My Teacher is a Rockstar?

He dosen't look like a teacher

{Shaneal’s POV}

I got up, took a quick shower and got dressed and ran down the hall to look for something for breakfast.

Hopefully, I opened the fridge to find a lone apple. I grabbed it and rubbed it on my shirt to clean it off. The apple was slightly mushy but hey, breakfast is breakfast.

Slinging my bag over my shoulder I took a bite of the apple.

"Honk Honk!"

I called goodbye Landon who fell asleep on the couch last night.

"Mmfef." He replied sleepily.

Grinning, I left our apartment and got into Frank’s car.

We rocked out to Slayer on the way to school, we began our school day as any other: Bored and uninterested.

I went to my locker, that is no where near any of my friends' sadly before I met Frank and his boyfriend Mikey at Advanced Theatrical Arts.

Frank kissed Mikey before taking his hand. I got on my toes and kissed Mikey’s cheek before heading into the class.

We sat beside each other and I now more than sat down when a flock of boys came over and crowded me.

"Hey, you should break up with Matt...."
"Lookin good!"
"How are you....."
"...hey you........"

Jocks are so annoying. Just ‘cause I’m a cheerleader doesn't mean I’m an easy lay!

The door slammed, echoing in the room. They flock briskly returned to their seats, their chairs screeching against the tile of the floor.

"Good morning class I'm Mr. Purdy. I'll begin with taking role and then you can ask questions.Okay well let begin."
"Abbigail Beddwell?"
"Trevor Collins? Trevor Collins? Okay so no Mr. Collins"
"Shaneal DiBella?"

I raised my hand and smiled. He returned my smile and went on with role call. My eyes scanned him. He doesn't look like a teacher.
I looked at his jeans that just weren't skinny’s, his black button up shirt with long sleeves that just covered his chest down to his....combat boots?

He was head to toe in black, longish black hair too, his pale skin and brown eyes were the only things on him that weren't black.

He doesn't look like a teacher. In fact he’

The next thing I noticed, Mikey was talking about himself. "I play a little bass. Uhmm, I'm an out in the open gay and surprisingly everyone's fine with it. Uhm, I'm really nervous right now . Uh, I'm dating Frank, but I'll let him go into more details. Oh and I'm 17 and me an Shay share a birthday." He nudged me behind Frank with a small smile.

I gave him a small smile back.

"Thanks Mikey and I'm glad to see that people here are fine with homosexuality.
Now next uh Shaneal is it?" Mr. Purdy commented before turning his chocolate gaze on me.

"Yeah. Well I'm Shaneal a lot of people call me Shay. I'm dating captain of the football and rugby team Matt Good. Tomorrow it'll have been a year. I cheer. I play acoustic, sing ,and play some bass.
I'm pretty shy around people I don't know or trust,but around people like Matt, his friend Andrew, Abbie, Mikey, Frank,or my brothers Landon and Zander I'm like a psycho maniac. I'm very short. Matt calls me midget and he's the only one who can call me that. I have a black Pomeranian named Fang. My cousin is Jayy Von from BOTDF but I hate when people try and get close to me because my cousin is 'so fucking hot'. Oh and I play softball." I summed myself up.

He seemed to be honestly listening to me.

The ‘my name is and I’ line went on but I don’t think Mr. Purdy was paying attention.

Realization hit his eyes as Willow talked about how she was the president of art club.

Maybe he likes to paint?

Mr. Purdy was on his computer telling us we would do something in class tomorrow. Matt pulled his chair up by me and I chatted with Mikey and Frank as I held Matt’s hand from where our hands rested on his leg.

The bell rang and the students began to shuffle out. Hand in hand, Matt and I left the room standing outside the door.

"See you soon babe." Matt leaned down and kissed me. As soon as we were about to turn for a better angle, Matt was pulled away.

An angry Mr. Purdy stood almost glaring at us. "I may be new but no physical display's of affection. Detention. Both of you." He went back into his class and Matt glared at his back.

"Screw that. I’m getting my car after school. I’ll pick you up afterward. Okay?"
"Okay." we could feel Mr. Purdy’s eyes on us so we hugged briefly before heading to our own classes.

At the end of the day, I went to Mr. Purdy’s class and went in. He looked up at me when I came in.

"Take a seat Shaneal." I did.

"Here. Make up a good line and you can go." He handed me a Specter bass guitar. He plugged it in, put a pick on my desk and went to his desk.

I looked from him to the guitar, astonished.

Did he really just..........

I pinched my arm.


He gave me a funny look. Not a dream.

Sighing, I picked up the pick and began toying with the guitar. An hour later he decided he liked what I did and let me go.

I went outside and waited for Matt. He pulled up in his freshly painted Camaro.

"My house?" He asked.

I grinned and got in.
♠ ♠ ♠