My Teacher is a Rockstar?

"Did she just...moan? From THAT?"

You can give me my shirt and walk around in that sexy bra. Shit! No! I can't tell her that! Then I WILL be a...what the hell was it....pedo bear?

I shook my head. Quick; what else can she do that will get her wet?


“ You could wash the tub and shower.” And if someone turns on the water...

I rubbed the back of my neck nervously as if I wasn't sure, just to put down any thoughts she may have assumed I had.

But, I don't think it worked.

She smirked. “Okay but I'm not going NEAR your toilet.”

I smirked “You will if I tell you to.”

Her smirk dropped at once.

I chuckled. “I won't.” then held my hand out, hoping she would take it.

I turned to hide my smile as I felt her much smaller hand fit into mine. I took her to the bathroom off my bedroom. We were greeted by the gray tile walls of my bathroom. (A/N Scroll down to see it when you click the link!)

“Niiiice.” She looked around in awe.

I let go of her hand and mine suddenly felt cold. “Thanks.” I grinned.

“What you'll need is in the cupboard under the sink. I'll stand in here to make sure you don't miss anything.” She nodded and retrieved the cleaning shit from where I told her.

I smirked as she read the directions on the spray bottle and started with the tub. She sprayed it down then I got a great view of her bubble butt as she bent over the tub to reach the other side. If only those shorts were a little....NO! God damn it what am I doing?

She's my fucking student! She's underage! She has a boyfriend who is my best friends best friend! This is illegal and wrong and...jeez! You know what though? I don't care as much as I should. I really like Shaneal: Her pervy jokes, her adorable giggle, her amazing smile, her 'everything is okay' fantasy. Not to mention her smoking body!

Speaking of; little Ashley is getting excited.

I looked away and began to think of the papers I still have to grade for tomorrow. Ugh, erection gone.

“Uh Ash?” She waved her hand in my face, knocking me out of my thoughts. My eyes focused on her.

“You okay? I asked if that was good.” She pointed to the spotless tub I rarely used.

I nodded “Good job.” She smiled and moved on to the shower. I smirked at my devious plan as she went in the glass door and began to spray the wall.

I kept my eyes on the floor, waiting for an excuse. Tokyo looked up at me and turned his head in the cutest way. I raised a finger to my lips to him, then smirked as he lay down on his stomach and put his paws over his muzzle.


A puddle formed on the floor. Perfect! I stepped closer and 'accidentally slipped' in the puddle and ended up standing in the shower with Shaneal with the door closed, turning the shower on in the process.

Am I smooth or what?

Shaneal looked up at me with shocked eyes as the warm water rained down on our fully clothed bodys.

“Sorry.” I apologized.

She blushed. “It's okay.” then reached for the door, slipping a bit, I caught her by her elbows and steadied her by pinning her to the wall with my body.

Mind you if she told me to back up or get out I would but...she didn't.

I looked down at her face and watched water run down her cheeks in large streams. I couldn't help but lick them up slowly.

Did she just...moan? From that? Ha okay!

“Well, the uh..showers done. Lets uh...get out.” She stuttered, biting her lip as she blushed deeply.

I backed up and nodded, reaching for the door only to find it stuck. “Shit.” I pushed on the door but it didn't budge.

“Its stuck.” I told her honestly.

Not that I'm complaining.

She walked over and pushed the door but it didn't move. She sighed. After about 20 minuets of trying the door we gave up and I turned off the water. I'm not sure why I waited so long to do that.

Shaneal's clothes are sticking to her like a second skin, as are mine. Showing my obvious boner that I'm doing my best to hide from her.

I pulled out my cell phone and called the one person who wouldn't take this scene the wrong way: Jinxx.
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Yay I updated! Comment you guesses on why Ash chose to call Jinxx over Andy? Do you think Ash really likes Shaneal or is it just physical?