My Teacher is a Rockstar?

Mall Time

[Ashley's Pov]
She's kissing me!
I should stop this right now.
Ugh her taste is intoxicating.
Dispite all my self argument I manage to pull way.

She quickly says"Mr. PurdyI'm so fucking sory I don't know what possesed me to do that."

Before she can say any more I cut her off by kissing her again.

"Don't worry about it I didn't mind. But you shouldn't do that if your still with Matt."
Detention over, She groaned and shouldered her bag.

"why the Ugggg?" I asked.

"I got 5 miles to walk home. Matt has practice."

"Oh uh, well....I’m off duty teacher right now....can I give you a ride?"

"" putting on a leather jacket I smiled and led her out of the room, locking the door behind me.

We listened to music and talked until I dropped her off at a nice house.
I'm not suprised such a lovely girl has such a nice house.
Well time to get home.
Hopefully Killer and Tokyo didn't tear up the house too bad.
I laugh at the thought of how two tiny dogs can wreek so much havock.
My phone rings and it's Andy.
'So you and DiBella seem pretty close.'
I pull into my driveway and reply 'She's a student that has broken rules. I've sent her too detention twice if I have to again I'll call her parents.'
I wouldn't call her parents.I'm just saying that so Andy doesn't think anything.
'She doesn't have parents Ash...'
'Oh, Shit...'
'Yeah it fucked her and her brothers up pretty bad.'
'That sucks... hey I'm bored as fuck lets go do something.'
'Ok I'll meet you @ urs in 5'

[Shaneal's Pov]
I can't believe I did that. And to a teacher! I open the house door and see Zander and Jake cuddling nthe couch watching Moulin Rouge. I take my phone out of my pocket and snap a picture before Fang barks aknowledging my presence. "Aww you guys are too cute!!!!!"
"Don't you have homework to do?"
"Nope Mr. Purdy didn't give us any. Is it ok if I go with Matt to the mall? Landon will be there anyway and my shift starts at 7."
Jake finally speaks,"Wait Purdy as in Ashley Purdy?"
"I don't know his first name but his last name is definatly Purdy. He knows alot about bass too."
"Oh really now?"
"Yes really now I need to talk to my boyfriend."
I walk to my room and call Matt.
"Hey baby."I can almost hear the smile in his voice
"Hi Scruffy, so since your out of practice and I had no practice why don't we go to the mall?"
"Sure babe anything you want just let me get changed cuz I'm taking you to dinner before we go. Oh, and wear that little black and purple dress that you got for Christmas."
"Babe you don't have to take me to dinner."
"I know but we won't see eachother till tomorrow night so I wanna give you part of your present tonight."
"Aww your so sweet. Come to the door when your here. But be careful if you come in Jake and Zander are watching a movie."
"Aww they're really good together."
"I know I'm so happy for them. Well I'll get ready I love you."
"I love you to midgett bye."
I look through my closet and find the dress. I put it on and head to the bathroom to fix my makeup. I glance at my phone and see that Andrew texted me.
'Whats up?'
'Gettin ready 2 go 2 the mall with Matt :)'
'Oh cool I might see you there'
'Awesome well Imma finish gettin ready I love you little brother!!! ^.^'
"Love you too sis :P'
I hear Matt knock on the door. I run to the door and open it.
"Hello my wonderful girlfriend."he says as he kisses my cheek
He wouldnt think I'm so wonderful if he knew what happened in detention.
"Hey baby."I say as I capture his lips in a soft kiss
Zander and Jake stop making out long enough to say "Get a room."
I don't feel like arguing so we head out the door.

[Time lapse cuz I hate car rides]
Matt and I get to my favorite sushi resturant. He hates sushi but he comes here because I love it. He's way too good for me.
We eat dinner then head to the mall.
We get there and start walkig around.
We see HotTopic so we go in.
I see this leather jacket that I think Matt would look amazing in.
"Hey babe you should try this on."I say holding out the Jacket to him
He replies with."Fine but only if you try this on."
He hands me a black Asking Alexandria tank and a black and red plaid skirt.
I put them on and walk out of the dressing room as soon as I do I see Andrew walk in with some tall guy with long black hair.
I run up to Andrew and say."Andrew!!!!! I knew you were at the mall but why are you in here?"
He replies with,"Just blowing off some steam before heading to work."
"Haha you said you were blowing!!!!"
"Oh, shut up."
I look over at the guy that was with Andrew. It's Mr. fucking Purdy.
"Uh, Andrew don't look now but there's a teacher beside you."
"Wow Shay you just realized that Mr.Purdy was standing there."
"Yeah my bad ,Hi Mr. Purdy."
Hi Shaneal how's everthing?"
"It's wonderful." Just as I reply Matt comes up behind me. He wrap his arms around my waist and kisses my cheek.
"You need to buy that skirt."
I turn around so I'm facing him and I say,"Oh, really why?"
He replies with,"Because there is so much that I wanna do to you right now."
I blush redder than the skirt and wriggle out of his grip.
"Matt did you know Andrew was standing there?" I say still blushing
"Oh shit hey man." Matt says as he gives Andrew a hug
"You might want to check who's behind your girlfriend next time you wanna talk dirty."
I don't think my face could be any redder than it was at this point.
Mr. Purdy decides to speak up,"Matt I don't think it's appropriate for you to talk to a young women like that."
"Well Purdy boy I don't really think you have a say so in how I talk to my girlfriend."
I pop in with "Matt, Mr. Purdy stop please." I place my one of my hands on each of their chests.
"Andrew do something about this." I say as I go to change back into my original clothes.
I come back and I see Matt and Mr. Purdy hugging. What the fuck?
"So, what happened here? First you guys wanted to rip eachother's throats out now your all lovey-dovey."
Matt replies with,"We just relized that if we've got to spend so much time together we might as well get along."
"Aww babe your turning into a big softy ever since what happened the other day."
"Well maybe that should happen more often."
Andrew interrupts and says,"What happened I'm confused?"
I reply with"Matt fell asleep then Fang crawled in his lap and fell asleep."
I see no reason to tell him what actually happened with my teacher standing there.
"Matty your turning into a wuss."
Before Matt could slap Andrew like I'm sure he wanted to I say,"Hey little brother we gotta get to work."
"Where do you guys work?"Mr. Purdy asks
"We work together at Spencers."Andrew replies
"Well we better get going."I say when I feel the moment turn awkward.
"Bye babe."Matt says as he kisses me
"Keep doin stuff like that and I won't wanna go to work." I say giggling when we pull away
[time lapse to Andy and Shaneal being at work]
Andrew and I get to work and we start talking.
So what really happened to Matt the other day when 'Fang fell asleep on his lap'?"
"Uhm, well Andrew you see when one person loves another they do favors for them."
"You sucked his dick!?!?!?"
"I like my way of saying it better but you can put it that way."
"I would never have thought you'd be the type of girl to do that."
"I basically told you I did in gym when I said we've done things. What the hell did you think things means?"
"Well, in my defence I was still a little high from last night."
"You and Matt got high and you didn't invite me?!?!"
"It wasn't with Matt. It was with Ashley."
"Oooh Andrew's got a girlfriend."
"Ashley's a guy."
"Your gay? Andrew you should have told me."
"No I'm not gay at all he's been my friend for about six years now."
"Oh my bad. Why didn't you tell me about having another pot smoking buddy?"
"I'm sorry I figured you were at Matt's house anyway."
"It's ok little brother I forgive you. Now go put these in the back."
Our conversations went on like this until it was time to leave.
I called Matt and he came and got me and we went back to his house since I told Zander I'd be there tonight.
"So what are we going to do my wonderful boyfriend"
"Hmm I think we should go to the kitchen and make ice cream."
"Carry me."
"You know for a cheerleader our lazy."
"And for a football player your wimpy."
"What was that DiBella?"
"Nothing I mean I love you."
"Thats what I thought. Now lets go to the kitchen."
"Alright but first how about this." I say before I kiss him
He pulls away too quickly for my liking and says."Let's wait for that until after the ice cream."
"Fine. But now you have to carry me with no complaints to the kitchen then back and through the halls all day tomorrow."
We well he started climbing the stairs. I wave to his mom when we pass her and she follows us into the kitchen.
"Shaneal are you staying here tonight?"
"If thats fine with you Mrs. Good."
"Dear how many times have I told you call me Tammy."
"Sorry Tammy I'm just not used to calling adults by their first name unless it's Mikey or Frank's parents because they're like parents of my own."
"It's fine honey. Now don't make a mess you don't intend to clean up Mathew."
"MOM! I'm not 10 I know how to clean up after my self"
I chime in with,"Then why don't you?"
His mom smiles and we're left alone in the kitchen.
"So where is this ice cream I've been promised?"
"It's in the freezer hold on babe."
He opens the freezer so I take the oppertunity so snake my arms around him and kiss down his neck and shoulder.
He looks down at me and smirks.
"Don't stop."
"I'm glad you got rid of your shirt downstairs it makes my job much easier."
"Oh, really when do I get to see this job in action?"
"When you make my ice cream."
We make ice cream then he chases me down the stairs.
[Time lapse]
"Where did you learn to use your mouth like that?"Matt asks
"I'm not sure."I say truthfully
We talk for a while with the occasional kiss then I cuddle up to him and fall asleep.
{Dream time}
I walk into class to see a shirtless Mr. Purdy.
"Good morning Shaneal."
"G-Good m-morning Mr.Purdy."
"Shaneal you don't have to be nervous around me. I would never try and make you do something you didn't want too."
He walks closer to me and closes the distance between our lips.
I feel his tounge run across my bottom lip begging for entrance which I quickly grant.
He explores my mouth as his hands snake up my shirt to my bra.
He undoes my bra and slides it down my body before tossing it somewhere in the room my hands fidgit with his belt trying to undo it. I finally get it undone and slide it off him. Then I work on the buttons of his pants.I start sliding them down his thighs.
{End of dream}
"Shaneal babe we gotta get up."
"Babe just be thankful it's Friday and that we have a game today."
"Oh yeah the homecoming game's tonight I almost forgot. And happy anniversary Scruffy."
"Happy anniversary Midgett."
"I need a shower and you do to mr."
"Yes ma'am."
"Now get in the shower before I tell your coach to not let you play."
"You wouldn't."
"Try me."
Matt and I take a shower together with suprisingly no funny business on Matt's part. I guess he finally realized that we'll have sex when I'm ready.
I get dressed and do my make up. Thankfully I left my uniform over here last time we had a game.
We walk upstairs and eat breakfast with Matt's mom.
It's mostly silent except for the occasional chatter.
We finish our food I hug Matt's mom and he kisses her cheek and we leave to pick Andrew up.
[Time lapse me no likey car rides]
"Hi Mrs. B how've you been?"I ask Andrew's mom politely
She replies,"Much better now that Andy's back at school."
"Is Andrew ready yet?"I ask
"I'm not sure he's still in his room you two can go up and see though."
"Okay see you in a few Mrs. B."
Matt and I walk hand in hand up the stairs to Andrew's room.
"Oi, Biersack open up."Matt says forcefully
Within 3 seconds the door opens and a very tired looking Andrew pops up.
"What do you want Good? Hi big sister."
"We've come for you my child."Matt says in an old man voice
"Babe that just makes you seem like a pedo bear."
[Time lapse to Purdy's class]
Matt and I walk hand in hand to Home ec. We get to the door and we see Mr.Purdy standing outside.
"Good morning Mathew. Good morning Shaneal."
"Good morning Mr.Purdy."
Matt and I walk in the class and sit down at a table with Frank,Mikey,Andrew,and Willow.
Willow keeps staring in Andrew's eyes adoringly and he returns the gesture.
Mr. Purdy says that he's going to be calling us up to his desk and giving us our project requierments for the semester.
Of course my name is the first he calls. I walk up to his desk and he gives me the paper before telling me to watch out for my skirt.
♠ ♠ ♠
So who likes Shaneal's sexy dreams about Mr.Purdy
I have no idea what Matt Good's mom's name is so i called her Tammy
oh and to my co wite suck on that :P