White It out Like Glittering Wax Butterflies

Scabs and Ashes, The Back Of Your Mouth!

"Well, you two seem to be in the bedroom a lot quite resently," Bert said, clasping his hands together.

I looked over at Bert, nothing but a dull, blank expression on my face. The kind of expression that tells someone to shut up.

Jeph picked up the remote and changed to the SciFi channel, where "Rose Red" was playing.

Yesh! I love this movie!

Quinn put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

I just wanted to lean over and give him a kiss. God, I love this man so much...


"Jeph? What're you doing?"

"Shhh!" Jeph smirked. "Don't say anything about this, okay?"

I nodded obediently, smiling to myself. Knowing Bert, this was going to work perfectly.

Both of us hid behind the corner of the living room threashold and waited.

After about three minutes, the moment of truth came. Bert was making his way inside the kitchen.

Jeph and I contained our laughter as long as possible until we heard a loud SNAP!


Jepha and I busted out laughing, both of us running off to our rooms.