My Teacher is a Rockstar?

Car Wash

I wonder if he suspects that dream was about him. I hope not, I'd die of embarrassment. I'm not exactly saying it was but I'm totally not saying it wasn't...

Okay it was.

I blushed as I walked down the hallway and into the girls restroom. I checked my hair and make up before heading back to class.

I kiss Matt before grabbing the bass and chatting with my friends. My phone vibrates so I take it out and read the text:

Ashley Purdy: I've got more things 4 you 2 do. I'll pick you up in front of your building.

I sent a quick okay before anyone could see who I was texting.

After school, Matt drove me home giving me a lingering kiss before I got out. When I came in there was a note on the table.

Shaneal, I was called into work so I'll see you tomarrow. I love you. Zander

I shrugged, pocked the note and went to my room where I realized it was really hot out today. So, I got changed and put a pony tail holder into my pocket. I figure flip flops will be okay, so as long as I'm not dealing with mud, it's fine.

My phone went off Ashley Purdy: I'm out front.

I left, and headed out. I got into his car and he gave me a smile as he pulled out of the parking lot.

When we pulled up out front of his garage he turned off the car and we got out. “What am I doing today boss?” I asked.

He grinned “My car needs washing.”

“Okay, where's the stuff to do it?”

“I'll get the hose, the bucket, soap and wash thingies are in the garage by the door.”


He headed to the side of the house and I followed his directions to get the car wash stuff. I put them down by the car.

He walked out, hose in hand. “Now if it'll jus-”

A cold jet of water soaked my shirt, making it go see through and cling to me. I yelped. He quickly pointed it away and couldn't help but to laugh.

“S-sorry.” He stammered threw laughter. I turned to face him and glared, his laughter stopped immediately and hid eyes were glued to my chest.

I blushed and took off the wet shirt. “Whoa. Not complaining but....whoa.”

I grinned “As long as you don't like try to rape me, I don't care.”

He smirked and nodded. I hope he doesn't look close enough to see the scars on my stomach!

Ash handed me the hose with wide eyes still on my chest as I wet down the car. My bright green bra is kinda eye catching.

I filled the bucket with soap and water and began to wash the car. Watching the sponge leave a white trail of bubbles behind.

I bent over the hoof of the car to get the other side, to lazy to walk around. I could feel Ashley's eyes on me but I let him have his fun. He can look but he can't touch. Am I a tease?


Holy shit! I felt my hard on push against my skinny jeans. God! Fuck! Her boobs are amazing, her stomach is flat, her ass is like two bubbles. That bra is so bright! I think I can see matching panties through her white jeans.

Oh my god! She's hotter than all the sluts I screwed over the last tour! And better yet; I actually like her!

I bit my lip and watched her ass as she bent over the hood of the car to get the other side.

WHY did I not have her do this before?!

God, I'm so horny right now.


Matt! Damn it she has a boy friend I shouldn't be thinking this!

But wait...if she cared wouldn't she not be doing this? Wouldn't she have not kissed me?


I watched her rinse off the car and wash the rims. My boner is painful right now. I think I'm gonna go get her a drink.

Its at least 90 out here and she's sweating a lot.

I went inside and came out with a tall cup of water. “Shaneal?”

She looked at me and smiled when she saw the glass “Thanks.” She gulped it down.
She inspected her work, walking around the car. I used this as an opportunity to pick up the hose and aim.

When she rounded the corner I sprayed her. She screamed then laughed. “Ash! It's cold!”

“I know.” I laughed.

Yep, I was right; matching panties!

Her pants were soaked through. I put the hose down. “All done.”

“Come inside and dry off. I'll bring you something to wear while your clothes dry.” she nodded and followed me inside, to be greeted by Tokyo and Killer who happily jumped at her.

“Hey baby's!” She bent down to pet them, giving me a glance at her breasts again, down angle this time. I blushed and went to get a towel.

Did I just blush after seeing a woman's boobs? I never do that! Not until now. I think it's because all those other women were just a pair of tits to me. I respect Shaneal. And she'll never be just anything to me.

I went my room and grabbed a black tee shirt and some boxers. I grabbed a towel from the bathroom before returning to the kitchen where Shaneal was. I handed her the towel and watched her dry off. “You can change in my room.”

She nodded and took the clothes I handed to her, heading down the hall with Killer tailing her. Tokyo jumped up at me so I picked him up. “Hey boy.” I chuckled as he licked my face.

I let Killer in the room with me as I striped out of my pants and flip flops before putting on the tee shirt and boxers that fit me like basketball shorts.

Weird to think my vagina is where my teachers package normally is. Oh well. He's more my friend than my teacher to me anyway.

Killer and I left the room, we went into the living room having herd Ashley talking. I peeked around the corner temporarily detracted by the Andy Warhol pictures of Marilyn Monroe.

“I know boy, but I really like her. Don't you?” Tokyo barked happily.

“She's nothing like anyone else. She's special Tokyo. I..had the weirdest dream about her. Like the one she told me she had about Matt. was my baby. And I...liked it. Is that wrong?”

Tokyo rolled over, hoping for a belly rub.

“I'm not sure either.” Ashley rubbed the dogs exposed belly.

I blushed. Does he suspect the dream was about him? Did I accidentally hint at it? No, couldn't have. He had a similar dream so...he really likes me! He really likes me! I fought the urge to jump around like a girl who just won a million dollars.

But Matt. I love Matt with all my heart, and I don't know what I'd do if we weren't together. I refuse to think of it so I don't break down in tears.

I backed up a few steps, then called “Ash?”

“Living room!” he called.

I came in and handed him my clothes that he left with before coming back. “Done in an hour.”

I nodded.
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Ashley, you perv! But we love him :)

Anyone agree Killer and Tokyo are the cutest dogs ever?

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