My Teacher is a Rockstar?


I wake up and get my clothes to take a shower.
I look down at my phone and see that i have a total of twelve messages from Matt and Andrew.
I'll text them back after I take a shower.
I sneak into the bathroom not wanting to face Zander this morning and bump into Jake.
Confused I ask,"When did you get here?"
"About 3 Zan called me crying and I automatically knew what happened. Your brother's not a bad guy he's just a bad drunk."Jake says with a soft symapthetic smile.
"I know it's just I wish he wouldn't try and drink his problems away."I say sincerly.
Jake replies with, "Well, I'll let you take a shower."
I walk in to the bathroom and look in the mirror. My black eye doesn't look that bad today atleast I can make it look like I over did the black eyeshadow.
I look at my arms and legs atleast all the bruises are faded enough that you can't tell.
I take a shower carefully washing my still badly bruised stomach.
Now time to gently put on makeup.
I finish that and go back to my room to grab my gym clothes and my phone.
I atempt to sneak out of my room without Fang waking up but it doesn't work.
I hear Matt's car honk.
I walk into the kitchen and grab an orange before writing a note.
'Staying at Matt's tonight. His mom will call if anything bad happens. Love ya.
Xoxo Shay:)'
I see Zander outside talking to Matt and wait why is Andrew in the car he dropped out.
I walk outside and walk to the car.
"Hey Matt. Hi Andrew."
"Hey" they say in unison.
"Bye Zander. Bye Lando. Bye Jake. Bye Fang."
The guys say bye and Fang barks.
I get into the car lacing my short chubby fingers with Matt's Long slender ones.
"So Andrew not trying to be rude but why are you here?" I ask.
He replies with,"Well, I'm coming back."
"Oh Andrew that's great."I exclaim before kissing his cheek.
Luckily Matt doesn't get mad when I kiss people on the cheek 'cause he knows that's just who I am.
[Time lapse Mo Fos]
I get changed into my gym clothes and go to the gym where I see Andrew sitting on the bleachers.
I go sit next to him and we hear Coach Clark tell us we have a free day.
We talk about nothing most of the time until he get to the subject of me and Matt's sex life.
"So, I'm not trying to be nosey or anything but have you guys done it yet?"
"Not exactly."
"What do you mean?"
"Like we've done stuff but not actual sex."I say slow enough a two year old could understand.
Thankfully the bell rang before he could pressure me any more.
I change back into my shirt deciding to keep my shorts on and walk with Andrew down until I see Matt and Andrew has to change directions.
"Hello gorgeous," Matt says.
I know I should be used to this by now but everytime he compliments me I get a weird feeling.
"Hi Scruffy."I say with a smile.
We lace our fingers together and start walking towards Frank and Mikey.
We get to room 69 and I start laughing.
"What's so funny?"asks a confused Frank
"Th-the room n-n-n-num-ber i-is 69!"I manage to sa between laughs
We all walk in and almost automatically Mr.Purdy tells me he wants to see me in the hall.
♠ ♠ ♠
take that :P