My Teacher is a Rockstar?

You Had Sex With Matt

Landon's Pov
I got up about 20 minutes after Shaneal left and started doing house work.
I cleaned the kitchen then I decided to start doing laundry.
I rounded up all the clothes in my room then I went to Zander's room and got his clothes.
Shay never has dirty clothes unless she leaves them in her basket in the bathroom.
I walk into the bathroom and I see her clothes basket.
I pick it up and walk to the laundry room.
I sit in the middle of the floor and sort out the clothes.
"I'll put the light clothes here," I say putting them into a basket.
"Then the dark ones in here,"I say putting them in another basket.
"And Shay's clothes in- What the fuck is this? Why the hell is there blood all in her pants?"
I need to talk to her.
I put her clothes in first to get the blood out and go to the kitchen to make a sandwhich.
I hear the song 'You Are So Beautiful' by Escape The Fate playing and I know its my friend Destery.
I reach for my phone and answer it.
"Hey Dezzie."
"Hey Lanyyy,"he says no doubt smiling.
You see Destery has been my friend since third grade and he's had a crush on me since freshman year.
"What's up?"
"Well I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight?"
Why the hell do I feel all tingly when he asks me to hang out with him? I'm not gay. Am I?
"Sure bowling like always?"
"Actually I was thinking movie night sleepover at my place like we did in high school."
"Sure that'd be great we don't hang out much anymore."
"Yeah. I got some stuff to tell you too."
"Alright so see you at seven?"
"See you at seven."
"Bye Des."
"Bye I loves you Lanyyy!!!!!"
We've told each other that since sophmore year.
"I loves you too Dezziieeeeeee!!!"
We hang up and I put in my ETF cd.
I hear Craig Mabbit's wonderful voice and start singing along while I go back to the laundry.
Oh shit I still need to talk to Shaneal.
I reach for my phone and I dial her number and she picks up after three rings.
"Hey Lando. What's up?"
Uhm well I'm doing laundry and I saw blood all over your pants. I know that your uhm time was last week so what's going on?"
"Please don't be mad at me Landon."
"Shay I won't be mad at you just tell me."
"I had sex with Matt,"she whispers barely loud enough to hear.
"You had sex with Matt?"
"Please dont be mad Landon."
"I'm not mad I'd be a hipocrite if I was mad about it. You love him so I'm happy that it was him and not some guy just so you could get rid of it."
"Are you disapointed?"
"I could never be disapointed in you Shay."
"I love you Landon,"she says sniffling.
"No please don't cry."
"I'm sorry."
"I have something that'll make you happy."
"I'm hanging out with Dezzie tonight."
"Are you gonna kiss him?"
"I don't know."
"Are you gonna tell him you want him to be your Johnny Cash?"
"Will you tell him you want to be his June Carter?"
"I don't know damn Shaneal when did you get so nosey?"
"Since I knew you liked Destery but you wouldn't admit it."
"I dont even know if I like him Shay."
"Whatever I gotta go I got a customer."
"K bye."
[time lapse]
It was six so I decided to start getting ready.
I settled on really tight black skinny jeans that make my butt look amazing an ETF shirt that i got signed back when they first got Craig and my neon yellow vans.
I went into the bathroom and put concealer on the giant zit I have on my nose and put a thick line of eyeliner on like how Ronnie Radke does his.
Satisfied with my apperance I start walking to Des's house.
I feel my palms swetting and I'm not sure why.
I knock on the door and wait for him to answer.
He answers it and looks amazing.
"Hey Lanyyy,"he says hugging me.
I hug back and say, "Hey Dezziee."
He lets go and smiles.
"C'mon in you look great."
"Thanks so do you."
"I know right?!?!"
"You havent changed a bit."
"So uhm me and Dylin are done."
"Really that sucks,"I say sincerly.
"He told me he couldn't be with someone who couldn't love him as much as he loved them,"he explains sniffling.
"Hey c'mere,"I say pulling him into a hug."It's gonna be okay."
"Lany you don't get it he broke up with me because I love someone else. I didn't love him as much as he needed and I broke his heart."
"Hey Dezzie ,"I say putting my fingers under his chin. "Look at me. You're a great guy, you're a cutie pie, and you're sweet as can be. Go after this guy. I'm sure he won't say no."
"R-really Lany you think all that,"he asks smiling.
I nod my head and I realize I'm leaning in closer.
Destery starts leaning in as well.
My lips soon touch his and I feel something I've never felt before.
He puts his arms around my neck and I put mine around his waist.
I ran my tounge along his bottom lip and he hesitantly let me in.
My tounge travled around his mouth savoring the sweet taste.
Our tounges met and they moved together perfectly.
Des pulls away and smiles at me,"I never knew you were gay Lany."
"I'm not. Atleast I never thought I was."
"What made you kiss me like that Lany? I never thought you'd notice me."
"How could I not notice you Des? You're beautiful, sweet, funny, you have the cutest laugh, you're just all around amazing,"I say pecking his lips.
"I'm not beautiful. I'm hideous. Dylin told me that anyone who said I was beautiful was lying."
"Don't listen to that mother fucker," I say kissing his lips again.
"Dylin dumped me because of you Lany. I could never love him like I love you."
"I think secretly I've always loved you too. I was just afraid to admit it."
"Well then Lany will you be my boyfriend."
"Yes Dezzie I will."
He smiles and cuddles into my side.
"So how 'bout that movie," I ask chuckling.
"Okay how 'bout Moulin Rouge?"
We watched a few other movies after that was over and I looked down and smiled seeing him asleep in my arms.
I picked him up and made my way to his bedroom.
I stripped him down to his boxers and placed him in the bed.
Then I stripped down to mine and got in beside him.
He cuddled into my side and for the first time in a while I had a peacful nights sleep.
[The next morning]
I wake up with Des's arms around my waist.
He's so cute when he's a sleep!!
He started to stir and I saw his eyes start to open.
"Good morning beautiful,"I say kissing his nose.
He giggles and cuddles into my side.
"What are we gonna do today,"he asks in a tired voice.
"Hmmm go to the mall I guess."
"Okay,"he says stretching his arms.
I get up and put my jeans back on.
"You wanna borrow a shirt Lany?"
"Yeah thanks darling,"I say kissing his lips when he hands me the shirt."A wife beater? Really Des?"
"It makes you look sexy,"he says smirking.
"Fine," I say slipping it on.
Destery puts a skin tight black v-neck and lime green skinny jeans.
Let's just say he looked hot.
"Ready to go,"I ask.
"Yeah, let's go,"he says grabbing my hand.
I lace our fingers and grab our phones and we head out the door.
We stop at a little cafe and get breakfast.
"What would you boys be intrested in today," a waitress asks.
"Uhmm I think I want the pancakes with blue berry syrup. Can I get sausage instead of bacon,"Dezzie asks.
"Of course you can sugar,"she says smiling.
"And what will you have cutie,"she says winking at me.
"I'll have the same thing as my BOYFRIEND but with bacon,"I say putting emphasis on the fact that I'm gay.
"You guys are a couple,"she asks disgusted.
"Yeah you got a problem with it,"I ask .
"Yeah. I don't serve fagots."
"Well atleast I'm not a stupid bitch that looks like a whore,"Des says.
"I'm not a whore,"she scoffs.
"Well, that's what your tits are saying. Try not to move so much. They'll fall out."
"Get the hell out of my restaurant."
"Gladly,"I say grabbing Destery's hand and heading towards the door.
♠ ♠ ♠
Awwww yay Landon found love!!!!

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