White It out Like Glittering Wax Butterflies

Do You Feel Okay? You Look Pretty Low...

After we got some breakfast (which was quite yummy, might I add), we decided to head back to the apartment.
Once getting to the front door, I was greeted quite unusually...

Quinn unlocked the door and twisted the knob, letting the door swing open, where my eyes met witha wide pair of blue ones.

"HI!" this new stranger said loudly. "WELCOME TO THE SEX ADDICTS MEETING!"

I stared in surprise, her expression not faultering.

"Do YOU WANNA COME IN?!" she smiled.

"Hi Ember," Quinn said dully, OBVIOUSLY not surprised by this.

"Hi Quinn!" Ember, I suppose her name was, shouted.

"Did you happen to eat any Skittles?" Quinn narrowed his eyes.

Ember looked around. "...No, Ididn'tgetanyoutofyoursockdrawer..."

"You WHAT?!" Quinn widened his eyes.

Ember took a few steps back. "Don't beat meee..."

Quinn narrowed his eyes further, then Ember ran off, yelling that Quinn was going to hit her.

I looked over at him. "So... That's Ember, eh?"

"Yeah... Dan's girlfriend..."


Quinn smiled and took ahold of my hand. "Come on. I'll introduce you."