Michelle and Hannah's Great Adventures

My Snow White Queen

There's nowhere to run so lets just get this over// Soon enough you'll see, you're just like me// don't scream anymore, my love, cause all I want is you.

3 weeks later. or so.
hannah, Michelle, Sam and PANIC! at the disco...are at hannah's house. They're all really good friends now. Yall just chill kay? I know it seems like a lot of plot holes right now, but there'll be a flashback next chapter. If I feel like it. ... I changed my mind. Let me just explain: Panic! is in St. Louis because Michelle won that thing, so they're all chillin'. Michelle introduced them to Sam becasue she know's that he's a really big P!@TD fan. Hannah still likes Brendon Urie, and not the band so much. Kay, done.
(hannah's pov)

"OW..UG..OWCH..ACK..HEH..OOOoooOOOOooowwWWW" Some stupid person had been STUPID enough to leave a stupid magazine laying on the top of the STUPID staircase. And, yes. I DID slip on it. I hate falling down the stairs. But, this time, someone was out to get me. I was sure about it. I mean, SERIOUSLY! Who leave magazines just laying around? ... ...
... I mean, BESIDES me.
"HANNAH!?!!" I heard 6 people yell at the same time.
"I'm FINE" I insisted as they ran toward the bottom of the stairs, where I was sitting all folded up, my back on the ground, feet in the air. Brendon looked at me with a weird expression... like he was trying to keep from bursting out laughing or something. He was soooo cute.
"So, if you're fine, are you gunna get up?" Michelle looked at me with a look that said 'stop being stupid you attention stealing whore,' but I knew she loved me. I stuck my tounge out at her and got up.
"How bout we go upstairs..?" suggested Michelle.
"Sure!" I said as I prepared to lead the way to my room.
"If you think you can handle it.." Ryan said to me whilst giggling into his hand. I rolled my eyes. While walking upstairs Sam noticed a 30 Seconds to Mars poster Hanging on the wall.
"Hey hannah."
"Hey Sam"
"You like 30 Seconds to Mars?"
"like, derrr"
"They're awesome"
"I'm well aware of that."
Among my 30 Seconds to Mars poster, there were also Kill Hannah, Evanescence, Hellogoodbye, Aqua, and freezepop posters. Someone( I couldn't tell who...) comented on my weird taste in music. Besides that my walls were covered in my artwork. Mostly random sketches. Anyways...everyone sat down on my bed, except for Sam and Michelle...Michelle sat in my butterfly chair, and Sam sat on my desk chair. Sam and Panic! were chattin it up about lyrics music videos etc. while Michelle and I were fighting over which CD to play.
"Evanescence!!" I was sooo gunna win this.
"NO! Panic!"
"But they're HERE. That would just be sooo weird."
"nuh uuuhhhh!"
"uhh huuuuhhh. besides, this is MY house. so there."
"but I'm the guest."
"psshhhh. like that means anything anymore. gosh. get with the century why don't ya!?"
"HEY." I yelled at everyone.
"whuutt?" they all responed.
"What music do yall want me to play?"
"QueenTheKillersMCRTakingBackSundayRJA" and like a billion others. they were obviously more undecided than Michelle and I were. So, with that, I popped in the Evanescence CD. (Which was, by the way, The Open Door.)
Michelle glared. I sighed. It's tough work having so many guests at my house at one time. Especially since 4/6 of these guest was a famous band. ugghh.

Brendon glanced at me.
"Whut?" He asked in that amazingly cute Brendon voice.
"Huh? n-nothing.." that was like the 40 billionth time I had caught myself staring at him since they came to town...I should stop that. He noticed my self-accusing expression and giggled. Reminded me of a little girl. I love him.


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