My Teacher is a Rockstar?

Mr Purdy?

(Ashley's POV)
Okay, I'm going nuts. Why hasn't Shaneal been to school? I thought about asking Frank or Mikey but...that'd be weird.

Asking Matt is out of the question. He could blow my cover.

Maybe I That is inappropriate. But my gnawing need to see her is also inappropriate so, why the hell not?

Locking my door behind me left the school got in my car and drove to the nice house Shaneal had me drop her off at before. I parked on the curb and went up to the door, knocking.

An elderly woman opened it, giving me a confused look.

Shaneal's file said she lives with her brothers. Eh maybe her grandma's visiting.

I cleared my throat. “Is Shaneal home?”


I nodded.

“I used to baby sit her when she was bearly 10. Sweet girl. Still comes over to visit sometimes. But she never lived here. She lives with her brothers Zander and Landon.” She told the the address and apartment number.

I thanked her and let her press a lippy kiss to my cheek before going back to my car and wiping off my cheek as I slid in.

I drove a block over and parked in the lot, looking up at the apartment building that was in need of repair.

This can't be right. I went over the address again in my head. Yep, it's what she told me.

Maybe the old loon is just messing with me. But if not...

I got out of the car and went in, then to room #69. Heh heh, still funny.

The door itself had seen better days, chipped paint and cracks here and there. Taking a deep breath, I knocked on the door.

The door gave a low whine then Shaneal stood in front of me looking confused.

I couldn't resist the urge to pull her into a hug. She hugged me back, her head to the side on my chest. “I thought something happened to you.” I said quietly, still holding on.

“No, I'm fine.” We let go and backed up. Then I looked above her head and saw the living room: Stained carpet, cracked ceiling, chipped paint, rain spots...

“Who is it?!” A male voice called.

Shaneal opened her mouth, closed it then opened it again. Like a fish: an adorable fish.

Just then Jake came to the rescue, telling the other boy that it was for him. So Shaneal's brother must be Jake's boyfriend Zander.

I gave him a thankful look and let Shaneal take my hand and take me inside. She let go as soon as she led me to the couch. If you can call it a couch. It was puke green and had holes and stains all over.
Honestly I didn't want to sit on it.

“Zander this is Ashley.” Jake said.

We exchanged our nice to meet yous. Shaneal twiddled her thumbs awkwardly before Jake took her hand and my arm then pulled us into the kitchen.

The kitchen, had an old gray refrigerator, a scuffed up sink, a mini freezer and old wooden cabinets.

“You two talk okay? I'm gonna stand here and ease drop because this could get awkward for Zander.” Jake took charge.

I shrugged and agreed.

I recalled how banged up Zander is out there. “What uh, happened to him?”

“Car accident.” Shaneal said.

Jake looked at his feet.

“Oh uh sorry. How are you?” There are so many things I wanted to ask her; none of which I could ask with Jake here.

“I'm okay. You'll see me at school tomorrow.”

“Good. You're way behind on the music project.”

She nodded. Then it was quiet.

“Jake I can't reach my sour patch kids!” Zander called.

Jake smirked and rolled his eyes, going out of the room.

Thank god!

“You owe me detentions.” I grinned.

“Yes, sir.” she smirked and saluted me.

I looked at her clothes to see her wearing shorts that showed off small scars and long pale legs. Along with a hoodie I'm sure Matt wears a lot.

The scars, I could tell, weren't self inflicted. I don't know what I would do if they were.

“You like...just wake up?”

She shook her head. “I was chilling with Zander since I woke up.”

It was then a little black puffball ran in, yipping as it trotted up to sit beside Shaneal.

It took me a moment to realize it was a dog. The little black Pomeranian stared up at me accusingly. “Down Fang.” Shaneal pet the 'viscous guard dog'.


She nodded.

The dog licked her fingers before she picked the small dog up and held it to her chest.

“Fang you be nice to Ashley.” she told the dog.

I smiled and let the dog sniff my hand then pet it. “I have two dogs. Killer and Tokyo.”


She kissed Fang's head.

I looked around at the old gas stove, and cracked counter. My gaze fell on a paper on the table that
looked like a bill for the apartment, it was stamped OVERDUE.

The house is shitty, the bills are piling up. I can't have student get evicted.

She followed my gaze and narrowed her eyes at me.

“If you need money I ca-” I began.

“No! We can do this. We'll be okay.” She harshly stated as she put the dog down who scampered out of the room.

They'll be okay?!

Bullshit! I need to help them! They can't do this.

“Bullshit! The house is shit, your starving, bills are overdue, Zander probably has hospital bills! You aren't going to be okay. Damn it Shaneal you NEED MONEY! Let me fucking help you!” I growled threw clenched teeth.

“No! We WILL be okay! Now GET OUT! GET OUT RIGHT NOW!” She shoved me, I stumbled before storming out of the house and to my car where I jerked the car out of the parking spot and all the way to my house.
♠ ♠ ♠
Do you think Shaneal should have taken him up on the money help?