The Air I Would Kill to Breathe


What happens when the people who are supposed to love and care for you abuse and mistreat you? What happens when you finally leave all that pain only to be taken to an orphanage which only leads to more mistreatment and suffering than before? What happens when midst all the pain and chaos you find the one you’ve always been looking for? What happens when things finally start to fall into place but then the love of your life gets taken away from you? When you’re torn between revenge and moving on?

They were an unlikely pair, but Jack had the kerosene that lit the fire in Alex’s heart.
Alex was the creator of all things destructive whereas Jack was just merely his muse. Their love is infinite, but what will happen when the cord of forever gets cut?

To Jack, Alex was his protector, his hero.
But to the law and anyone he came across he was a monster.

They were the angels of death, and this is their story.