The Heart of Neverland

Flying Revisited

"Now, do you both remember how to fly?" Peter asked, pulling a small silk bag from his jacket pocket. Gesturing for Jon and I to come closer, the three of us stood in a triangle, shoulders almost touching.

"I remember as if it were yesterday," Jon said confidently, and I nodded, though I was less sure of my ability. I knew that pixie dust was needed but I couldn't recall what the other elements were.

"Faith," Peter said intensely, as if reading my mind. "Have faith."

I had faith in Peter. I always did, even when he disappeared for years.

"Trust," Jon muttered, adding in the second element.

I trusted Peter, even in the middle of the deadliest danger, and as I thought of the many trials in Neverland I felt myself become lighter almost as if my feet were lifting off the ground.

As the pixie dust rained down upon me foggy memories from my magical past flashed through my mind. My feet left the ground and beside me Jon and Peter also began to fly. How very different this was from the last time we had learned to fly with Peter. We should have been flying laps around the room and performing flips through the air by this time, but the three if us just looked at each other and let the sober mood fill our minds.

"Plan?" Jon, always the logical thinker, asked.

"We go to Neverland, find Michael, defeat Hook, and come back," I said, knowing the plan as much too simple for the complicated mission ahead of us. "The faster we do this the better."

Jon rolled his eyes, "Obviously."

Before I could rebuttal his comment, Peter held up a hand and stopped the words that could have come from both of us. "I am warning you know, Neverland is not as you know it. Sinister evil resides there; this rescue mission will not be an easy task. But Wendy is right. The sooner we get Michael out of there, the better."

Jon flew to the window. "Let's not waste a second more," he said, and pushing off from the sill, he was soon outside and speedily making his way into the depth of the night sky.

Peter reached for my hands, and as he held them, I could feel tension and tremors passing through his body. "Wendy, things are more complicated than you realize. Rescuing your brother is just the start. This isn't going to be easy."

I nodded although I wasn't entirely sure what he was talking about. "Okay," I whispered, "Then we better get going."

Hand in hand we exited through the window and started flying in the direction Jon was already going. "Funny how he remembers the right way, isn't it?" Peter asked, though it was more a statement of observation.

"Yes, although, my instincts are telling me up, right and," I looked at him for confirmation, "to the second star?"

He smiled, "yes. Neverland is calling to you Wendy. All you have to do is follow."

His words were heavy, as if they were more then traveling directions. As I flew higher, what he told me replayed in my mind and a night four years parallel to this one came back to me.

And, as I entered the second star to the right, Peter's hand squeezed my own, the brilliant colors engulfed us both, and for the first time since leaving, I felt as though I was coming home.
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Sorry I haven't updated this in forever. Here is a short chapter, and longer ones are coming. Thank you for being patient, more of the story coming soon!