My Teacher is a Rockstar?

Zander Care Day 3

{Shaneal's POV}
I wake up and poke Fang in the side trying to get her off of my face earning a growl frm her.
I continue poking her and she finally gets up when Landon comes in my room to wake me up.
"Hey Shay I gotta be at work soon Zander's in the living room with Jake eating breakfast."
"Ok Lando I'll be down in a sec."
Landon leaves my room and I walk to my closet and put on Matt's hoodie and a pair of shorts before putting my hair in a messy braid.
I walk by my mirror and shrug.
I walk down the hall and see Jake walking to the kitchen with plates.
"Hey Shay you look sleepy."
"I kinda am wait Zander actually ate that?"I say pointing to the half eaten blueberry muffin
"Yeah I thought I got him a chocolate chip one but I grabbed blueberry I think he ate it just to humor me."
"It's 'cause he loves you."
"You don't know how happy I am that he made it if he would've died I just I don't know what I'd do he's my life."
"Jake don't dwell on the past he's still here and you guys can continue bing the perfect couple you've always been."I say giving him a hug before making a sandwhich and sitting next to Zander
"Morning Shay."
"Morning Zan how 'ya feelin?"
"A little better but i still feel like shit."
"I'm sorry Zan, it's time for your pill."
"Ugh they taste like shit though."
"How th- never mind I don't even wanna know how you know what shit tastes like."
I give Zander his pills and we watch tv for a while.
[Time lapse]
I hear a knock at the door.
I open it and I see Mr. Purdy standing there
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