously gotta go bye.Xo Ash'
'Bye :( Xo Shay'
Well I'm gonna take a nap all these fumes make you tired.
[le small time lapse]
"Hey Shay Mikey and Frank are here."Landon says shaking me gently
"Well tell them they know where my room is to get the fuck in here."I say sleepily
Landon leaves and Mikey and Frank walk hand in hand into my room.
"Why Shay no come school?" Frank asks in a baby voice
I get up and hug both of them and kiss their cheeks.
"I have to take care of Zander."I reply to my sad looking bestfriend
"When are you coming back?" Mikey asks
"Not sure 'cause I don't know how long it's gonna take for him to be able to do stuff for his self." I say truthfully to both of them
"B-but Shay Imma miss you." Frank says close to tears
You see Frank's always been over sensitive.
"Frankie don't cry or else I'll cry."I say
"How 'bout neither of you cry 'cause then I'll cry."Mikey says to lighten the mood
We talk for a while and Frank says that he has to go to work.
I hug him and kiss his cheek before telling him goodbye.
♠ ♠ ♠
Ok the Antoine and Charlie thing is an inside joke with my friend Willow because we named squirels that were in her yard Antoine and Charlie then we saw something funny happen with the squirels fighting over food and the one we named Antoine hit Charlie in the top of the head with the acorn thy were fighting over then some other stuff happened
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