My Teacher is a Rockstar?


He closes the door and stands where the kids in the class can’t see us. "Why are you wearing shorts?" he asks.

"It’s a free country." I shrugged.

"Put your arms at your sides."

I did as told.

"There too short. Detention after school."


"No buts."

I smirked. "But you can have one." And a nice one at that!

Having gotten my joke faster than I expected he laughed a little before going back into the class room. I followed him in and sat between Mikey and Frank just to get in the way.

"Shaneal." Frank pouted.

"Yes Frankito?"

His pout turned to a smirk. "How can I pout if you call me that?"

I smirked. "You can’t."

Mikey nudged me then nodded to Matt who was angrily texting someone. Soon Mr. Purdy took out his phone and replied to the text.

Did Matt just text the teacher? Probably not.

Soon Mr. Purdy made us to on exercise on keeping a beat before telling us to pick and instrument.

I was about to grab the guitar but Frank, some kid Ray and Matt took them. So I accepted the bass Mikey handed to me. Mr. Purdy looked.....proud? I’m pretty sure.
I’m going to guess that he likes the bass. I almost feel bad for getting his hopes up. "You would take the last guitar." I mumbled to Frank, loud enough for Mr. Purdy to hear.

Frank grinned with all his teeth.

The guitarists plugged in and everyone else prepared their choices. We had drummers, bassists, guitarists, flute players, tuba players, trombone, saxophone, clarinet and just about everything in between. Including a few cellos, violins and violas.

Mikey sat on Frank’s amp with his four string bass.

See, Mikey isn’t very good with a 5 string. But normaly being a guitarist, I’m used to a lot of strings.

"Everyone play open A." Mr. Purdy said.

We did.


He checked tuning and is currently tuning Mikey’s bass.

Walking to the front of the class, he said; "If I call your name. I want a solo. I’m putting you on the spot."

Some kids looked nervous, like Mikey. But others looked confident, like that Ray kid.

"Sarah Cain."

The petite clarinet player played a fast, fleeting solo before relaxing.

"Raymond Toro."

The afro boy launched into a thrash metal solo. Me, being me, head bobbed making him keep going. Looking threw my hair I saw Mr. Purdy holding back a head bob.

A Metalhead! I knew it! I smirked and stopped when Ray finished.

I hope he doesn't pick me. I suck at bass!

"Mallory Evans."

The viola player soloed elegantly. Sorry, orchestra instruments just don’t do it for me.

Soon almost everyone else had soloed. I might be in the clear!

"Shaneal DiBella."

"Shit." I mumbled making Mr. Purdy chuckled quietly.

Well, it isn’t time to make excuses. And he never said I had to improv.

I began the intro to Metallica’s Suicide and Redemption, tossing in a few extra notes to add my own thing.

Mr. Purdy seemed to know the song and he smirked at my own little flair I added.

I finished up and a few kids (and Mr. Purdy) clapped a little.

"And she’s a guitarist!" Matt smirked proudly.

More people clapped, the teacher looked proud

I smirked and soaked up the complements. I don’t usually get them from anyone other than Matt and sometimes Frank, so this was nice.

Soon everyone had done a solo, including Mikey who looked like he was about to piss himself while he did it.

All that in 10 minuets.

"Now, everyone form a band or cortet or what ever its called."

Frank, Ray, Mikey and some drummer who I think was Bob stood together.

Just then Andrew strolled in looking pleased with himself. "Sorry I’m late teach. Was up?" His low voice boomed to Mr. Purdy who smirked.

"Forming bands." The teacher told him.


Matt stood beside me, Willow who plays drums stood with us by the set, sticks in hand. Andrew stood with us, I guess he sings.

"Your project is to create a temporary band or cortet with these people. They are your partners and you all need to write a song and preform it at the end of the month."

"DiBella shouldn’t have trouble. With those whorey songs her cousin writes!" Sneered Danielle, the class prep who is a total bitch. Sadly, she’s also a cheerleader so I have to deal with her.

I ignored her. This early in the year I don’t need to get written up for pounding the bitches face in. Not yet.
"Songs?" Asked some boy.

"Her cousin is Jayy from Blood On The Dance Floor." she said snobbily.

"No fucking way!" the same boy said running up to me.

"We should hang out." He said.

"Just because my cousin is famous doesn't mean you’ll ever like, meet him or anything. If you really wanted to be my friend you would have talked to me before. Now kindly FUCK OFF!" I growled.

He scampered back to his drum set like a little pussy.

I calmed down soon and listened as Mr. Purdy told us the guidelines of the project.

1)This will be preformed in front of the class.
2)A lyric sheet must be provided for him
3)Swear words don’t matter, but not a lot
4)We must submit a group name by the end of the week.

The first time I have to join a band and I have to play the fucking bass! I’m a guitarist for the most part! I like the bass but I’m not that good.

Each group was assigned a practice room. We are number 4.

Andrew, Matt and I made friends with Willow and soon we all exchanged numbers with her.

My day went by in a blur and soon it was time for detention with Mr. Purdy. Matt had practice after school at the neighboring school because our gym is getting work done on it. So I guess I’m walking home.

And that is a LONG walk.

I walked to detention and Mr. Purdy held the door open for me coming in after me.

I dropped my bag near my desk and dropped into the seat hissing in pain quietly.

At the sound, Mr. Purdy walked over and bent over to be eye level with me.

God his lips are so close!

No! Damn it I’m with Matt! This is morally wrong.

And illegal.
The next thing I felt was his thumb just below my eye. Thank god it was the good one.

Before I could move he touched my black eye. "Shit!" I hissed.

Concern flooded his eyes.

"What happened to you Shaneal?" His voice was as concerned as his amazing eyes.

"I fell." It was the only excuse I could think of. Yeah it’s lame but it’s all I got.

He looked at the yellow bruises on my legs and arms. I stood and walked away towards the window.

"Did some one hit you Shaneal?" God him saying my name wears my lie down.

I bit my lip and shook my head.

"Really?" He was right behind me.

Suddenly his hands grabbed my waist and turned me around so my back was to the wall. He lifted my shirt to the bottom of my bra and gasped.

My ribs stick out a little, my tummy is dotted with purple and blue.

Anger now swam with the concern in his caramel eyes.

"Who hit you?" He ordered.


"Mr. Purdy put my shirt down." I said quietly.

He seemed to realize he was still holding it up and let it fall back over me.

"Who hit you?" He repeated.

Then I broke. Tears ran down my face, taking my make up with them. I let my body fall into Mr. Purdy’s much larger one and cried. He wrapped his arms around me softly but firmly.

"Will you tell me who did this?"

If I did they’d take me away from Zander. They can’t do a thing about Landon seeing as he’s nineteen.

I need my brothers and will love them not matter what.

I shook my head and nuzzled his collar bone. I felt safe, like everything would work out and everything would be okay.

He pet my hair as I cried, until I stopped and leaned away. "If you ever want to talk....." He handed me a paper with two phone numbers on it.
I pocketed the paper and nodded. I rarely cry so it felt nice to finally do it. I’m glad he didn’t jump to conclusions or get mad.

Mr. Purdy is a great guy.

With out thinking, I got on my toes and kissed him. My whole body tingled, lip to toe. I didn’t want to stop. It wasn’t a make out, a few deep passes of the lips really, but it shook me.

Totally in a good way!

After kissing me back slightly, he pulled back.


"Mr. Purdy I'm so fucking sorry I don't know what possessed me to do that."

He silenced me by kissing me.

"Don't worry about it I didn't mind. But you shouldn't do that if your still with Matt." He replied.

His eyes showed that he really did want to kiss me. I felt like I betrayed Matt but tossed that into the corner of my head for later.

I had half an hour left of detention.

I told him about how I’m really a guitarist and that I only got a bass ‘cause that’s what was left.

He smirked and told me it was to bad.

He gave me lessons and tips for the rest of detention. Damn he sure knows a lot about the bass!

Detention over, I groaned and shouldered my bag.

"why the Ugggg?" He asked.

"I got 5 miles to walk home. Matt has practice."

"Oh uh, well....I’m off duty teacher right now....can I give you a ride?"

"" putting on a leather jacket he smiled and led me out of the room, locking the door behind him.

We listened to music and talked until I had him drop me off at one of the nicer houses. One that defiantly wasn’t mine.

As I watched his car round the corner I walked down the street and cut threw a couple yards until
I made it to my apartment building.
♠ ♠ ♠
Looooong chapter!

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