My Teacher is a Rockstar?

"Go tell him how much Marvel comics suck"

He left the room and I felt cold. He came back with my now dry shorts and top. “You can change in my room.” He told me.

I nodded and headed for the room. I dressed quickly, and combed my hair with my fingers. The table by his bed had an open drawer. Naturally, I peeked in.

I found a book, a box of condoms, a note pad and a pencil.

I blushed as I pushed the condom box to grab the note pad. I flipped it open to the latest page.

I shouldn't like her. I know I shouldn't. She's my fucking student! I mean really, I'm a man. I need sex. isn't like that with her. I like her for HER. Even if she does have an amazing body. I'm so used to doing a whore or a nice woman then ditching her but she...she's changing things. I haven't had sex sense my first teaching day. I have a feeling that she's a virgin and plans to keep it that way, I can respect that. Plus, I don't want her virginity. I won't take that from her. The first time should be special, not a quick fuck. It shouldn't be a fuck at all, it should be making love. Her boyfriend will probably be her first, he might be the right person for her. Jesus I shouldn't even be thinking this; but I don't care. She's just...perfect. It's wrong but, so right.

I put it back and closed the drawer. I hope thats about me, if he's doing this with someone else...wait, no I have a boyfriend. And he's my fucking teacher!

Ugh. Work now, worry later.

I left the room, Killer trotting beside me. I'm not sure where he came from but okay then. I got on my knees and pet the dog who happily liked my face.

“Such a big boy! Yes you are!” I giggled as he licked my nose.

Work. Right.

“Off.” I told him, he got off me and trotted down the hall.

I wiped my face and stood, meeting Ashley in the living room. “Ready?” He asked.

I nodded and followed him out the door.

------time lapse-----

He walked me to Spencers where Landon skipped over to me. “Hey Shaneelio! Get changed!” He pushed some clothes into my hands, smiled brightly at Ash and I then skipped away.

I side hugged Ash and went into the changing room. I got changed and had just finished putting on the lashes when I realized that I had 2 minuets to clock on. I bolted from the room and quickly dawned my name thingy and clocked on with 45 seconds to spare.

“Ohh you lookin good girl!” Landon exclaimed in a flamboyant voice.

“Thank you darling.” I said with a posh accent striking a pose.

Landon, Ash and I laughed. I thought Ash would have left.

Sheridan came up to me and applauded. Landon went in the changing room and came out with my clothes. He put them in a bag and put them behind the counter.

Sheridan hugged me tightly, took my hand and took me to the other end of the store. “We have a new one starting today.” She told me with a smile.

“And?” I grinned, knowing what was coming.

“He's hot!” She clapped her hands excitedly.

I rolled my eyes. “No really!” she pressed.

“Shaneal!” I skipped over to Andy who hugged me tightly to his slender frame.

“Hey big sister!” He pulled tighter.

“Can't...breathe...” He let go at once and smiled.


I nodded and pushed down on his shoulders so he would get the hint and bend down. He did, so I could kiss his cheek. He kissed mine, his lip ring was cold.

I smiled “Go talk to Landon, you'll like him.” I gestured to my brother who was folding tee shirts.

“Okay.” Andy took his giraffe legs over to my brother.

I walked back over to the dumbfounded Sheridan.

“You know him?!”

I nodded.

“Dish!” She commanded.

“He's one of my best friends.”

she made a movement with her hand like 'go on'

“He's Zander's boyfriends friend, Matt's best friend, and my...other friends best friend.” I wasn't sure what to tell her Ashley was.

“Oh and my class mate.” I added.

I pushed up on Sheridan's jaw, thus closing her mouth.

“Why didn't you tell me?”

I shrugged “He has a girlfriend.”

She frowned. “Hows their out look?”

“Really good.”

Her frown deepened. “I'm sorry.” I told her.

“It's okay. I at least want to be friends with him.”

“That'll be easy. Go tell him how much Marvel Comics suck.” I advised.

She nodded and walked up to where Landon and Andy laughed.

“My little girl....^sniffle^ all growd up.” I pretended to wipe tears.

Laughter made me look over to see Ashley standing near by, looking at a Hello Kitty necklace.

“Sheridan, teach Andy how to use the register would you?” the manager on duty asked.

She smiled, nodded and took Andy over to it.

And so my work day began. It ended at 1 AM and I have school tomorrow. Ugh. After my shift, Landon and I accepted a lift from Ashley home.
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I am aware it says "growd up" and its supposed to. First thoughts on Sheridan? Speaking of, I added her to the character list!