Michelle and Hannah's Great Adventures

Random Happenings

Once upon a time..

The phone was ringing. The noise woke up Michelle. She grudgingly picked up the phone.
"MICHELLE!!! Wake up already! It's 10 am!!" It was hannah, her bestest friend in the world.
"Okay, okay. Chill! How do you always wake uo so early anyways?"
" 's not early...I wanna do something fun today! Teleport over here with your teleporting phone." Michelle sighed.

four minutes later...

Michelle walked over to hannah's bed and sat down.
"I heard that aliens are coming to blow up Earth today! Wouldn't that be tres depressing? But SG-1 of course has a plan to save us like always, I'll bet. I mean, they always do...RIGHT?? Wait, what if they don't?! We're all gunna DIE!!" hannah started sobbing. Michelle had no idea why though, since she hadn't caught a word of what hannah had just said.
"uhmmmmk then.."
"HEY, let's go to the park to watch for aliens!"

walking to the park..

"HEY YOU!!" hannah yelled at some random passing stranger.
"umm hannah? do you know that person?" Michelle thought her friend was going crazy. The stranger looked at them.
"YOUR HAIR IS OOORRRAAAANNGGGEE!!" hannah sprinted towards the person.
"Hey, that DOES look an awful lot like---" Michelle was cut off by the sreaming. Mr. orange-top and hannah were yelling at each other... something about cats and carrots...

hannah walked back to Michelle dragging along the poor oranged-headed guy.
"Michelle! look who it is! It's Kyonkichi Sohma!" Michelle rolled her eyes...not for any paticular reason; just because she felt like it.
"Cool. Nice to meetcha, Kyo" Kyo sighed.
"Just get this psycho chick away from me" hannah frowned and kicked him in the shin. hannah saw something and ran off.
"OH MY GOODNESS TOHRU LOOK OUT" Michelle screamed, but alas, it was too late. hannah the homocidal-psycho-murderer had pushed the innocent Torhru Honda right in front of the semi-truck. She was dead within minutes.

to be continued...