My Teacher is a Rockstar?


The next morning Matt dropped me off at my apartment where he proceeded to say sweet things to me about how even though I was his first, I'd always be his best. I liked how he wasn't talking dirty to me, but some part of me wished he had.

I quietly slipped into the apartment and to the bathroom where I stripped and blushed, seeing nail marks at my hips, my thighs were slightly red with blood but I knew that's just a 'not a virgin anymore' sign.

My pelvis hurt but my mind was still on cloud nine. I climbed/floated to the shower where I took my sweet ass time before getting out and wrapping a towel around my body, when I made it back to my room I found remembered I have to leave for school in an hour.
My eyes fell upon a box on my bed. I opened it and beamed, dropping the towel and putting on a bra and a pair of underwear. A card caught my attention Happy birthday! Love Landon and Zander I noticed how the I was dotted with a heart and knew Landon wrote it, he's such a corn ball!

I put on the outfit. Because I feel like I can take on anything and 'cause I'm eight fuckin' teen, I used an elastic band to hold the shirt up just above my belly button showing the belly button ring Sheridan got me and gave to me at the bar during our dance.

Yeah, while dancing. She's one sly bitch! Ha ha!

I did my make up, including something called 'lip stain' and I headed to the kitchen. “Lookin' good chica!” Landon cried.

I laughed “Thanks man, and thanks for the present! Where's Zan?”

“Work. Oh and Max can't come in today so Monica (the manager) wanted to know if you could take his shift from 3: 30 to 10.”

“Oh uh...sure okay.”

“Alright, need a ride?” He asked.

“Is Andy working?”

He nodded.

“Nah, I force him to drive me there. Kidnap and shit.” I said like it was nothing out of the ordinary, partiality testing if Lando would get mad at me cussing.

He laughed and shook hid head, pulling out his cell phone to text Monica. I beamed and went to the fridge finding it nearly full. Apparently the money Ash paid me did more than rent!

Still smiling I pulled out bacon, and pancake mix, making myself breakfast and enjoying it.

Grabbing my bag I went out to go to the bus stop when Willow's car pulled up in front of me. The window went down and she beamed at me “Happy late birthday babe! Get in!”

I smiled and got in the passenger's seat, she turned down the KISS song she was listening to as she pulled away from the curb.

“So, how was your birthday? I wanted to throw you a party but Andy said you like to spend your birthday with family.”

“It was great and, I do.”

She giggled.

“It sounded like you just married me. I do.”

“Honey you know I love you!” I said overdramaticly.

She nodded and laughed.

Soon we arrived at the school, I looped arms with her after she locked her car and we went up to our tree.

“Happy late birthday!” In a flash, Frank, Mikey and Andy caught me in a group hug.

“Thanks guys!” I smiled as they let go.

“SHINY!” Frank gasped, his finger two inches from my belly button.

Mikey smiled and kissed his cheek “Your so adorable.” He mumbled into his ear, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend.

“Sheridan got it for me.” I explained.

“Who is this Sheridan and where can I get one?” Frank asked.

“Hey! I can get you nice things!” Mikey whined, sounding a bit put out.

Frank turned around, staying in the circle of Mikey's arms. “You're the only nice thing I need.” He put his hands on Mikey's chest got on his toes to kiss him.

Leaving them to their cuteness, I trotted over to Andy where I began to mess with his hair.

“Hey, hey hey! It took me ten minuets to do that!” He playfully slapped me away.

“It took you ten minuets to brush your hair then shake it out? Good job.” I retorted.

He snorted and playfuly pushed me. I pushed him back and soon we were pushing each other until the bell rang.

I looked over to see Willow climbing down the tree with a smirk on her face.

The guys headed in side and I had to ask. “What did you do?”

Her smirk grew just as Andy exclaimed “SHIZZLETITS!” from inside the school.

He came running out and down the street, one of his shoes bright pink.

“How did you do that?!” I laughed.

She pulled out a small can of pink spray paint from her back pack attached to a rope with a clamp.

I grinned at her and we headed to our lockers.
Classes went on like normal, Matt showed up late because his mom felt the need to have the sex talk with him again.

I was on my way into Ash's class when the principle grabbed my shoulder. “I need you to cover up, your top is against dress code.”

Feeling like a bad ass I replied “No thanks, I don't need your style tips.”

His face went red with anger. “Then you need to leave.”

Shit. Wasn't expecting that.

“Fine, see ya.” I grinned and began to walk to my locker. When I closed my locker, I jumped because Ash was there.

“Mr. Purdy, how can I help you?”

He grinned “You see (cough) I'm not feeling so well so (cough) I'm leaving so I (cough) don't get any student's sick.”

He's skipping the rest of the day for me.

“What a shame, well see you tomorrow.” I left and hid behind a bush around the corner to wait for him. He pulled up at the bush in his car not a minuet later.

A bag caught my eye as I was about to stand, I picked it up to see its contents; weed.

I held the bag for him to see and stood “Want some?”

He nodded and pushed the door open for me, I got in and closed the door behind me.

Soon we were in his bedroom sitting on his bed, he lifted a lighter to the joint I rolled and I'd placed between my lips.

I took a hit and smirked, passing it to him. He took a big hit and passed it to me, encouraging me to take bigger ones like he was.

I took one about the size he did and felt my brain turn all happy. 10 minuets later we were both stoned and giggling like maniacs.

“Ya know Shaneal, your so pretty! No! No! You're beautiful! No! Your uh...very beautiful!” He smiled slantedly.

“You're so hot! Like...if you and the sun had a hot off, you'd win. I mean that! Even if the sun was in a bikini or something!” I broke into giggles.

We then starred at each other wordlessly. “Race you to witch mountain!” I hopped off the bed so fast my foot got caught in the sheets and I fell to the floor, giggling still.

“I win!” He threw his arms up, beaming.

“But super girl doesn't loose!” I whined, climbing back up on the bed.

“She looses to super man!”

I tilted my head in confusion. Without hesitation, he stood on the bed and yanked his pants down, showing off his Super man boxers.

I giggled then tossed myself off the bed to the floor where I stayed still. From behind my eye lids I saw his shadow look over the bed.

“Help! Help super man! I'm falling off a building!” I cried overdramaticly.

“I've got you!” He said in a hero voice, grabbing my waist and pulling me up onto the bed so were both on our knees, our upper half's pressed together.

“How can I ever thank you?” I asked innocently.

He smirked just before pulling me tighter to him so I could feel his hardened length against me. I shoved him to his back and crawled on top of him, wearing a dirty smirk. I connected our lips and let him feel up my boob while my one of my hands crept down his boxers to touch his errect dick. He groaned into the kiss as I wrapped my fingers around him. I slid down his torso to how lower half and slid his boxers down.

I took him into my mouth and he knotted his long fingers in my hair with a groan. I licked around his shaft slowly before bobbing my head, licking the underside of him. His hand began to force my head back and forth roughly, making me gag a few times before I got used to it. I took most of him out and licked around the tip of his dick, spreading the sticky liquid that beaded there. “S-Shaneal I'm not gonna...” he panted.

I forced the rest of him down my throat and made swallowing motions, hearing him moan loudly. “S-Shaneal!” just before he shot down my throat.

Hearing him scream my name gave me more satisfaction than the pot, I think.

I took him out of my mouth and licked him clean, getting a few extra pants.

“Your so welcome!” He breathed.

I smirked, put his dick back and pulled his boxers up.

I went to the bathroom and used mouth wash to get the nasty taste of his cum out of my mouth. I was still to high to care that I just blew Ash not a day after loosing my virginity to Matt. I didn't realize how much of a whore I was. All I cared about was getting back in there to smoke more.

At some point, we ran out of weed. It was about two o'clock when my brain cleared up, it was then I realized “I have to work in an hour!”

“What?” Ash sat up from being sprawled out on the floor with Tokyo and Killer.

“I have to go to work in an hour! Shit!” I ran to the bathroom and wiped a cold, wet paper towel across my face hoping my slightly blood shot eyes would clear up soon.

“I'll drive you.” He called.

“If you can do so safely than thanks.” I called back.

I double checked my make up and went into the living room to find him channel flipping with his dogs on his lap.

I noticed that his eyes looked almost normal. “How did you do that?”

He gave me a confused look.

“Your eyes aren't as red as mine.”

He smirked “Tolerance darlin'.”

I rolled my eyes and went to get a drink of water.
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I'm not saying weed is good, I'm not saying its bad.

Remember the refrences to getting high in the previous chapters! First update in a while, we'd update more often if we got more comments I think :)

I tryed to haver her act like a fresh 18 year old, testing bounderies and seeing how far you can push people and things. My brother does that still and he's 19!