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If you don't know how to live with yourself, how can you live at all?

•Originally written for the contest 10 ways to.....

•10 Ways To fall in love
•10 Ways To be happy
•10 Ways To save a life
•10 Ways To make your dreams come true
•10 Ways To get what you want
•10 Ways To lose weight
•10 Ways To learn the meaning of life
•10 Ways To catch a liar
•10 Ways To save yourself
•10 Ways To tell someone you love them
•10 Ways To marry the wrong person
•10 Ways To destroy your reputation
•10 Ways To impress a man/woman
•10 Ways To lose a guy
•10 Ways To write a letter
•10 Ways To prepare for the worst
•10 Ways To be embarrassed
•10 Ways To surprise someone
•10 Ways To be romantic
•10 Ways To break a heart
•10 Ways To seduce/trick/fool someone
•10 Ways To cry
•10 Ways To break the law
•10 Ways To get caught
•10 Ways To be remembered
•10 Ways To be scared
•10 Ways To be broken
•10 Ways To lose
•10 Ways To complete a list
•10 Ways To come to a revelation
  1. Chapter One: Write A Letter
    Word Count: 718 (rewritten as of 1/8/12)
  2. Chapter Two: Marry The Wrong Person
    Word Count: 902 (rewritten as of 1/8/12)
  3. Chapter Three: Save A Life
    Word Count: 1313 (rewritten as of 1/8/12)
  4. Chapter Four: Scared
    Word Count: 1371 (rewritten as of 1/8/12)
  5. Chapter Five: Cry
    Word Count: 1299 (rewritten as of 1/12/12)
  6. Chapter Six: Catch a Liar
    Word Count: 1926
  7. Chapter Seven: Fool Someone
    Word Count: 1708
  8. Chapter Eight: Be Romantic
    Word Count: 1517
  9. Chapter Nine: Be Embarrased
    Word Count: 1256
  10. Chapter Ten: Come To A Revelation
    Word Count: 1278
  11. Chapter Eleven: Impress
    Word Count: 997
  12. Chapter Twelve: Lose a Guy
    Word Count: 1169
  13. Chapter Thirteen: Destroy Your Reputation
    Word Count: 756
  14. Chapter Fourteen: Break A Heart
    Word Count: 1237
  15. Chapter Fifteen: Prepare For The Worst
    Word Count: 1247
  16. Chapter Sixteen: Break The Law.
    Word Count: 1318
  17. Chapter Seventeen: Get Caught.
    Word Count: 1441
  18. Chapter Eighteen: Lose
    Word Count: 1092
  19. Chapter Nineteen: Lose Weight
    Word Count:1630
  20. Chapter Twenty: Broken
    Word Count: 2412
  21. Chapter Twenty One: Save Yourself
    Word Count: 1084
  22. Chapter Twenty Two: Surprise Someone
    Word Count: 1514
  23. Chapter Twenty Three: Be Happy?
    Word Count: 2554
  24. Chapter Twenty Four: Be Remembered
    Word Count: 2444
  25. Chapter Twenty Five: Fall in Love