My Teacher is a Rockstar?


Smirking to myself, I hugged Jake and went to my room. Tossing my backpack open, I took out my folder and did my homework. The next time I looked up, it was 6 o’clock.

I sighed. I’m. So. Bored.

"Smoozar. Doozar, fooozar, hutar, gewtar, GUITAR!" I sprang off my bed and grabbed my nothing special guitar. Fang came running into my room and jumped her furry self onto my bed next to me.

"Hey babe!" I pet the black Pomeranian softly.

I strummed away and sang a song from Jake’s band called Carolyn.

I sang it quietly.

"These times in life we learn to try, with one intention
Of learning how and when we'll die, but we cant listen
I wish to god I'd known that I, I didnt stand a chance
Of looking back and knowing why, or pain of circumstance

You're not alone
We'll brave this storm

So here's my song I wrote in time, when it was needed
Through pain of heart or loss of mind, your burdens lifted

You arent alone just know that I, cant save our hearts tonight

You're not alone
We'll brave this storm
And face today
You're not alone

You're not alone
We'll brave this storm
And face today
You're not alone"

I sighed and played random things on my guitar with Fang next to me until 10 o’clock when I put it back, curled up with Fang and went to sleep.

The next morning I took another quick shower and got dressed. I brushed my hair and teeth and pet Fang for a bit until a car horn caught my attention.

I grabbed my bag and left the house, climbing into Matt’s car. "Good morning." I said.

"It is now." he captured my lips in a kiss before pulling out of the parking lot and beginning the drive to school.

Matt and I held hands in the hall until we made it to my locker. "See you in Home ec." He kissed me softly in a way that made my heart to flips before walking away.

I sighed. I’m so lucky to have him.

I opened my locker and got what I would need. Soon, it was time for Home Ec. Matt’s class was on the other side of the school so I walked with Mikey.

We chatted about nothing in specific until we made it to room 96. We waited outside for Frank and Matt. Frank arrived first, lasing his fingers with his boyfriends. Soon, Matt came lasing his fingers with mine.

When the bell rang, the teacher unlocked the door and everyone who was waiting outside went in. I sat next to Matt, with Frank on my other side who sat next to Mikey.

I herd a sexy voice begin roll call.

No! It can’t be!

I looked up to see none other than Mr. Purdy.

As soon as my brain processed that he was here, I herd him say my name. "Present."

He looked up at me briefly giving me a nod as a hello before moving on with the list.

Class was pretty normal, except for Mr. Purdy’s glances at me and Matt every now and again. After handing out a worksheet, Mr. Purdy waved me up to his desk.

I glanced at Matt to see him glaring daggers.

"Nice outfit. I think you should help Mikey with this, he looks like he’s having issues and I’m to lazy to get up." His low voice said.

"Thanks and will do." I replied going to my desk, grabbing my paper and walking over to Mikey. I bent over his desk a little to see his paper and could almost feel someone looking at me.

Oh well.

I helped Mikey until the end of class. "Thanks Shay." He said.

"Anytime. Love you Mikes." I hugged him around his shoulders and went to my seat to get my things.

"What did Purdy have to say?" Matt asked as soon as we left the class room.

"He suggested that I help Mikey." I don’t think him complementing my outfit really matters, though it was nice of him.

"Oh." Matt seemed to relax.

__Time lapse___

I kissed Matt before he drove away. I went into the apartment complex and went to # 69. Wow, that number is everywhere!

Ha ha. 69.

I went in and tossed my bag on the floor, closing the door behind me.

Fang came running up to me, she barked at me.

Something is wrong.

The black ball of fur ran into the living room, I ran after her and saw Zander on the couch with a half empty beer in hand.

He was surrounded my at least 5 empty bottles.

Oh shit. On the table there was a paper. The rent.

He stumbled to his feet keeping a hold on the bottle.

"Yew!" He pointed his finger at me.

"Y-yes?" I backed up knowing what was about to happen.

"Thissss iz yer ff-ault!" he swung the bottle but I ducked it.
"No yew don’t!" He kicked me in the ribs sending me to the floor.

I let out a small cry upon impact.

"You don- don’t work-k enou-enou-enough!" His fists came crashing down all over my body, bruses to come.

"Yew, skanky whore!" He yelled. One of his fists met my face, I screamed for Landon only to remember he was at work.

Looking up, I saw Zander was crying. The punches slowed then stopped altogether. He sat on his knees over me crying. Painfully, I got out from under him and pulled him to his feet.

"We’ll make it threw this. We always do." I said as if nothing was wrong.

"N-not this time!" The next thing I knew, I was shove against the wall BOOM

"Z-Zander stop it!" I cried as he swayed a walk over to where I was crumpled on the floor.

He began kicking me, I curled into a ball to protect my self.

Zander tripped to the side drunkenly, I used this as an opportunity to shakily stand and run to my room. I locked the door and ignored his threats and pounding on the door.

I hissed in pain as I lifted my shirt looking at the purple bruises there. My legs weren't as bad. At least I could hide all these.

It became silent out side. I warily snuck into the bathroom to see I had a black eye.

"Shit." I cant afford cover up for this!

I touched it and hissed in pain. My arms were dotted with bruises as well. This was one of the worse times. I wish Zander wouldn’t try to drink a way all our problems. Landon and I have to pay for it.


If he was here he would have stepped in before I was hit this bad. On the rare occasions Zander did get drunk, Landon would take most of my hits. But tonight, he had to work.

So this is what he spares me from.


I walked to my room, found Fang on my bed, locked the door and went to sleep.
♠ ♠ ♠