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Please Exchange This Experience

Jeordie White (Twiggy) has been in love with Manson since day one. He's lusted over him, dreamt about him, cried over him, and felt things more vividly and painfully than he's ever experienced... But they're just friends. The kisses, the hugs, and everything that follows... It's just two overly affectionate guys whose confessions are drowned out so that crowd can't hear beneath their screams, or see behind the foggy glass of their television screens.

Title taken from Placebo's song, Please Exchange This Experience, which, at least most of the time, is in the playlist when I write for this story. I obviously don't own Placebo or their music, and no, I don't own any of the members of Marilyn Manson either.

Advance Notice:
There is violence.
There is sex.
There is substance abuse.
There are triggers.
There are references to child abuse.
There is lack of and even expressed disdain for religion.

Basically, there is no censorship in this story, and I will keep it that way.