My Teacher is a Rockstar?

Mikey and Girl Talk

He went on calling names but I could feel his eyes on me as I walked back to my seat. Matt was talking to Andrew (Who was still staring into Willow’s milk chocolate eyes) so he didn’t notice. "Good morning friends!" I smiled, going down the table and hugging everyone around their shoulders and kissing their cheek. Frank, Mikey, Andrew then Willow.

I took my seat again and let Matt take my hand. He slides his thumb across my knuckles softly. He did this until we had to go to the kitchens and cook something called Monkey Bread. Mr. Purdy chose our groups, I was with Willow, Mikey, and some jock named Ryan.

"So Shaneal, how are you and Matt?" He asked, leaning on the counter.

Right in front of the cup board I need to get in.


"So does that mean you want to break up with him, ‘cause I’m a great fuck."

I snapped.

"You fucking man whore! I love Matt and I am not going to break up with him. Keep your dick in your pants and your head out of the gutter!" I kneed him in the balls and watched him crumple to the ground.

The class was silent and they all watched me get what I needed from the cup board and ignore Ryan.

Mr. Purdy looked like he was holding back laughter.

"Charlie take Ryan to the nurse please." He said.

The other jock glared at me as he came to the kitchen and helped Ryan stand and took him out of the room.

"Awesome!" Willow gave me a high five.

"I coulda never done that! You are my new best girl friend! Not my girlfriend but my friend that is a girl."

I smiled and we all (Willow, Mikey and I) moved on with the recipe.

After eating a small piece of the delicious, sticky bread we did the dishes and put them back. Every group had to save a piece for the teacher, Mr. Purdy would call us up.

"Group 4" He called from his desk.

"Here." Willow handed me the plate with the chunk on it.

I took it up to his desk where he ate it and gave an approving "Mmmm"

"100. Good job." He said.

I threw the plate away and went back to the kitchen.

"What’d he say?" Mikey asked.

"Hundred." I grinned.

"Yes!" we group high fived.

"Clean up and return to your seats." Mr. Purdy called.

"So, uh your friends with Andrew right?" Willow asked as I washed the dishes.

"Yeah." I know where this is going.

"Has he.....asked about me?" She dried the dish I handed her.

"No." Her face fell.

"But I think he will." I added, she gave me a half halfhearted smile and nodded.

"No more girl talk. Please, it burns!" Mikey covered his ears.

"BRAS!" I yelled loudly, ignoring the people that looked at me.

"PEROIDS!" Willow countered.

Mikey fell to the floor, hands clamped over his ears. "Ahhhh!"

Did I just see Mr. Purdy laugh?

Nah, couldn’t be.

Willow and I high fived and laughed. We helped Mikey stand then we all went back to our seats.
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Thoughts? Was that funny, I think it was.