White It out Like Glittering Wax Butterflies

Top Of The World, Sitting Here Wishing...

After that, Quinn and I were unseperatable. Bert actually suggested that I should be included in their answering machine, but I refused to do so. That's just plain... weird...

As Bert described us, we were a "lovey dovey" couple, which, I guess, would kind of make sense, since we were always with each other.

But I don't think Bert caught on to what went on between me and Quinn. I mean like... the personal things. Christ, I can't even start to imagine what Bert and Jeph would do if they found out Quinn and I were... intimate...

Anyways, getting to current matters. Hazel, Ember and I were bonding quite a lot lately. Andtime I wasn't with Quinn, I was with them. We would cruise around town and stuff. You know, you know. The kind of stuff I missed doing when I was on my own.

But oh, when Hazel found out that she missed my birthday, she spazzed out.

"Oh my God! I need to do something for you!"

"No, really Hazel, that's fine," I replied quietly. God, these are the moments where I wished I was invisible...

"Really! I mean it! Whatever you wanna do! Let's go do it!"

The three of us were quiet for a minute, leaving us in thought, until Ember had an idea.

"I know!" she declared happily.

I stared at her blankly as she lightly took ahold of my bottom lip.

"Let's get her lip pierced."