My Teacher is a Rockstar?

Matt's Call

{Shaneal's POV}
Ash handed me my phone, not looking too happy. I smiled when I saw who it was and answered it, leaving the room.

“Hey Scruffy.” I greeted.

“Hey Midget. How are you?”
“Better now that you called.” I herd him chuckle.

“Your so adorable.”

“Your more adorable.”

I giggled.

“So whats up?”

“Just wanted to hear your angelic voice. You seem so distant lately. Whats wrong?”

I tensed up. What do I tell him?! Shit!

Umm...”I got a job.”

“Really? That's great! What do you do?”

“Some light house work for a family friend.” I partly lied.

Ashley grinned.

“Good job! I'm proud of you! Muah!”


“I got to go, I love you Midget!”

“I love you too Scruffy.” We hung up.

Is it just me or does Ash look a little ticked?

Mmmm nope he's definitely P-O ed.

“What?” I asked.


“You're jealous aren't you?”


“I knew it!” I kissed his lips and I herd the dryer buzz.

After regaining his composure, he left to get my now dry clothes.

When he brought my clothes back, I changed in his room again and when I came out he was drinking a glass of water.

“Boo!” He jumped and coughed.

“Jesus Shaneal!” He exclaimed.

I giggled.

He turned; “Here.” He held out some cash to me. Cash that I earned and worked for. And those facts make this okay with me.

Without looking or counting I pocketed the wad. “Thank you.”

“No problem.” He smiled. “Time to head home?” He asked.

I looked at the clock and nodded.

“Alrighty, lets go.” He grabbed his keys and we headed out to his car.

---time lapse---

We kissed briefly before I got out and headed for my apartment.

Later that night when I was putting PJ's on, I pulled the money out of my pocket, I counted $800! Holy shit!
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