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Almost Lover

I Cannot Drive The Streets At Night

“This is nice,” I commented with a slight sigh.
Asher smiled widely at me.
“It is,” He agreed. We were currently sitting in his living room, with his parents, on the couch. Asher’s hand clasped tightly to my own, making my smile ever wider. It’s weird being all…open in front of his parents. They were shocked to say the least, but they weren’t mad at all. Well, Regina was upset that we didn’t tell her. Besides that, she was pretty much okay with us. Denis was fine from the start, claiming that he knew it was coming for a while. It’s funny how his parents saw things that we didn’t.
“Don’t fall asleep on me,” Asher nudged me a little bit.
I shook my head, and looked at him.
“I’m not, dammit.” I mumbled. “I was thinking.”
“You? Capable of thought? Don’t make me laugh,” He joked.
I rolled my eyes.
“Ha-ha.” I mocked. “Yes, I’m very much capable of thought, jerk-off.”
“Awe…it’s cute when you get defensive!” Asher cooed. I slipped my hand out of his, and I crossed my arms. “Come on, now….” He trailed off. Asher’s arms wrapped around me, and he held me closely.
I laughed a little bit, but I didn’t move when he moved us a little bit.
“Stop it, I’m trying to be annoyed with you.” I demanded. “You’re making it very hard…”
“That’s my master plan, baby!” Asher laughed, finally letting me go. He did wrap one arm around my waist and laid his head on my shoulder. “Now I’m tired.”
“Good.” I mocked, rolling my eyes. I ended up smiling down at the mop top of blonde hair. I bent my head down a little bit to kiss the top of his head. Asher nuzzled a little deeper into my shoulder, placing a small kiss there. I moved my arm so that it was wrapped around Asher in return. I know that he really likes when we sit like this.
“This is still a little unexpected.” Asher’s mom broke the silence.
Asher’s head lifted up toward his mom’s voice.
“I’m aware.” He retorted.
Regina’s smile mirrored her son’s, and she laughed a little bit.
“I’m still really thrilled about this, though.” She answered honestly. “It’s been a while since Ash has had a steady relationship,”
“Something I really hope to break,” I winked playfully.
“Shut up, your track record is so much worse,” Asher teased.
I rolled my eyes at him.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,”
“It is!” He defended himself. “Be nice to me, it’s my birthday,”
I chuckled.
“That’s right. Happy birthday, sweetcheeks,” I stated, planting a sloppy kiss on his cheek.
“Thanks,” He deadpanned before whipping his cheek free from my slobber.
“How does it feel to be an adult?” I asked jokingly.
“Pretty awesome,” He smiled. “It’s kind of cool to be legally an adult.”
I winked.
“That’s the spirit.”
“Are we still having people over tonight?” Regina asked.
I shrugged, and looked over at my boyfriend.
“What do you say, Boo Bear?” I asked. “Party tonight?”
Asher rolled his eyes.
“Call me Boo Bear one more time…” He threatened. “And…yeah. It would be cool to still get my friends to hang out here for a BBQ or something.”
“Did you invite people?” Denis asked the two of us.
“I’ve taken care of everything!” I nearly shouted. “I only sent invites to the important people.”
“Our friends?” He asked.
“Well duh. I wasn’t going to let them not come. That’s just rude, don’t you think?”
“I suppose,” Asher asked, looking toward his parents. “This is fine, right?”
“Of course it is dear.” She smiled. “Just no more lighting things on fire from your friends, and the second it has happened again, you are all banned.”
“Yes, ma’am.” I nodded my head. “I solemnly swear that I will not light anything on fire inside your house…again.”
Regina rolled her eyes playfully.
“That means a lot, Stryker.” She joked. “No lighting anything on fire on our back patio either.”
I laughed, and Asher shook his head.
“We’ve got it mom,” He retorted. “But um…we have this uh…favor to ask?”
I looked at him slightly confused. His parents looked a little confused also.
“Yeah?” Denis questioned.
“Can you guys not talk about us dating?” Asher asked, sneaking a glance at me. “We haven’t told anyone else yet, and we want to keep it that way.”
“Yeah, it would be a little weird for them to find out this way.” I agreed with my boyfriend.
“Okay,” My mom nodded. “No matter how hard it will be…”
“We’re not that obvious.” Asher stated. “When we’re with our friends, we’re normal.”
I sighed, and laid back against his side.
“Pretty much,” I yawned. “Dammit, I’m sooo fucking tired.”
“If you didn’t stay up playing video games….” Asher trailed off. I rolled my eyes, getting slightly annoyed with him.
“Shut up,” I mumbled.
“Are you inviting Shelley?” Asher’s mom asked.
I shrugged.
“I still need to talk to her so why not?”
“I’ll just call her then,” His mom replied. “I know that you guys are still on the rocks.”
“Thanks, Regina.” I replied. “Baby?”
“Hmm?” Asher asked in return, linking our fingers together again.
“Can we watch Pirates of the Caribbean?”
“Depends,” Asher replied, rubbing a small circle on my hand. “Are you guys watching anything?” He asked, looking over at his parents.
“Not really,” Denis shook his head.
“Nothing is really on, honey.” She added.
Asher pressed a small kiss to my forehead before he let go of me to get up. He put the DVD in, and by the time he was finished, I was stretched across the long couch.
“Move over,” Asher instructed.
I rolled my eyes and got up anyway. Asher laid down, and moved so that his back was pushed up tightly against the couch. I laid down in front of him, and his arm wrapped around my waist. I rested my head on his arm, and I let a content sigh release from my lips. Asher nuzzled into the back of my neck, placing a kiss there. He really liked kissing my neck and forehead. I don’t really get it, but he loved doing it. It’s okay, I like kissing his collarbone.
“This is nice.” I whispered.
“I know. After the movie, I wanna go out for ice-cream.”
“My treat. It’s your birthday.” I replied back. I was vaguely aware of his mom’s eyes on us. I don’t really blame her, especially after when she nearly walked in on. I would have my hawk eyes on us too. Or maybe she was watching us in awe? Maybe she’s incredibly happy that we’re together? That’s what Asher says that it is. They’re talked separately, and she seems thrilled. I don’t really know what Denis is thinking. Neither of them have talked to me about it yet. I think that they’re waiting until I talked to my mom first.
“I love you,” He whispered, his arm tightening around me.
I felt those stupid ass butterflies in the pit of my stomach. I wanted them to go away as soon as they showed up, because I feel all nervous. I don’t exactly like feeling nervous around Asher. He can sense it, and he teases me endlessly about it. Fucking douche bag. I don’t care if it is his birthday, I castrate him with a rusty spoon if he makes fun of me for it tonight.
“I love you too,” I whispered back. I turned my head a small amount, and I kissed his jaw, another favorite place of mine to kiss him.
“What are you wearing tonight?” He asked.
I rolled my eyes.
“Shh…I’m watching Johnny Depp.” I retorted.
“Shouldn’t this be the other way around?” Asher joked.
“I suppose, but I really want to watch this movie. We’ll talk after,” I replied, turning back toward the movie.
Asher’s arm didn’t move throughout the entire film.

“Doesn’t someone look sexy?” I smirked at my boyfriend. Asher rolled his eyes. He was straightening his now dry, curly hair. He was standing in his bathroom wearing the tightest black skinny jeans that he managed to own, some combat boots, a loose white v-neck, and a black scarf loosely hung from his neck. He looked amazing, but then again, Asher always looks amazing. “You’re really showing me up,”
“Whatever,” He chuckled. “You look quite sexy yourself, Stryk.”
I laughed lightly. I was wearing red skinny jeans, a black v-neck, white suspenders, and some white Vans on my feet. I had straightened my hair while he was in the shower. I was the smart one out of the two of us, and I started getting ready faster than him.
“Thanks,” I replied.
“You look like a model.” He laughed. “You should do that!”
I rolled my eyes.
“No thanks. That’s stupid.”
“If you got it…” He trailed off with a wink. “Can you come help me with the back?”
“Sure,” I walked forward, and I grabbed the flat iron from him. I finished the back of his hair, and he started to hairspray it.
“Do you need any?” He turned, looking at me.
I shrugged.
“I don’t think so.”
“Here you go,” Asher stated, spraying my hair anyway. “There, just in case.”
“Thanks, Ash.” I shook my head. “Ready pretty boy?”
“Definitely,” He nodded. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and I pressed my lips to his quickly. “That was nice of you.”
I laughed and let go before we walked out of his bedroom and down the stairs.
“There they are.” Denis smiled.
“Don’t you two look amazing?” His mom winked at us. “I have to get a picture!” She stated.
“Now, Regina, let’s wait for Shelley to show up so that we can share this moment with her too.”
“Fine,” She huffed, letting her camera fall against her diagram.
“I doubt that she will want too…” I trailed off.
Asher rolled his eyes.
“It’s okay, Stryk.” He stated. “Be happyyyyy,” He whined.
“Fine.” I smiled at him. “Only because it’s your birthday,”
“Thank you,” Asher smirked back at me before winking.
I rolled my eyes.
“Hello? I’m here!” I heard my mom’s voice come, but I knew that she wasn’t alone.
“In here!” Regina called back. “I hope it’s okay, but she brought Mary Ann and Alyssa along.”
I inwardly groaned, and Asher’s arm around my waist helped calm me. I was casually leaning into his side. I was comfortable, and happy nearly a minute ago, but now I felt a little un-easy.
“Happy birthday, Asher,” My mom smiled.
Asher smiled a small smile back.
“Thanks, Shelley.”
“You’re welcome,” She replied. She actually had a smile across her features which really shocked me.
“Happy birthday,” Mary Ann added. “I’m Mary Ann.”
“Nice to see you…uh…under different circumstances,” Asher stated sort of awkwardly.
“Great, I’m Denis, and this is my wife, Regina. We’re Asher’s parents,” Asher’s dad introduced himself. Mary Ann and Alyssa returned the introduction before it fell kind of silent.
“So…we’re taking pictures of the boys!” Regina grinned.
“Mommmmm,” Asher groaned, causing me to chuckle. At that moment, Regina took a candid shot, making me laugh harder at Asher’s embarrassment.
“Asher Daniel Blake, I will hear no more whining from you! Today is very special! I’ve been waiting for 18-years for this day, and nearly seven years to take you and Styker’s first couple pictures.”
I laughed.
“Of course you have,” I retorted with a playful grin.
“She has,” Denis sighed.
“You knew that this would happen?” Shelley asked, sort of shocked.
Regina grinned and nodded.
“Yes! Goodness, they were always together. They have always been closer than just best friends, and I swear those pet names.”
I blushed a little bit, and Asher laughed loudly.
“Gees mom, you make it sound like we’ve been secret lovers for fucking years.” Asher joked.
“What…you’re denying our love, boo bear?” I asked with the saddest voice possible.
Asher elbowed me lightly in the stomach.
“Exactly my point,” His mom rolled her eyes. “I’ve heard them call each other so many names,”
“Boo bear,” Asher nodded.
“Fucker,” I laughed.
“Piggly wiggly,”
“Sweet cheeks,”
“Babe…” Asher finished. “The list kind of goes on,”
“That was before you started dating?” Alyssa asked with a small laughed.
“Yupp,” I nodded. “Dammit, no wonder why your mom thought I was gay.”
Asher rolled his eyes.
“You are gay, dumbass.”
“Thanks for pointing that one out. I didn’t know that at all.”
“Boys, boys, boys.” My mom giggled. “Come on, I have to take more pictures!”
I made a face at the camera, causing Asher to laugh. Regina started to laugh at us, and even my mom giggled a little bit. Asher grabbed my suspenders, pulling me toward him. I shook my head at him and another flash went off. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I was glad in moments like this that I’m not short as fuck. I love being almost as tall as my boyfriend. His hands slid down a little bit, and our lips molded together. I smiled when I pulled away and stuck out my tongue at him. His grabbed my tongue with his teeth, causing me scowl.
“You’re trying to hurt me,” I accused.
“Of course I am,” Asher rolled his eyes but he winked at me anyway.
I chuckled, and wrapped my arms around him. I can’t seem to keep my hands off of him. It’s kind of funny. I let go, and kissed his jaw before walking a little ways away and grabbing his present that I got him.
“Here,” I tossed it toward him. Asher caught it, and furrowed his brows at me.
“What is this?”
“It’s fucking boulder. What in the hell do you think it is?” I smirked.
Asher laughed, and started to open the present. He looked slightly shocked, and held up the long silver chain with a key at the end of it.
“I love this!”
“I know that you’re a fan of man jewelry…so…” I chuckled, rubbing the back of my neck nervously.
“I love it, baby.” Asher smiled. “I love you. Thank you.”
I grinned like mad man.
“You’re welcome.” I replied. “I love you too.”
Asher slipped the long necklace around his neck, and tucked it under his scarf. His hands grabbed my face, crashing his lips roughly against my own. I bit down on his bottom lip, causing him to push me away kind of face.
“Sorry,” Asher apologized to his parents.
“Opps,” I smirked at Asher.
He shook his head.
“Stop doing that! I can’t seem to keep my hands to myself enough as it is! That stupid smirk isn’t making it any easier.”
“You know you want me,” I winked, causing Asher to slightly blush. “Awe! Baby, you’re blushing!” I gushed, wrapping my arms around him.
“Shut up, stupid.” He mumbled, moving out of my grasp, but turning around to hug me anyway.
“You guys are very touchy,” My mom stated. She sounded slightly surprised.
“I don’t know how I’m gonna not be all over him tonight.” I pouted.
“Awe…” Alyssa cooed.
“Stupid friends,” Asher mumbled.
“You should have seen how we I found out!” Asher’s mom stated. “They were up in Asher’s room.”
“Mom!” Asher hissed.
“Reginaaaaaaa.” I whined, my face was already turning red.
“Now, boys…I think I want to hear this,” My mom teased.
My eyes widened, and started to shake my head.
“They were getting kind of hot and heavy.” My mom giggled. “I was embarrassed to say the least. Stryker flew off of Asher so face.”
“Dear God.” I mumbled, hiding my face into his shoulder.
“Thanks, mom…I love you too,” He started sarcastically.
“You’re welcome!” She sang lightly.
“Stop embarrassing them…” Denis warned lightly.
The front door rang, and Asher and I jumped apart.
“Show time?” I asked, looking over at him. Asher leaned down a little bit, pressing a long kiss to my lips.
“Show time,” He agreed.
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