The Rules of Life

Two things happen in life: you're born and then you die. There's a whole lot of shit in between but mostly, you should just try not to fuck it up too much.

Boy, this would have been great advice a few years ago.
  1. Rule #1: Douchebags are generally always going to be douchebags.
  2. Rule #2: Use your words, not your fists. Unless they deserve it.
  3. Rule #3: There's always a calm before the storm.
  4. Rule #4: Parents are hypocrites, no matter what they say.
  5. Rule #5: Karma's a bitch.
  6. Rule #6: Don't go to jail. Just don't.
  7. Rule #7: Your idea of helpful doesn't always match up with someone else's.
  8. Rule #8: Curiosity doesn't just kill cats.
  9. Rule #9: Blackmail is bad. It's also very effective.
  10. Rule #10: News travels fast in high school. Especially gossip.
  11. Rule #11: First impressions aren't always correct. But then again, sometimes they are.
  12. Rule #12: Nice guys will always do the nice guy thing.
  13. Rule #13: Impulsive decisions always have consequences.
  14. Rule #14: Reputations are hard to come by but easy to lose.
  15. Rule #15: Compromise is another word for 'do what I want and you'll get what you want'.
  16. Rule #16: The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.
  17. Rule #17: Rocking the boat a little is scary. A lot and you'll get wet. Too much and you'll fall in.
  18. Rule #18: What goes around comes around.
  19. Rule #19: Kids are the picture of innocence. Don't take that from them.
  20. Rule #20: Be careful when you're angry.
  21. Rule #21: Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
  22. Rule #22: Stay-in dates are better than go-out dates.
  23. Rule #23: Girlfriends are good listeners. Take advantage of that.
  24. Rule #24: Watch out for that green-eyed monster.
  25. Rule #25: Boys can't only not keep it in their pants, they also can't keep their mouths shut.
  26. Rule #26: There's more than just one guilty party.
  27. Rule #27: You can't run from your past.
  28. Rule #28: People let you down. Even people who supposedly care for you.
  29. Rule #29: Breaking up is hard to do.
  30. Rule #30: Family will be there for you.
  31. Rule #31: Go big or go home.
  32. Rule #32: Don't have affairs with your teachers.
  33. Rule #33: Things don't always end up perfect. But the end up how they're supposed to.
  34. Rule #34: Rules are made to be broken.
    the end.