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Sequel: Martyr's Run

Hurricane Heart

‘This is what you do,’ he said. ‘When you don’t like something, you run from it and you hide. You think you confront life full on, but you don’t. You run from it. You’re scared of it.’

It is 37 years after the Revolution. 37 years ago, imagination was made illegal, dreams were banned and creativity was forbidden.
The girl is in Arjan's hotel room when he awakes. He has few doubts about who she is—a Dreamer, for sure. She turns to him, her eyes beautiful but dangerous, and then she points the gun into his face.

He has no choice but to follow. The Soulless are after him. They were moments away from taking him tonight, and it is imperative that the Dreamers find out why he is so important.

From the moment the car door shuts, Arjan’s life changes forever. For there he meets her—the girl in the front seat; the girl who torments him, kidnapping him, taking him away from his family and his life irreversibly, dragging him into this strange, dark world of the Dreamers and the Soulless.

And yet, as the Hurricane descends, would he ever want to leave?

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Sequel to Chasing Imagination