Michelle and Hannah's Great Adventures

Tres Kawaii Sam Desu

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After hannah's whole ordeal with the harrasment and murder, they all managed to have a good time looking for aliens. Even stubborn Kyo had fun.

a couple hours later...

"Hey hannah, lets go to the mall, " suggested Michelle.
"Alrighty!" As they were driving to the mall on their super high-tech motorcycles, Michelle thought she saw someone from choir.
"Doesn't that look like Rebbeca?," Michelle yelled to keep from being drowned out by the noise of the highway.
"Like, of course not!" hannah hadn't even looked...

At the mall...

"Oh my goodness. hannah, don't turn around" Michelle and hannah were walking side by side in the general direction of Hot Topic.
"Why?? Who is it??!!" hannah looked around. Michelle sighed and rolled her eyes. "*Choke die*" hannah saw who it was and wished she had listened to her friend. "Walk faster, FASTER!" hannah half-wispered.
"No, lets go talk to him. It looks like he's alone." hannah did NOT want to talk to Sam. He was just this guy from choir. hannah had a habit of running in denial; especially when it had to do with a boy.
"Well, I'm gunna go talk to him." Michelle could be mean sometimes. hannah had to admit that she really did want to talk to him though; she's just really shy. She followed Michelle reluctantly as she walked towards their choir buddy.
"Hey, Sam!" Michelle greeted him.
"Hey, what are you guys doing here?"
"Oh, ya know, just hang--" Michelle was once again cut off by hannah's screams.
"SAKES ALIVE IT'S EDWARD CULLEN SORRY BYEE" hannah sprinted into Hot Topic at the speed of light.
"uhh" Sam was sorta freaked.
"Yeah..I'd better go see what that's all about.." Michelle rolled her eyes and went after hannah

to be continued...