White It out Like Glittering Wax Butterflies

May Be Out Of His Mind...

"Hey Anna?"

"Yes Quinn?"

"When's your birthday?"

I bit my lip. One thing I can't stand is people knowing when my birthday is.

"Um... September 1st."

Quinn widened his eyes. "That's next week!"

Oh no.

"I've got to do something for that day!" Quinn exclaimed.

"Quinn, I..." I sighed reluctantly. "I really wish you wouldn't. I really don't like getting attention."

"Weeell..." Quinn paused for a second. "You could spend your birthday with me," Quinn smirked slightly.

I smiled. "I'd like that."

"ANNA!" Quinn shouted happily, making me jump in surprise. Also not helping the fact that I was sleeping when he yelled.

"It's your birthdayyy," he whispered harshly, smiling like a goon.

I looked around. "...Yeah... It is..."

Quinn practically jumped on me and kissed me.

"It's your birthday," Quinn whispered again.

I laughed a little. "Yeah Quinn, it is..." Dear God, what is he gonna do?

Quinn put his hands around my waist and kissed me again.

"Quinn," I smirked. "what're you doing?"

"I think you know," Quinn smirked seductively.

And maybe, just maybe, you people know what happened next...