Don't Try and Fix Me, I'm Not Broken

I helped them find their mates. It was that simple. Now they found me my mate. It wasn't that simple.

There will be slash because it is a dom/fertile story. I did get permission from dandygrrl. Title is lyrics from the song hello.
  1. New Boy Or Maybe Not A Boy
    strangers will always be strangers
  2. Secrets Revealed
    Deny, Deny, Deny
  3. What's That Smell
    Why Doms love Fertiles
  4. Witch's Blood
    Anger Tornadoes
  5. Worry Wort
    Leaving and Never Coming Back
  6. Dreaded Day
  7. Seven Rooms for One Man
    I Hate Moving
  8. Past Is The Past
    Story Time
  9. Promises and Deals
    Deal or No Deal?
  10. Mother May I?
    Mothers, Death Threats, and Shattered Glass
  11. It's Doyle, Linda Doyle
    Eavesdropping Like A Boss
  12. Training for Power
    Tardeness Won't Be Excused
  13. Marking the Witch
    Being Marked Isn't Terrible
  14. The Cozy Cafe
    Never A Dull Moment
  15. Kidnapping What Shouldn't Be Touched
    Plans for Destruction
  16. The Fight Will Soon Begin
    He Will Return
  17. My Fault. This Is My Fault. This Is All My Fault.
    Intensity Is What You Are Lacking
  18. I Will Survive
    You Aren't The Only One Who Can Tell The Future
  19. He Knows
    What Happens After It All
  20. Moments
    Don't Let Her Get To You
  21. 5 Years Time
    The Munchkins
  22. Seven years After The Fact