Attack of the M-Pregzilla

Riley’s pregnant. Run for your lives.
A collection of interrelated shorts based off of my original roleplay. Michael is my character, and he looks like Jesus of Suburbia (from the video). Riley is his brother and lover and has the appearance of Mikey Way (from My Chemical Romance). Ann is their mother. If there’s anything else you need to know, just ask. {COMPLETE}
  1. And So It Begins
    Riley gets the news.
  2. Insane Accusations
    Michael thinks of a name and is accused of cheating.
  3. Together Forever
    Riley gets some wild ideas from a Lifetime movie and acts on them irrationally.
  4. Chocolate and Rainbow Sprinkles
    My favorite part and the first one I wrote. Riley makes an exhausted Michael carry out his sweet-toothed desires.
  5. Blubbery Fat or a Beautiful Creation?
    This part gave me the most trouble. I don’t remember why. Riley has delusions of obesity.
  6. The After Party
    Post-sex discussions about the future.
  7. Too Late For That
    Riley’s experiences the real pain of childbirth and requests an impossible last-minute procedure.
  8. Quite the Luck
    The baby wakes them with her cries in the middle of the night and Riley tells Michael that he’s lucky for Riley’s supposed lack of mood swings.