My Teacher is a Rockstar?

Feels Like Love Mixed With... Puppies?

----------------The next morning--------------------------------
[Matt's Pov]
I wake up and stretch before throwing a pillow at Andy.
"Five more minutes mom,"I hear Andy mumble.
"Andy I'm almost certain I'm not your mother now get the hell up,"I reply laughing.
"Mhp ph mphem."
"Excuse me?"
"I said I'm up damn."
"Oh, I didn't know what you said."
"Haha let's go see what your mom made I smell food."
"You just wanna see my mom."
"What can I say Matty boy your mom's hot."
"That's nice Andy but I don't think Willow would want to hear you saying my mom's hot."
"Well it's true she's beautiful."
"Andy you can stop now."
Andy laughs before heading up the stairs.
I follow him and see him talking to my mom.
"Looking lovely as ever Tammy."
"Andrew that's sweet but you're a little young for me."
"Age is but a number."
"Andy back off my mom,"I say laughing.
"Hey she flirts back is all I have to say."
"So does your mom Andy so does yours."
"Uhm Ok enough talking about me and Amy. How 'bout some pancakes?"
"Sounds great mom."
Andy and I go into the den and play Black Ops.
"Die zombies die!!"
"Andy you gotta say it in German or it's not cool."
"Fine zombies sterben sterben."
"Much better."
"Boys breakfast is ready."
We eat and Andy says he's got to go home and get clothes for work.
We say our goodbyes by doing our man-hug thing we always do and he hugs my mom.
I go back to my room and call Shaneal.
After two rings she answers.
Good morning Scruffy,"she says cheerfully.
"Morning baby just wanted to see if you wanted to hang out today?"
"How can I say no to something you ask me?"
"Untrue well I'll get ready and meet you in the living room after me and Jake get done cooking breakfast."
"Ok love you."
"Love you too. Always and forever."
"Always and forever."
We hang up and I take a shower and put on some kahki shorts and a misfits shirt.
[Shaneal's Pov]
I hang up with Matt and Jake looks at me.
"Do I have something on my face,"I ask trying to get him to stop the awkward staring.
"No you guys just remind me of Zander and I."
"Then we'll be the perfect couple forever."
"C'mon you know Zan and I have our share of fights."
"Yeah but you never stay mad at each other for more than like three minutes."
"So uhm this is gonna be awkward but was Zander okay with you not wanting to have sex until you guys had been togther for a while."
"That's not really awkward but yeah why does Matt not want to wait?"
"No, he's fine with waiting I just think he's getting bored."
"I'm sure he's not getting bored with you Shay. That boy loves you and it's very obvious."
"I just feel like he's not satisfied with what we have done."
"And what exactly is that? If you don't mind me asking and don't worry I won't tell Zander or Landon."
"I gave him a few blowjobs."
"Hun, if he's not fine with that he's not even worth that pretty little mouth."
"Thanks Jake you're alot easier to talk to then anyone else well besides Willow but she's like a sister."
"You're welcome but we should probably feel weird since I'm your brother's boyfriend and you talk to me like you talk to your friends."
"We should but we don't."
"Very true well I'll finish up you go get ready I'll do your makeup if you want."
"Sure that'd be great."
I go upstairs and put on some jean shorts an A7x shirt and my navy blue converse.
I go back down stairs with my make up and get Jake to do it for me.
Matt texts me and tells me he's out front.
I hug the guys and head out the door.
"Hey babe you look gorgeous."
"You don't look too bad yourself."
"I know I'm hot you don't have to say it."
"You and your ego."
"You know you love me."
"Yes I do now where are we going?"
"The place where I first told you that I loved you."
"The park awww Matt you're so sweet,"I say kissing him softly.
"I try,"he says kissing me back.
We pull apart and he starts his car.
I take his hand and lace our fingers together.
"I love you,"I hear Matt say.
"I love you too."
We get to the park and he takes us to 'our spot'.
Apparentally we go to the same spot eveytime.
We like ducks so what?
He lays a blanket down and lays down on it.
I lay down and put my head on his stomach.
He takes my hand aand places it over his rapidly beating heart and says,"You do this to me Shaneal you make me smile no matter what you're the best thing that's ever happened to me and I love you for it."
"Oh, Matt I love you too."
I sit up and kiss him gently.
He of course has other plans and makes our supposed to be innocent kiss turn into a full on make out session.
We pull away and I se a little box sitting by Matt's head.
"What's that?"
"A box."
"Well I can see that. What's in it?"
"Obviously I have to figure out myself,"I say grabbing the box.
I open it and see a ring that matches the necklace he gave me.
"Now before you freak out it's not an engagement ring. It's a promise ring. I promise to always be there for you. I promise to love you forever. I promise to mever make you feel un loved or like you're not needed."
"Matt this is beautiful,"I say placing the ring on my finger.
'You're a slut. You know that?'
'How am I a slut?'
'You're accepting gifts from Matt ,yet you have an attraction to Ash.'
'My attraction for Ash I'm almost certain is just physical.'
'No it's not. You wouldn't have had that dream about him if it was.'
'I hate when you're right.'
'I'm you so you know you love me.'
'Just keep thinking that'

We talk about random things for a while.
All of a sudden I hear a familliar barking and then Killer runs up to me.
Not wanting Matt to know I know the dog I say, "Hi little fella where's your mommy or daddy?"
"Shay what are you doing?"
"Matt this little puppy's lost,"I say giving my best puppy dog eyes,"Can we please help him?"
"Ugh. Fine."
"Yay,"I say as I kiss his nose.
"Now let's find your home little guy. Where does his tag say he lives Shay?"
"Uhmm it says 2480 Riverfront drive."
"Alright well let's get him home."
"He makes me miss Fang."
"You can bring her with us when we come back tonight I'm gonna bring Tommie so they can play."
"Yay our babies get to play together!"
"Shaneal I swear you're four sometimes."
"I dont get it."
"You act like a child."
"You get excited over the simplest things."
"Like Andrew's mom says I'm the compact female version of Andrew."
Matt and I put Killer in the car and take him to Ash's house.
♠ ♠ ♠
Poor Killer got lost......
Who's Pov should next chapter be in???????