‹ Prequel: One Life To Live
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Two Lives As One

It's the most wonderful time of the year! For Melanie Cavlavier, life is going in the right direction for once and it couldn't have better timing: it's Christmas! She is experiencing domestic bliss with her boyfriend, Lance Capra, and she only has three years left of medical school to endure before she can become a licensed physician in the state of New York. Her best friends Bethany Lynn and Freddie Allen are finally together - thank God - and she can't help but to tease them every now and then.

Not soon before long, tensions rise between the Capra's and the Mastrani's. The ordeal that had broke out between them only steamed Giorgio's clan into devising new ways to tear down the empire that Xavier has kept. Melanie comes across hardships as events pile onto one another - worrying excessively over her boyfriend's safety, trying to juggle her studies and being able to afford college life, and just as she thought Greg Luca was done with her, he keeps trying to sneak back into her life.

Worst of all? She gets a call in the middle of the night...

It's her brother, Devin.