My Teacher is a Rockstar?

Best Detenton EVER!

[Shaneal's POV]
Today is going to be awkward I've ignored all of Ash's calls and texts.
"Shaneal I'm gonna take you to school today,"Jake says
"Okay just let me get a jacket,"I reply
I get one of Matt's hoodies that he gave me and put it over my outfit.
I look in the mirror and see my perfect outfit.
I walk back to the living room and see Landon's up.
"Hey bro."
"Hey Shay," he says sleepily.
"Shaneal we gotta go you'll be late,"Jake says
"Ok. Love ya Lando."
"Love you too."
Jake and I get in his car and head to school.

[Time lapse no car rides]

We get in the parking lot and I see Matt, Willow, and Andrew talking to Ash.
"Thanks for dropping me off Jake," I say before kissing his cheek.
"No problem, but you still need to talk to Ashley."
"I know but he just I don't want him thinking I'm a charity case."
"He doesn't think that he just wanted to help you."
"Ok well I better get over to my man," I say chuckling
"Go get that ass girl,"Jake says being all flamboyant.
I walk up to the guys and Willow sees me.
I put my finger to my mouth signaling her to be quiet.
I sneak behind Matt and wrap my arms around him.
"Who the fuck!?! Oh, hey gorgeous,"Matt says somewhat confused.
"Hey smexie,"I reply before pecking his lips.
"I gotta go talk to coach for some shit. Come down to the field before first class,"He says before hugging me.
"Ok babe see you then."
I walk to Ashley's class room and I see him sitting on his desk reading none other than my favorite book To Kill A Mockingbird.
I knock on his door and he automatically looks up.
"Hey Sh--"
"I'm sorry for acting like that last night I shouldn't have been so bitchy."
"Shaneal you had every right to act like that with all the stress you have right now with Zander."
"I still shouldn't have been a bitch to you. You're too good for that."
"Well then maybe I should give you detention for disrespect miss DiBella."
"But Mr. Purdy,"I say deciding to play along.
"No buts Shaneal. You and your posse have disrespected me far too much,"he says winking.
"Fine but I've come to a decision I'll take the money if I work for it."
"I understand. You could walk Tokyo and Killer for me and my house could use a good cleaning and I don't know how to work a stove."
"Woah I said I'd work for the money not be your maid."
"Well you need to come by my place so I can help you catch up on your lessons anyway."
"Allright, so how 'bout we meet at the Starbucks down the street at six."
"Ok but why so late?"
"I have cheer practice today."
"Ok well I gotta set up for you ATA class go have fun."
"I gotta go find Matt anyway."
I spot Frank Mikey Willow and Andrew walking down the hall so I stop them.
"Hey guys."
"I tought you died big sister,"Andrew's deep voice booms.
"He really did it took me alot of convincing to make him realize that you weren't,"Willow says.
I giggle.
"What's so funny?"
"I just realized how much shorter you are than Andrew. It's worse than me and Matt,"I say still laughing.
"I'm not short I'm good blowjob size,"Wiilow says using mine hers and Frank's joke.
"I could've gone my whole life without those mental pictures Willow,"I say groaning.
"I know you could've that's why I told you."
"Fuck you."
"You would."
"You know it. Now come with me to the football field."
"Of course. Bye Andy-Pandy,"Willow says before kissing Andrew's nose.
"You guys are too cute."
"So what's been up?"
"Well Purdy is giving our group extra time for the project since you've been gone."
"Since you've been gone I can breathe for the first time. Sorry I got a little carried away."
"I was fixin to start singing it if you didn't."
We finally get to the football field and I see Matt talking to Mathew a.k.a Farm Boy.
I walk up to him and jump on his back.
"Hey midgett."
"Hi Scruffy. What did you wanna tell me?"
"Hey Mathew can you go away for a minute."
"Yeah man. Good luck."
"Ok so now that he's gone I wanted to give you something actually."
"Matt you don't have to give me anything."
"I know but I wanted to."
He held out a gorgeous necklace with forever on it and little ruby hearts dangling from it.
"My grandad gave it to my grandmom then she told my dad to give it to a special girl and he gave it to my mom then she told me the same so now it's yours."
"Oh Matt it's amazing."
"Want me to put it on you?"
I stood on my toes and kissed him.
"I'll take that as a yes."
He put the ncklace on me and we walked hand in hand back to the school.
[Time lapse]
We're sitting in Ashley's class waiting for him to get back from taking Blayden Ross to the principal for calling Frank a stupid whore that spends to much time fucking people to see that nobody really cares about him.
"I just don't know why h-he would s-say that,"Frank says in between sobs.
"I don't know baby, but let me tell you this. You are BEAUTIFUL and most certainly not a whore and you have many people who love and care about you,"Mikey says still desperately wanting to rip Blayden's head off.
"I-if it w-wa-wasn't true he wouldn't have said it,"Frank says still in tears.
"Mikey's right Frankie. You're gorgeous and we all love you,"I say.
"Thanks Shay that means alot."
"You're wlcome hun."
"Oh I see I'm just chopped liver now,"Mikey says when Frank gives him no attention.
"Mikey you know I love you more than life itself and it means the world to me that you think that about me,"Frank says before kissing Mikey.
"Ok I'm back from that little tiff,"Ashley says.
I raise my hand and ask,"Mr. Purdy what's a tiff?"
"Well Shaneal a tiff is like a dispute."
"Oh, ok thanks Mr. Purdy."
"No problem I'm a teacher after all."
I whisper to Willow,"I still don't understand that word."
"Fuck it."
"Fuck it or him."
"Hmmm both."
"I probably wouldn't seeing as I won't even have sex with Matt."
"Hey bj's are just as good as sex."
"I know right."
Time lapse to Shaneal's cheer practice]
"Okay girls work on your lifts,"Stacy says cheerfully
I tell my spotters which are all freshman that we'll start out with the basic builds before we do any lifts.
"Ok guys you're doing great."
"Thanks Shay,"Willow's cousin Alicia says.
"You're welcome now let's try barrel toss."
They do the barrel toss perfectly.
"Ok now let's do the scorpion."
They were off a little on the spotting but other than that it was flawless.
Various lifts and moves later its 5:30.
"Ok girls great job today go hit the showers and you can leave,"Stacy tells us.
"Hey Shay you wanna come to my house this weekend I'm having a party and most of the team's comin,"Alicia offers.
"Sure that sounds great."
I shower put some clothes on and head to Starbucks.
I see Ashley standing outside with his back towards me so I decide to scare him.
I find a pen in my pocket and put it in my hand.
I tiptoe up to him put the pen up to his neck and use my guy voice and say,"Give me all your money bitch."
He turns around and sees it's me and says,"Shaneal what the actual fuck?"
We walk to his car and he takes me to his house.
We ride for about five minutes and we're at his house.
"Welcome to my humble abode,"He says opening the door.
As soon as he opens I see the cutest dog in the world.
"Hi there little fella!"
"That's Killer he likes company. And this little guy right here is Tokyo. He's a daddy's boy."
"So he won't let me pet him?"
"He normally doesn't."
I bend down and Tokyo comes right up to me and sniffs my hand before rubbing against my hand signaling that he wants picked up.
I pick him up and say,"I thought he wouldn't let me pet him."
"I said he normally doesn't let people pet him let alone pick him up."
"Anyway what do I need to do?"
"Uh these guys could use a bath."
"Ok I can do that. Where's everything I need?"
"Under the sink in the room right by the front door."
I pick up the dogs and walk to the door he specified.
I open the door to a room with one of those tubs they give dogs baths in at the vet.
This room is huge.
I reach under the sink and pull out dog shampoo that smells like cherries.
"You guys are gonna smell awesome."
I give them a bath and Tokyo jumps on me before I can put a towel on him.
Probably not a good idea that I'm wearing a white shirt with a black and red bra.
I dry the dogs off and open the door to the room.
They trot out and I walk out with the towel in front of my shirt.
"Hey Ash can I borrow a shirt your dog made mine kinda see through?"
"Yeah c'mon."
I follow him to a gorgeous room with crimson red walls and black trimmings.
I see that there's clothes all over the floor.
"You're messy."
"And you look half naked right now."
"So can I borrow a shirt or n--."
Before I can finish he throws a black v-neck shirt to me and it hits me in the face causing me to drop the towel.
"Uh your towel fell."
"Oh well I really don't care as long as you don't like try and rape me,"I say before taking my wet shirt off and putting Ash's on.
"You're being swallowed by my shirt."
"Not to mention it shows my bra you know what fuck it I really don't care anymore."
"Ok so I can put your shirt in the dryer so you can wear it back."
"Wait so you can work a dryer but you can't work a stove?"
"I'm not that smart ok."
"Says the teacher."
"Who's fooling around with his top student."
"That makes you sound like a pedo bear."
"Pedo bear?"
"You look like you're strong so that's were the bear part comes from and then I'm sure you know what a pedo is."
"Oh I get it."
"And people say I should be blonde."
"When did he get in here,"I ask pointing at Tokyo.
"He follows me everywhere now 'cause he doesn't see me that often anymore."
"Oh ok so what else do you need me to do?"
♠ ♠ ♠
I'm back!
Sorry it took so long a bunch of stuff happened :)