Status: Complete!

Forbidden Love

Gerard stays with his girlfriend Hayley. Everything is going great for the couple until Gerard meets Frank at a friends party. They get to know each other and soon realize they are madly in love with each other. But both men's families are really against gay relationships. So they have to figure out how to be with each other without everything kicking off.
  1. Chapter 1
    this is before all the crazy shizz happens
  2. Chapter 2
    when he meets frank
  3. Chapter 3
    they get realise their love for each other
  4. Chapter 4
    trying to keep it secret
  5. Chapter 5
    uh oh its all gone pear shaped
  6. Chapter 6
    theres a tradegy waiting for Gerard
  7. Chapter 7
  8. Chapter 8
    Frank finds out whats been bothering Gerard
  9. Chaper 9
    Frank gets angry
  10. Chapter 10
    umm dont quite know whats going to happen in this one so just roll with it ;)
  11. Chapter 11
    Mikey shows up with some bad news
  12. Chapter 12
    they leave Jersey.
  13. Chapter 13
    Not sure whats going to happen in this one. Just roll with it
  14. Chapter 14
    things are getting exciting!
  15. Chapter 15
    on the road again.
  16. Chapter 16
    some crazy shizz
  17. Chapter 17
    second update today!
  18. Chapter 18
    whats happened to Gerard?
  19. Chapter 19
    Frank again
  20. Chapter 20
    Frank is determined
  21. Chapter 21
    mikey is here!
  22. Chapter 22
    frank faces heartbreak
  23. Chapter 23
    frank is taken away
  24. Chaper 24
    the plan goes wrong
  25. Chapter 25
    things arent good
  26. Chapter 26
  27. Chapter 27
    just a little filler before I go to bed
  28. Chapter 28
    This is the end my babies.