White It out Like Glittering Wax Butterflies

So... Some how Anna wants to believe this is a good situation; hitching a ride from this complete stranger so she can get into Orem again. Yet again seeing some down falls to being homeless.

But sometimes, reality will take it upon itself to get things right.

Think about it: everything's supposed to happen for a reason... right? So... maybe it was supposed to start pouring rain... And maybe Bert was always nice enough to offer people to stay over at his house...

And maybe... she was supposed to fall for Quinn...
  1. Each Drag's A Drop Of Blood A Grain
    Hitchin' a ride.
  2. Lie To Me And Try To Say You Never Will.
    I can't leave you out in the rain!
  3. Girl, You Can't Kill A Liar!
    Quinn! Wake up!
  4. Insanity Laughs, Under Pressure We're Cracking!
    Yay! Men's body wash!
  5. Just Knowing This Matters, I Just Feel Stronger.
    Can I get a hug?
  6. You Call My Name When I Wake Up.
    So what do you guys do for fun 'round her'?
  7. I'll Be Just Fine Pretending I'm Not...
  8. Said *** It, I'm Fine!
    Bert! I'm Trying To Watch The Movie!
  9. Goodbye To You. You're Taking Up My Time.
    Goodbye Quinn...
  10. Knowing Nothing Is Better Than Knowing At All...
  11. 'Round We Go Running In Circles...
    I'm just a walking contridiction...
  12. Should've Done Something, But I've Done It Enough.
    Garbage cans?
  13. It's Worth My Time, Whatever That Means...
  14. Kill! Smile! Cut It Out For Me This Time!
    The thunder make me scared...
  15. I'm Not Going To Look Back!
    Bert has makeup?
  16. Burn The Sun! Burn The Light!
  17. It's A Feeling That You Cannot Miss...
    Well... Since it's getting dark...
  18. Look In My Eyes, I'm Jaded Now...
    Why're you sitting out here?
  19. It Burns A Hole Through Everyone That Feels It...
    You Know What'd Be Really Awkward?
  20. You Bleed Just Like You Puke While Running A Mile!
    Okay, you kids have fun.
  21. Do You Feel Okay? You Look Pretty Low...
  22. His Backpack Is All That He Knows...
  23. Shot Down By Strangers Whose Glances Can Cripple..
    Awww! That's so CUTE!
  24. May Be Out Of His Mind...
    That's next week!
  25. Top Of The World, Sitting Here Wishing...
    I need to do something for you!
  26. This Fragile Cliche Of My Broken Heart Attack.
    It looks so frickin' rad!
  27. These Worms Are Sugar Coated!
    Ear massage?
  28. Scabs and Ashes, The Back Of Your Mouth!
    Yesh! I love this movie!
  29. Just Passing Through, Not Stomping By.
    Pure torture.
  30. I Am The Puddle, Make Me!
    Yes. Confusion.
  31. In This Exchange, I Often Touch Myself.
    Um, strange name...
  32. But They're All Gonna CHOKE ME.
    I'm just... magic like that.