White It out Like Glittering Wax Butterflies

It's Worth My Time, Whatever That Means...

"Is she okay?" I heard someone say. It sounded like... Bert. Oh no...
"Yeah, she's just sleeping, stupid," was said from what sounded like Jeph.

Then there was a slapping noise, then an "OW!" from Jeph.

I took a deep breath in.

"Oh, oh look Jeph! You woke her up!" Bert said.

I opened my eyes enough to squint at them.

Oh goody... I'm in their living room...

Oh course, Bert and Jeph were sitting on the side of the couch next to me. And... Quinn... He was sitting on the side of the couch where my feet were.

Surprisingly, he wasn't upset looking. He actually looked quite... pleasant... Which made me really happy. You know, that he wasn't... mad...

"Oh. My God. The light," I lifted my hand up and covered my eyes from the living room light.

Quinn chuckled at me. I don't think he's going to be talking much...

"YOU'RE AWAKE!" Bert smiled at me like an anime character.

"Yeah, I am now..." I narrowed my eyes at him.

"God, what happened?" Jeph asked.

I looked over at Quinn, then back at Jeph. "I made a mistake. One that I hope I never make again..." I half smiled.

Quinn mocked my expression, sending butterflies to my stomach.

Just looking at him made me want to sigh. I got the sudden urge just to run my hands through his hair... and- NO! Stop it Anna! You don't have a relationship with him! STOP. THINKING. LIKE. THIS.