Michelle and Hannah's Great Adventures

Algebra Homework

(hannah's pov:)\

I sat there just reading a book. It wasn't that interesting, and I was starting to get bored. I then decided to call Michelle. I picked up the phone a punched in her number.

Michelle pick up already ringringring.

"hheeellloooo hannah banana!" her caller ID answer was no suprize.
"hey, shut up."
"sorry...I'll try to stop, really i will!"
"So what's up anyways?"
"nothing really...should be doing homework as per usual"
"why don't you just do it?"
"come one Michelle, you know me better then that! I can't 'just do' homework..."
"kay, whatever"
"yeah.. So what are you doing?"
"well nothing really, I'm just crochetting this bag and talking to 6 people on aim, checking my facebook, watching Dane Cook on Comedy Central, drinking 4 bottles of water and doing chemistry school work."
"oh, cool"
"So, I called Sam yesterday"
"you did? Wow! How uh-hannah like. What did you say?"
"well, i told him that God had called me and told me that Sam and i should get married. And that was pretty much all of our conversation..."
"uhmmm, hannah? you ARE kidding right?"
"Of course not. Why would I kid?" I was truely confused.
"I dunno...you're totally psycho though. You know, guys like girls to be themselves, but, you are totally going over the top."
"the top of what? WHAT? may be i don't like the top of whatever it is and maybe i don't care if SAM THINKS I AM CRAZY cause..*wisper wisper* maybe...I...am....." I had no idea what Michelle was talking about, but maybe I didn't want to know. I love Michelle, but she just wasn't making sense. I would wanna knnow if God called someone I knew and told them something.....I DID kinda lie about what God really said...but still.....

umm...to be continued.....