White It out Like Glittering Wax Butterflies

Lie To Me And Try To Say You Never Will.

"Where ya headin'?" the guy in the driver's seat asked.

"Orem," I responded.

"Oh sweet! I'm headin' there right now!" He patted the passenger seat. "Hop in!"

I pulled the door open and got in. This guy seemed friendly enough. He looked about my age, maybe a year older. His hair was dark brown and reaching a little bit past his shoulders. His blue eyes didn't present a threat, but they did seem a little... mischievous...

"Hi," He smiled. "I'm Bert."

"Anna," I nodded.

Bert pointed to the back seat where there was another guy sitting. He had short black hair and... well, quite a lot of tattoos, I must say.

"That's Jepha."

I waved slightly at him. "Hi Jepha."

"Hi," he smiled slightly.

So, on our way to Orem, Bert and I talked quite a bit. Sometimes Jepha got in the conversation, but he mainly stayed quiet.

But really. Bert's so... full of energy... and he's so... high pitched when he laughs.

It kind of scared me at first. I mean, he can go more high pitched than I can. But I made peace with it. I mean, come on, it's not THAT freaky...

It was really late, probably 2 in the morning, when we finally reached Orem. And the sky decided tonight was a night for it to rain.

"So," Bert started. "Where ya want me to drop you off at?"

"Oh, errr... anywhere..." I said, turning to look out the window when I said "anywhere".

"Are you serious?" Bert asked, slightly dismayed.

I looked back at him. "Um, yeah, I am."

He looked at the road then back at me. "You've got to be kidding me."

"I kid you not my friend."

Bert paused in thought for a few seconds. "...Alright, you're coming home with me."

"Say what now?"

"Come on Anna, one thing that I won't do is leave a pretty girl like yourself out in the rain," he smiled shyly.

I sighed reluctantly. "Fine..."