Michelle and Hannah's Great Adventures


opening theme: Don't Turn Around -Ace of Base

"What are you doing in here?" Michelle found hannah behind a rack of CDs.
"Umm uhh..I thought I saw Edward Cullen...?"
"Well Sam's wonderin what the heck you were freaking out about" hannah looked around nervously
"He's not here, I told him we'd meet him at the food court" hannah sighed with relief. Michelle turned around and said some unfriendly words really loudly. hannah looked up to see what she was getting all freaked about. She saw that Michelle was clutching a super cute PANIC! at the disco.. t-shirt.

hannah wandered out of the store while Michelle was busy shopping. She randomly saw something on the ground. It was a brightly coloured peice of paper. On the paper in large letters it said "POWER". Under each letter it had words. It said, "Pyramid Oracle World Earth Rice" hannah spent a good 4 and a half minutes standing in the middle of the mall trying to decipher the meaning of the strange paper. She finally decided it was some sorta inside joke thing.

hannah looked up and realised that she had somehow managed to wander into the food court. She remembered Michelle telling her that Sam would be waiting here. There. She saw him. hannah quickly looked away. It was too late; Sam had seen her. He started walking towards her.
"Hey, what's up?" Sam greeted hannah pleasantly.
"Hi. nothing. walking. paper, weird paper. Michelle and a t-shirt. ......" hannah spazzed
"Uhh, cool"
"Yeahh.." hannah likes that word. hannah also likes dots. ... .
"So, where's Michelle now?"
"h-Hot Topic. I think. I mean, that's where i last saw her. She might have left. I found a weird peice of paper." Sam was obviously not interested, but hannah held out the paper anyways.
"umm, that's great, hannah"
"AGHK" hannah threw herself and Sam against the ground just in time. Sam (totally freaked out) looked up to find that the two people who had been standing behind them, now had spears sticking out of their chests. Sam's eyes grew large. hannah sighed.
"whew. I'm glad that wasn't us yo." hannah was all prepared for Sam to start praising her amazingly shap reflexes.
"you-you-w-we-th-that-that-THAT WAS FREAKIN' AWESOME! How'd you Do that?!" Sam ran over to the ninja's who'd just tried to kill him and hannah.
"WHAT?!" hannah was confused by Sam's mentalness. "'da flip is wrong with you??!"
hannah decided that she had had enough of THAT crap, so she went looking for Michelle.

to be continued

closing theme: It's Not Over -Daughtry