My Teacher is a Rockstar?

What Do You Want CC?

[Ash's Pov]
I came back in the living room and sat down next to Shaneal.
She almost instanly cuddled into my side.
"It's really cold in here,"I heard her say.
"Hold on I'll go get a blanket"I say getting up from the couch.
I walk to the linen closet and find a really fluffy blacket.
'I think she'll like this one' I think to myself.
I walk back to the living room and I hear Shaneal on the phone.
"Jayy what do I do?"
"You're good at relationship stuff."
"Of course I love Matt."
"No we haven't."
"I don't know."
"Well he's amazing and uhm well I've already told you that story."
"Jayy shut up!"
"All right I gotta go."
"Love you too bye."
"Here's the blanket,"I say sitting on the couch.
"Thanks," she says putting the blanket over us.
"So what're we gonna do for an hour?"
"Uhmm well I have The Notebook. "
"And may I ask why?"
"Me and Andy do some fucked up things while stoned."
"I really wish Andrew wouldn't do as much drugs as he does."
"You really care about him don't you?"
"Andrew and I have been friends since birth. He's been in my life for every little thing. He's like a brother to me."
"Why do you call him Andrew?"
"Because we've always had multiple Andrews in class and they both would go by Andy and I decided that I didn't wanna call him Andy since I've called him Andrew our whole lives."
"Oh, I get it like my friend James everyone calls him Jimmy but I can't stand it."
"So are we gonna watch this movie or not?"
"Oh, yeah let me put it in."
"Thats what he said."
[Shaneal's Pov]
Ash bent over and put the DVD in.
Damn he has a nice ass!
He sits back down in the couch and I snuggle into him yet again.
Is it weird for me to feel like I belong next to him?
As the movie progressed I could feel the tears falling.
Ash moved over and kissed them away.
I turned my head "by accident" and he kissed my lips.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me closer.
He ran his tounge across my bottom lip and I gladly let him in.
I moved so that I was straddling him and he put his hand under my-well his- shirt.
I moaned into the kiss as he brought his other hand up to cup my breast.
I sucked on his tounge earning a moan from him as he squeazed my breast that he was holding.
I pulled away and I could see the lust in his eyes.
I attached my lips to his neck.
I sucked and bit his neck until I was satisfied with what I left there.
He went to return the favor but I stopped him.
"Matt'll see remember."
"Oh, yeah."
I could feel him pressing into me through his jeans.
I ran my hand down his chest and palmed him through his jeans.
He moaned at my touch.
This man is straight up sexy.
I went to un button his pants but he stopped me.
"Shaneal are you sure?"
"Ash it's a blowjob it's not like you're gonna be pounding me into the couch just yet."
'Although maybe in a few months.'
'Shut up voice!
'I'm just telling you what you want.'
'I want my first time to be with Matt and you and I both know it now leave me alone.'

After arguiing with myself I returned to my task at hand.
I un did his pants and pulled them down.
I could see that he was painfully hard so I decided to tourture him a little.
So what I'm sadistic sue me.
I pulled his boxers down painfully slow.
I could feel myself getting more turned on by the second.
I finally got his boxers down and I gasped.
"What,"he asks.
"It's definately not what I expected,"I say truthfully.
"You were thinkin about my dick,"he teases.
"Was not,"I say sticking my tounge out at him.
"Don't tempt me,"he says with a serious face.
I smirk and return yet again to the task at hand.
I take his head in my mouth and run my tounge along his slit tasting the pre cum oozing out of it.
I take more of him in sliding my tounge around his base.
He bucks his hips into my mouth and I moan.
He tries to buck them again but I pull off completely.
"Now Mr. Purdy I know I've been a bad girl but I shouldn't be punished that bad."
He smirks and I take him back into my mouth.
I begin to deep throat him just as the door opens showing a tall man with long black hair.
"Yo Ash. Woah didn't know you had company,"the man says.
I quickly pull off Ash and hide in the collar of the shirt.
"Hey CC let's talk in the kitchen,"I hear Ash say.
They leave and I start crying.
Maybe this was his plan all along..
[Ash's Pov]
I take CC to the kitchen.
"So why do we need to talk in here,"CC asks most likely really confused or stoned.
"Hmm let's see you barge into my house while I'm with the most amazing girl I've ever met in my life."
"Woah dude calm down. If she feels the same for you then she'll give you another chance."
"CC you just don't understand she can't give me another chance."
"Dude she'll give you one I'm sure of it."
"Why are you here anyway?"
"I forgot."
"Well call me when you figure it out."
"Okay bye man."
"Bye CC."
I walk in the living room and I see Shaneal crying.
"Shaneal what's wrong," I ask trying to comfort her.
"Don't fucking touch me you planned all this out so I'd look like a whore didn't you?"
'No Shaneal I didn't I sw---."
I'm cut off by her slapping me hard across the face.
"Fuck you Ashley Purdy,"she says before going to leave.
"Shaneal wait atleast let me explain."
"You have three minuets."
"Ok I had absolutely no idea that CC was gonna show up. I would never try and make you look like a whore. I have this weird feeling when I'm around you and I'm not sure if I like it. I find myself trying to look better. I find myself not drinking. Hell I've even stopped smoking pot as much. And it's all because of the funny feeling I get when I'm around you."
"Ashley shut up."
"Shaneal I'm telling the truth I promise."
"I meant shut up and come over here and kiss me you idiot."
"I can do that,"I say before bringing her into my arms and kissing her passionately.
I suddenly hear Shaneal's phone go off I look down at the caller I.D and I see the main thing staanding in the way of mine and Shaneal's relationship.
Matt Good.
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Oooh Sexyness...
Why Was CC There....
What Does Matt Want.....
Why Am I Capitalizing Everything And Putting Dots After It.....
Coment And See...
I Love You Guys.......