My Teacher is a Rockstar?

Was The Dream About Me?

[Ash's Pov]
I drop Shaneal and Landon off at her house and head home.
I walk in the door and head to the kitchen and put food down for Tokyo and Killer.
"Hey guys come eat."
As soon as I shut my mouth the dogs are in the kitchen.
They eat then follow me to bed.
I sit on the edge on my bed and pull my boots off.
I toss them on the ground as well as my shirt and jeans leaving me in my boxers.
My head hits my pillow and I'm asleep.
Shaneal and I are sitting on the couch in my living room.
"You are so beautiful,"I say truthfully.
"You're too good to me,"She replies blushing.
"After all this time I still make you blush,"I ask.
"You have a way with words I'll never understand,"she says kissing my cheek.
I glance down and say,"And of course we can't forget our little Oliver."
"No of course not how could we ever forget mommy's little man?"
"Daddy,"Oliver says pointing at me.
"Yeah Oli Bee daddy loves you so much."
"I love you Ashley Purdy and I love you Oliver Brendon Purdy with all my heart."
"I don't deserve a woman like you."
"Ashley Purdy after all the shit you've done for me if one of us doesn't deserve the other it's me."
"You're too beautiful for me."
"You're too wonderful for me."
"How 'bout we're too amazing for each other but you're the sexy one."
"I love you Ashley."
"I love you too Shaneal."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[End Dream]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I woke up in a cold sweat.
Why did I dream that?
The main question is did I like it.
I mean don't get me wrong I want children one day and I've always wanted a son but will I be as good a father as I looked in that dream.
I need booze.
I get up trying not to wake the sleeping beasts next to me.
"C'mon guys lets go to the kitchen."
Tokyo looks up at me cocks his head to the side.
Killer barks at Tokyo then they start play fighting.
I walk in to the kitchen and open the fridge.
I see everything possible to drink but no booze.
"Just fucking great."
"Daddy has no booze Tokyo. That's why he's mad."
I grab my keys off the counter.
"You guys stay on the bed and dont mess anything up I'll be back."
"Woof woof."
I walk out the door and start my car.
I drive up to The Raven and get out.
I walk up to the bouncer and talk to him.
"Hey Bruce."
"Ashley man how's it goin'?"
"Pretty good i need to get my drink on though."
"Well come on in man."
I walk into the club and head to the bar.
"Hey Chrissy."
"The famous Ashley Purdy has returned."
"Ha ha ha very funny Chrissy."
"So the usual?"
"One Jack and Coke comin' right up."
Four hours later I was hammered.
"Ashley you can't drive."
"B-but m-my c-c-car is here."
"I walked here I'll drive your car to your house and then I'll walk to mine since we live like ten minuets away from each other."
[The next morning]
I wake up with a killer headache.
Tokyo looks up at me with conserned eyes.
"Daddy's fine Tokyo he just needs some asprin."
He trots up to me and nudges my hand.
I pet him for a few minuets then get up and get ready.
I put on a dark gray button up black skinnies and my black cowboy boots.
I take my time applying my eyeliner and if I do say so myself I look pretty damn hot.
[Time lapse]
I get in the classroom and see Matt Shaneal Andy Willow Frank and Mikey all sitting at a table talking.
"Did you really,"I hear Willow ask.
"Yeah and he said it in the sweetest way,"I hear Frank say.
"I just can't belive you guys are gonna do it,"Shanal says.
Im not even sure I want to know.
[Shaneal's Pov]
Frank and Mikey are getting married I can't believe it.
They're so perfect for each other.
"You guys are meant for each other,"I say truthfully.
"And now we'll be together forever,"Mikey says smiling.
"Mikey Way I love you with my whole heart and now im forever yours,"Frankie says looking up at Mikey with shining eyes.
I yawn.
"You ok Antione,"Willow asks.
"Yeah just didn't sleep good last night."
"It's not my fault I swear,"Matt exclaims.
"Don't I know it Mr. Oh look Shaneal's calling at three in the morning there's nothing wrong at all I'm just gonna go back to sleep."
"I'm sorry babe was something wrong."
"I couldn't sleep and I wanted to hear your voice."
"Awwww,"Willow, Andy, Mikey and Frank say in unison.
Matt Kisses me and I flip them off.
"Ok class you guys are gonna work on your projects today,"Ashley says.
We all go to our groups and I sit on Matt's amp.
"So what have we got so far on our project,"I ask.
"We have a name, lyrics, my drum part and Matt's guitar so far,"Willow replies accomplished.
"What's the name?"
"Deadly Sins," Andrew replies.
"I like it. It sounds dangerous,"I say falling off Matt's amp.
"Calm down my little ninja,"Matt replies laughing.
"Fuck yeah I'm a ninja it takes skills to fall off of things sitting still. Anyway lets get to work."
Thirty minuets later we had our song down.
"Ok guys this is seriously the shit lets practice one more time."
[Ash's Pov]
Ugh so much noise.
Why did I drink so much?
You didn't want to feel inadequite nimrod.
Shut the fuck up.
You don't want to admit that you can see you and her having a family together.
I'm not arguing with my subconcious.
Because you know I'm right.
I never said that.
Whatever you never listen to me anyway.
I lay my head on the desk and groan.
"Hey Ash. Ash. Ash,"I hear with someone poking my face.
I look up and see Shaneal.
"I really need to go to the bathroom."
"Then go that was a rule the first day you don't have to ask me to go to the restroom just get up and go."
"I really just wanted to talk to you."
"Well I had this really weird dream."
"What was it about?"
"Well me and uhm Matt were on a couch and we were staring down at a baby and we were telling it how much we loved it and stuff like that."
"Well maybe its your subconcious way of saying you're pregnant."
"Matt and I have never had sex and I've never cheated on him so that's not a possibility."
"Well it could be saying that even if you don't think so you want a family with him."
"So uh aren't you going to the bathroom?"
"Oh, yeah my bad."
I wonder why she stuttered.
Was the dream about me?