My Teacher is a Rockstar?

Introducing Matt Good

{Matt's POV}
Purdy a teacher never would have guessed it if Andy wouldn't have told me.
Well, might as well get ready for school.
I throw on the pair of faded jeans that my midgett got me last week for my birthday.
God I love her.
Well guess I better start walking.
Maybe I can catch up with Mikey and get him to help me figure out something for tomorrow to do with Shaneal.
Wow, we've made it through a year together.
Zander and Landon trust me so maybe I can get them to let her stay here tonight.
I see Mikey and yell, "Mikes, wait up!"
"Oh, hey Matt I didn't know who was talking to me." He replies.
"It's all good. I need your help."
"With what?"
"An idea for Shay's present tomorrow."
"Don't worry about it man she loves you as long as its from you she won't care."
I'm fixing to reply but I get interrupted by a text from Shaneal.
Not that I mind.
'Hey Scruffy, I just wanted to tell you that I love you so much and I cant wait to see you :D Xx -Midgett-."
I reply with,"Good morning my lovely little midgett.;) xxx-Scruffy-."
You might be wondring about were the Scruffy thing came from.
{Flashback MoFos}
Well, when Shaneal and I first got together I forgot to shave one day and I had alot of stubble.
It was the day before the home coming game and all the seniors that were football players basketball players or cheerleaders were supposed to come.
So, I asked Shaneal to come with me, and she said yes.
Then, she caressed my cheek with the back of her hand and said,"You're like scruffy today."
And I said, "Looks like my midgett found my nickname."
She replied with, "Yep, and I like the little scruffies on your face."
And in return I kissed her and we've been together ever since.
{End Flashback}
{Time laps beotch}
I'm sitting in class when Shaneal walks in.
She's with Mikey.
God I hope he doesnt tell her I'm having trouble with her gift.
As soon as she sits down half the fucking basketball team swarms her.
Daiting a cheerleader is hard.
I lie my head down on my desk.
As soon as I do the door slams I look up and see none other than Purdy.
He introudces himself and takes role I kinda zone out then he gets to Shay and she acts shy about it.
I know for a fact that girl is not shy.
I decide to send Purdy a little text.
So I type, 'Don't worry Purdy boy I won't spill your secret as long as you keep away from my girl.'

He looks at me confused but carries on with the role call. I zone out again and the next thing I hear is everyone saying Matt introduce yourself and I see Shaneal holding a sign that says I love you baby in her gorgeous cursive hand writing.
I smile at that and stand up.
"Well, I'm Matt.
I date Shaneal and as she said it'll be a year tomorrow. (She mouths I love you.)
I love you too.
Anyway back on task.
I drive a Camaro.
I'm captain of the football and rugby team.
I'm a pretty weird person.
My best friend's name is Andy.
I'm 18 and that's pretty much it."
The rest of the class talks.
Purdy goes to is computer and tells us what we're gonna be doing tomorrow.
Then, slowly we all leave.
Shaneal and I are standing out side the door .
I say, "See you soon babe."
and lean down to kiss her.
We go to move angles but I'm pulled away by Purdy.
He looks pretty mad too.
"I may be new but no physical display's of affection.
Both of you."
He went back into his class and I glared at his back.

"Screw that. I’m getting my car after school. I’ll pick you up afterward. Okay?"
We could feel Purdy’s eyes on us so we hugged briefly before heading to our own classes.
The rest of the classes went by normally. I was still beyond pissed at Purdy.
I decide to text him.
'You shouldnt give me detention.
I could fuck up your entire career.'
After school lets out I walk to the shop to pick up my other baby.
About an hour later I go to pick Shaneal up.\
"My house," I ask.
She grins and gets in.
I see Purdy walking to his car so I lean over and kiss Shaneal.
I run my tounge across her bottom lip and she grants my entrance.
I begin to explore her mouth as I feel Purdy's eyes on us again.
I smile in the kiss and apply more pressure to her lips.
Earning a moan from her in the process.
I pull her closer as she runs her fingers through my hair.
Then I reluctantly pull away.
"We should probably get to my house I told mom we'd be there at four."I say
"Okay babe."She replies.
I grab her hand and she intertwines our fingers together.
I look down at her and smile.
How did I get so lucky to have her.
We get to my house and I run over to her side and let her out.
We walk up the steps and mom opens the door.
As soon as she opens it she says,"Hi honey hi Shaneal."
We reply with hellos and head to my room.
"So what are we gonna do?"Shaneal asks
I reply with,"You sound so nervous babe what's wrong?"
To which she replies with,"Well we've been dating for almost a year and we still havent ya know done that yet."
God what's wrong with me.
I'm always in Matt's room why should I be nervous now.
I snap out of my thoughts when Matt looks down at me and puts my chin inbetween his thumb and his index finger.
Then he tells me,"Shaneal Lyric DiBella I would never and I mean never make you do something you don't want to do or you aren't ready for.
I love you way too much to do something that stupid and lose you."
I can feel tears in my eyes and they fall as I say,"I'm not ready to go that far yet but I promise you someday I will be."
"Don't cry baby."he says as he wraps his strong arms around me.
I cant belive I'm gonna do this.
I want to it's just I'm scared, but you never know what will happen unless you do it.
So with that being said I say,"I may not be ready to do that but I want you to be happy and I've kinda been wanting to try this."
"Try wh---" he stops when he sees me sink down to my knees.
"Babe you don't have to do this."
"I know I don't have to but I want to."I say before starting to fidgit with the button on his pants.
I finally get it undone and I slide his pants down.
Then I work on his boxers.
I see that he's already semi hard so maybe this will work I start tugging at his boxers pulling ever so slowly.
"Fuck babe just do it already please."
"Begging doesn't work on me." I say with a wink
Finally after what seems like a year his boxers are down and he's exposed.
I take his tip in my mouth and slide my tounge across his slit making him moan.
I take more of him in until he's hitting the back of my throat.
Luckily when I was little I got strep throat alot so I have no gag reflex.
I make a swallowing motion in my throat causing him to moan my name.
"O-oh Shaneal fuck harder."He manages to say inbetween shaky breaths.
Obeying him I go harder.
I slide my tounge around him causing him to buck his hips and causing his dick to hit the back of my throat making me moan around him.
He mumbles something along the lines of 'really close'.
So to put him over the edge I pull him out a little and bite down gently before taking all of him back in.
I do this a few times before he releases in my mouth.
I swallow and stand back up.
"I love you so much baby and never forget that."he says leaning down so he's eye level with my 5'4 frame.
I reply with,"I love you too but my breath probably sucks right now did I leave a toothbrush over here?"
He hands me my toothbrush and I go into his bathroom and brush my teeth.
All the while I'm thinking,'thank god he lives in the basement and his mom doesnt come down here.
After I finish I come back in his room and see him looking through his collection of records.
Yes records as in those things as big as your head.
He choses an Aerosmith one that has our song on it.
We lie down on his bed and I cuddle up to him as he serenades me and fall asleep.
I wake up and realize I'm not at my house.
I wake up Matt with a kiss on his nose and say,"Hey sleepyhead I kinda need a ride home."
We walk up the stairs and see his mom who is oblivious as to what happened earlier and I say goodbye and Matt says he'll be home in about thirty minuets.
We get in his car and he starts it before reaching for my hand.
I intertwine our fingers and all too soon we're at my house he walks me to the door and gntly kisses my lips as an embarrassed looking shirtless Jake opens the door letting Fang out.
"Hi Jakers!!!!!!!!"I exclaim
"Shaneal I haven't seen you in like a while, you guys are still together that's great."
We all three talk for a while before Matt remembers he has to be home soon I kiss his cheek and hug him then he gets in the car.
As soon as I walk in I say hi to Landon and a worn out looking Zander looks like I'm not the only on in this house who got lucky today.