My Teacher is a Rockstar?

Kiss Test

One more hour till my shift's over. THANK GOD! I'm so fucking bored! The store is like dead right now, Andy was working but he left an hour ago.

What do I do now? Fuckkkkk.

I got it! I'll bug Landon and Des. Maybe I'll get to be a cock block! Ha ha. I whipped out my phone and started texting.


A few minuets later I got:
What?! Jesus fucking christ.

Wow. Someone's sexually frustrated right now.

I cock blocked as well as I could until he stopped replying. I doubt he and Destery are actually having sex right now, blow jobs I bet. I didn't know Landon was bi or gay even. What ever makes him happy is cool with me! Love is love. Yay gay rights!!! Besides, Dezzie is my best gay friend. And yeah, I'll punch my brother for him if need be.

The store was pretty quiet until my shift was finally over.

I clocked out and Sheridan gave me a ride home.

When I got home, Zander stomped over to me. “YOU WHORE!”

“What?!” My voice cracked.

“You fucking slept with Matt!”

“How did yo-” he held up my blood stained pants, eyes blazing.

“I love him!” The sentence didn't feel right when it came out for some reason.

“The hell you do! You don't know what love is, you're a kid! Now you lost what you can never get back! I thought you were better than this Shaneal. But I guess I was wrong.” he seethed, stomping out of the house and slamming the door so hard our neighbor banged on the wall.

Tears burned as they slid down my cheeks, I slid down the wall and began to cry. How could Zander say that?! He's my brother, he's supposed to love me no matter what. How could he call me a whore? I lost gave my virginity to the boy who's been my boyfriend for years.

But I admit that even while we were doing it, it didn't feel right. Not that it didn't feel FANTASTIC after the pain subsided, but I...well I...I don't feel like he was the right one. It felt right at the time, sorta, but I almost cried Ashley when I came. Maybe Zander is right, I AM a whore. I had sex with Matt after I blew Ashley. I...I think I...might...lo-like Ashley...more than Matt. Matt means a lot to me, and I'd be devastated without him, I can't loose him. But my feelings for Ashley... ugh.

I'm gonna do this old school, I'm gonna kiss both of them and see who has more sparks. But HOW am I going to get to where I can kiss Ashley without getting caught? I've kissed both before but never really compared them.

I cried for the rest of the night until I broke down and...well, Zander has a pocket knife in his room get it.

I'd never done it before but it felt so good. I bandaged and disinfected the 3 cuts on my wrist and cleaned the blade and the floor.

I spent the night all alone in my room. Zander didn't come home.

The next morning he still wasn't back and I forced myself to eat. I realized later that I'd dressed for Ashley. Black and hello kitty. A bit far from my 'Scene' style but still comfortable. My bracelets covered the band aids on my wrist.

Too soon, I got to school and I forced a smile, walking over to my friends and boyfriend.

“Hey babe.” he smiled.

“Hey.” I walked up to him and he grabbed my ass and pulled me closer, I giggled. Leaving one hand on my ass, he gently tilted my head up and connected our lips. I put my arms around his neck, his one hand slid to rest on my small waist.

There were certainly sparks, and I'm starting to doubt if Ashley will be able to beat it. Matt still gives me butterflies and makes me feel tingly.

I wanted to kiss him deeper, making out ya' know. Fuck people, if they don't like it they don't have to watch. I know my friends are keeping themselves busy. I know Matt likes to be in charge of our kissing, and I'm afraid he'll reject it. The entire time I was hoping he'd lick my lip, but he didn't.

Kinda disappointing honestly.

He doesn't have a problem with affection in public, so...

When we pulled back he gave me a warm smile “I love you.”

“I love you too.” My heart shuttered like I just told a big lie.

But it has to be wrong because I do love Matt.


Soon, I was in home Economics sitting with Frank and Mikey who held hands, Willow and Andy who held hands, and Matt with which I was holding hands. Today was early release, so after this class school was over for the day. Which worked in my favor. I'd just 'accidentally' forget something somewhere in the room.

And 40 minuets later, I did.

The bell rang and everyone began to shuffle out, Matt stopped when he saw me looking around worridly.

“What's wrong?” he furrowed his eye brows.

“I can't find my ring! I love that ring.” I frowned, though I could feel it in my pocket.

“I'll help you look for it, I'm sure Purdy won't mind.”

“Actually I'm afraid everyone is to exit the building during early release Mr. Good. You can look for it tomorrow.” Ash said, looking up from his computer.
Matt grimaced. “Okay.”

“Please? 5 minuets?” I begged Ashley.

“Okay but just you, I don't need to get into trouble for having not just one but two students in my room when everyone is dismissed.”

Matt sighed. “Fine. I got to work so I can't wait and give you a ride, you sure you still wanna stay?”

I nodded.

“Okay, love you. I'll see you tomorrow midget.” He kissed my lips lightly, and I felt the sparks again for a moment before he walked out.

I put my things down and headed back to where the kitchen stations were. I began to look under the table, purposely sticking my ass out. I could feel Ash's eyes on it.

I sighed as if disappointed then moved on to look in the dish drainer. I few minuets later I cocked my hip out and sighed loudly. “Can you help me?”

He smirked and nodded, getting up and moving across the room. I realized he doesn't walk. Ever. He like...prowls. His way of walking is...sexual.

Before I noticed, he was standing in front of me.

“See something you like?” he smirked more.

“I do. I can see my reflection in that pan.” I grinned. His smirk dropped and he looked over at the nonexistent pan I was talking about. While he turned I slipped away over to the counter where I looked under towels and oven mitts.

He turned back around and looked surprised. I winked and kept looking around. Soon, I turned to face other kitchen station across the room.

“I want to see on the shelf, but it's SUCH a far walk!” I whined.

“I'll look.”

“No. You aren't going over there either, could be monsters.”

He chuckled. “Okay, how's this?”

He grabbed my waist, heat sprang throughout my body as soon as his skin touched me. He lifted me like I weighed nothing, and set me on the counter. I squinted looking over there, and sighed in defeat.

I mumbled quietly.

I repeated the nonsense.

He stood between my knees, up here I was about his height.

“What?” he asked again, his chocolate brown eyes were smoldering. God he looks so good.

I looked from his sexy eyes to his sexy lips, hoping he'd catch the hint.

He didn't seem too. I guess I'm starting this.

Without warning, I leaned forward and captured his lips with mine, feeling my entire body feel tingly, and warm.

He didn't kiss back at first, due to the sudden-ness...ess...then he kissed me back and the warmness turned into fire.

He slid his hands up my legs slowly, up and down as I wrapped my around his neck. My heart sped up as he licked my lower lip slowly. I couldn't suppress a quiet moan as I let him in. As soon as I did he to absolute charge, I liked it. I tugged at his hair after threading my fingers through it in the heat of the moment, he groaned and took a half step closer to me.

We made out for a while until while he wasn't looking (his eyes were closed anyway, as were mine) I produced the ring from my pocket. I pulled out of the kiss and he looked at me with lustful yet loving eyes, looking confused.

I grinned and showed him the ring.

“Found it.”

__--later at home_--

I was sitting on my bed thinking.

Matt made me feel safe, cared for and innocent.

Ashley made me feel excited, warm and well, like a woman.

I like both of those sets of feelings. And I like both of those 'males.' What am I going to do?!
♠ ♠ ♠

Sorry we both like totally forgot about this but it's okay we are back on track!

Thoughts on how Shaneal feels? Who do you think she should be with? Was Matt the right one?