My Teacher is a Rockstar?

Zander Care day 2


Mikey drove his boyfriend to work saying he'd text me later.

I sat on my bed and swung my feet back and forth. “Shanealio! Dinner!” Landon called.

“Coming!” I slid off my bed and went down the hall to the kitchen to see Landon helping Zander into his seat. I made Zander's plate: grilled cheese and soup. That's what we have for dinner often, soup. But it's okay, it always is.

We ate dinner and Landon gave Zander his pills. I took did the dishes. “Can you change his bandages?” Landon asked, peeking at Zander who was sitting in front of the TV.

“Sure.” Landon pecked my cheek and left the room.

Gathering what I needed, I sat next to my brother on the couch and changed his multiple bandages. He would hiss in pain periodically, I would apologize and keep going.

After that, I pulled out my cell phone and texted Mikey.

'Do you have a five string bass? Xo Shay'

''Yeah but I don't know how to play it. Why? --Mikey <3 Frankie'

'Cause I need to practice for the project. Zander was in a car accident so Landon and I are taking care of him. He's gonna be okay. Xo Shay'

'Okay, I can bring it over now. --Mikey <3 Frankie'

'Thanks! Love you! Xo Shay'

'Love you too –Mikey <3 Frankie'

Soon, Mikey knocked on the door, I hopped off the couch to let him in.

“Hey Shay!”He smiled.

“Hey Mikers!”

We made our way to my room, past Zander on the couch. “Hey Zan.” Mikey greeted.


We went to my room and he took out a blue five string bass guitar.

“Wow.” I smiled.

“Yeah, its pretty.” he agreed.


Mikey and I played with the bass, him teaching me things and giving me advice. His phone went off, he read the text and smiled.

Must have been Frank who texted him.

Their so cute!

“You can give that back after the project. I love you.” He gave me a hug and kissed my cheek.

“I love you too. Give Frank a kiss for me, but not a tongue one!” He threw his head back and laughed as he walked out the door.

I grinned and kept playing with the guitar until Zander called me. I sighed, put the guitar in a corner and went to where he sat on the couch. “Yes?” I asked.

“Can you grab me the remote?”

My eyes fell to where it sat on the coffee table right in front of him.

I handed him the remote then sat next to him to watch TV. We watched 1000 Ways to die until he fell asleep on the couch.

I leaned over him, moved his hair from his face and pushed it behind his ear. Then it hit me.

He stinks!

I pulled out his phone and texted Jake.

'Hey it's Shaneal. Can you give Zan a shower tomorrow around 8? He smells like ass! Lol'

His phone vibrated in my hand so I opened the text. 'Ha ha sure. No problem, hey put my number in your phone and text me it okay? ^Jake likes Cake^'

I smirked at his signature and did as he said, putting Zander's phone back in his pocket.

Shower arranged, I went to the kitchen and started cleaning with the few cleaning thingys we have. By now it was 9 o'clock; Time for Zander to take another pill.

I took out the prescription, read the directions then took out the amount of pills he had to take. I got him a cup of water and brought the objects out to where we slept on the couch.

“Zan. Hey. Pill time.” I poked his nose, for fear of hurting him. He scrunched his face before opening his eyes and giving me a dirty look.

“Don't gimmie that look.” I scolded before putting the pill in his mouth and giving him the cup. He took the pills and made a face before handing me the glass.


“Yeah well it ain't sour patch kids.” I began to head for the kitchen only for him to call me back.

“Uh, Shay?”


“Can you have Jake bring over some sour patch kids the next time he comes over?”

I smirked. “Sure.” I texted Jake and told my brother I was going to bed.

Landon was out filling prescriptions so I didn't see him as I put on my pajamas and went to bed; Fang curled up near my head.
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