My Teacher is a Rockstar?

Suprise Piggy Back Ride!

{Still Shaneal's POV}

We pulled up to the house and I watched Matt glare.

Not wanting to miss seeing Ash again I acted as if I didn't know how lived there and scooped Killer into my arms.

“Come on slowpoke!” I playfully elbowed Matt before getting out of the car. I jogged up to the front door, hearing Matt shut his car door before standing beside me.

With a stoney face he rang the door bell.

Tokyo could be herd barking on the other side, then Ash saying “I know I know!”

He opened the door, combing his fingers through his hair; nervous and anxious.

“Hello Matt.” He said, not sounding too thrilled.

Killer barked in my arms, getting his attention. The small dog jumped from my arms into his.

“Mr. Prudy? This is awkward.” I said.

He gave me a strange look, before realization flashed in his eyes.

“Hello Miss. DiBella, thank you for bring back Killer.” He smiled.

“Uh, sure. So uh, see you at school then.” I ran back to the car as if I was weirded out.

Matt and Ash exchanged a few words before he returned to the car.

He seemed tense so I put my hand on his thigh as we returned to my apartment. “I had a great time Midget.”
He turned to face me.

“Me to, I love you scruffy!”

“I love you too.” We leaned in and let our lips dance together, making my heart speed up.

I gave him a smile and headed into the building, and to the #69 room. I went in to catch Zander and Jake in mid make out. I blushed and shuffled out, not giving them the chance to see me.

I went in my room with a sigh; why does Matt always do this to me?

He leaves me breathless, even standing near him makes my heart speed up. He sticks my head in the clouds and I never want to come down.

Except for Ashley

Damn it voice! Shut up!

You know I'm right.


Yes, you called?

Even my subconscious is a smart ass!

“Wait...what am I doing?” I asked no one, feeling dumb.

I put on some PJ's 'cause its like 9 and I don't feel like listening to Zander and Jake suck off each others faces.

I played my guitar until I got tired and climbed into bed.


The next morning I got up, showered and got dressed. I did my hair and make up before leaving to the kitchen in search of some food.

It was then I realized that I still have that $800 from Ash. I went to my room and dug it out of my sock drawer and snuck into the living room where I saw that Zander had fallen asleep.
I slipped it into his wallet and headed back to the kitchen.

I ate a half bruised banana and grabbed my coat and bag. I headed off to school.


When I arrived I met Matt, Willow, and Andy under a tree.

“Hey.” I greeted all of them with a smile.

I got assorted greetings back and gave each of them a hug, kissing Willow, and Andy on the cheek and pecking Matt on his lips.

“Shaneal?” Willow whispered, trying not to get noticed by the others who were having a conversation about otters, oddly enough.

“Shall we play surprise piggy back ride?”

I smirked and nodded. We each snuck behind our respective boyfriends and I counted on my fingers.


We both jumped, landing on our targets. The boys scrambled to get a hold.

“Surprise piggy back ride!” We cried.

They laughed and began jogging around. “Woooo!” I cheered, ignoring the many glares I got.

I looked over at the parking lot and saw Ashl-er- Mr. Purdy grinning at me.

I waved and held on as Matt made his way back over to the tree.

“Good boy!” I smiled as Matt put me down.

He chuckled as I walked around to stand in front of him.

“Why thank you.”

I giggled and let him pull me close, I rested my head on his chest and grinned.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Mr. Purdy with his mouth in a tight line.

Why do I feel bad?
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