Michelle and Hannah's Great Adventures

There's A Cat In My Goldfish Bowl

(a/n: hannah's point of veiw)

I looked up from my half-knitted sock to see who was calling. aghk. it was God. I picked up the phone so i wouldn't go to hell.
"hannah. This is God."
"Hi God. What's up?"
"Well, I was just thinking, ya'know...well I was thinking actually that you've been kinda bad recently. I mean, you DID kill that innocent girl, Tohru; you've been neglecting your chores too."
"psshhh, whatever" I'd had enough of THAT. I hung up the phone. Hmm...I had an idea.

I picked up the phone again to call someone.


"Hello?" Sam's voice answered.
"Hi Sam, this is hannah!"
"Hey hannah. What's up?"
"Well, see, God called me today"
"Oh yeah? And what did God say?"
"He told me that we should get married. Right now."
"K, byee"


to be continued.....i guess