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Almost Lover

So Long My Luck-Less Romance

The four days before spring break with Taylor and her land of misfit toys happened to be the most grueling thing that I know I have ever done. Somehow, she roped Stryker and I into performing a play about The Peanuts all grown up. Somehow she convinced us to play two of the leads. Crazy right? I thought so too. I’ve never been in a school play, but she just told me to be myself. After-all, the girl took the place as my best friend the second that Izzy walked out of my life. I trusted the girl if she told me that I could act. I knew to be able to pull this off, Stryker and I would honestly have to practice our lines every single day on our spring break. That was going to be really hard, considering the fact that we’re going with the guys. Kaylie and Taylor opted out of this trip. They’re going to Cabo instead of Orlando.
We practiced hard. It turns out that Stryker’s kind of an amazing actor. He played the part of Beethoven perfectly. In this twisted story, Charlie Brown, known as CB in the story, turns out to be gay. Strange, I know. Snoopy dies from rabies, Pigpen’s name is actually Matt and he turned into a homophobe and germaphobe, Lucy’s a pyromaniac, Beethoven was sexually abused by his dad, and Sally can’t find her identity. Not only that but Linus goes by Van, and is a total stoner, Marcy and Tricia(No longer Sir or Patty) are always drunk. It’s kind of fucked up. Oh and Beethoven and CB fuck. Well, we don’t have to act that out exactly, but Taylor wants some heavy gripping and touching. I should be weirded out, really, but I’m not. It’s just acting, but not really since it will be with Stryker.
Taylor happened to ask us because after the play got through the final round of approvals her original Beethoven, Charlie Brown, and Pigpen…er Matt… quit. When I found out who they were, I laughed my ass off. The guys who were going to play them were definitely, probably gay. I can’t imagine why they would give up the roles. It could definitely have something to do with the fact that one of them has a girlfriend, but everyone knows that she’s a beard. It’s painfully obvious to me. The entire school will catch on though, maybe. I can’t imagine why people would be scared to come out to our school. Yeah, that’s a little stupid, but it’s true. They accepted Stryker and myself. I understand that there are some obnoxious pricks at the school, and I haven’t been picked on. Then again, I’ve always been kind of tall. Those guys have nothing to really worry about, and they would have us on their side, but that’s a different story.
We were working our asses off though. The show needed to be perfect for Taylor. She was doing the double duty of playing Tricia and being the director. It was a tough job, but no other girl really wanted to be in the play. The sweet, quite girl named Elizabeth was playing my sister. In the play she was just known as CB’s Sister, but everyone knew she was Sally. So Taylor wrote her name as Sally in the program. Another girl named Cat was playing Marcy. All of the girls were really nice though. They were honestly great. They were all younger classmen, but they were better than Stryker and I are, that’s for sure. Chad was playing the new Matt, and he had to pretend to hate Beethoven. The entire situation was confusing, but it was coming together. At least I knew that with Chad in the mix, we would be able to practice our lines over break.
“Relax, please?” Stryker begged quietly, running his hands over my shoulders as we looked over our lines in our room. “We’ve got them down for the most part. Stop stressing yourself, okay?”
“I can’t help it,” I sighed heavily. “I just…this is Taylor’s last performance. She’s got scouts coming from everywhere. This is her chance, yeah?”
“I know that, but you’ve got this. Plus…we’ve got enough chemistry to set the place on fire.” He muttered, pressing feather light kisses to the back of my neck.
“mmm….stop that,” I closed my eyes, relaxing completely.
“I can make you relax,” Stryker whispered, pressing harder and longer kisses to my neck. He finally planted his lips to one spot on my neck, sucking lightly at the skin until it was throbbing and raw. “Relax baby….let me take care of you,”
“My parents…” I whispered back.
“We won’t be loud.”
“We’re always loud.” I moaned lightly at the end of the sentence. Stryker’s hands still rubbed my back, making me feel great already. The fact that his lips were attached to my neck didn’t exactly make me want to oppose the idea entirely. But my parents were just down the stairs. And frankly, the walls in my house are entirely too thin. It’s too risky. “Come on, Stryk…we can’t,”
“We can,” He muttered, picking a new spot to attack me, making the moan slip out louder.
“No, seriously,” I stated, trying to pull away.
“Fine. I’m going to give myself a handjob then,” He whispered right in my ear before backing away from me. He started toward my bedroom, and I groaned. Yeah, Stryker always gets what he wants, no matter how outrageous it is. It didn’t make since really, but somehow he got me to do exactly what he wanted. So that’s how we ended up fucking way more than once. We started against my wall, Stryker’s legs wrapped around my waist. We smashed more than one picture off of my wall. That was how we ended up on the floor and as quite we have ever been. However, it was still pretty loud considering on how we normally are. Our quite wasn’t quite enough.
I should have seen it coming when my mom entered my bedroom without any warning or knocking. She’s prone to just walking into the room, as our countless times happening should have been a warning sign. It was a matter of time honestly. Then again, this is the first time that we were going at it that my parents were home. I freaking knew that this was a bad idea. I knew I shouldn’t let Stryker get what he wants half of the time. It would have been better if we just stopped after the first two times. And little man was aching because dammit it was a lot to get off twice in a row, let alone three times. But fucking Stryker did it.
He was riding me, hard, when my mom walked in. I don’t know where he got his freaking energy. I was almost totally drained. I can’t imagine how his ass is going to feel in the morning when we have to get up to leave for Orlando. It’s not going to be pleasant, I’m sure. But I had just came, the nasty sound still sliding as he continued to ride me, almost getting off. He came over our stomachs, and rode out our orgasms. Then that was when she walked in, after we were all sticky all over again. Stryker didn’t jump off of me like he did previous times. I could barely move myself. Instead, he slowly removed himself from my lap. He crashed down on my bed, back against the mattress. It was like he hadn’t acknowledged the fact that my mom was standing, wide eyes and priceless expression. As quickly as I could, I wrapped the blanket around our lower bodies.
“Sorry, I’m so sorry…I just…I thought….I thought you two were fighting…I thought maybe things were broken…and uh….I didn’t want you guys to uh….sorry,”
“Can you please leave?” I asked, blushing as red as I have ever been.
“Bye!” She called, bolting faster than she had ever ran in her life. At least, that’s what I was convinced of.
I flopped back on my back beside my boyfriend.
“I can’t believe she just did that.”
“I told you to be quite.”
“You also where the one doing that thing you do. I can’t…”
“Shh….” Stryker groaned.
“Come on, stud. We’ve got showers to take and a room to pick up what you helped me destroy.”

I hate waking up early. I always have and I always will. It’s ridiculous that Chad and Seth were put in charge of our man vacation instead of me. I mean, we would’ve been leaving at eight in the morning instead of five. Stupid asses. It’s not like we’re never going to get there. Seth is just insanely picky about some things that Chad definitely isn’t. He wanted to wake up at three am, meet at four, and head on out of Baltimore at five. It’s only about a thirteen hour drive. It’s not like we’re road tripping to Texas or anything. It’s Orlando. We’re going to hot, sticky, Florida for Spring Break. At least were driving unlike Kaylie and Taylor. They were flying into Cabo.
Last night I barely got any sleep, and I’m exhausted. The little man was a little score from all of the action he was getting. It’s a sad day when a man’s penis physically hurts from getting laid too much. The kind of sick satisfaction I get is from seeing Stryker limp around everywhere. He’s the one who came on to me, and everything. He pretty much deserves it. Yeah, that’s how I see it. My mom walking in on my is pretty much the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened in my life. As soon as I came downstairs for breakfast and coffee this morning, she apologized. The woman felt so bad that she committed to making breakfast for the two of us at four-thirty in the morning. What a brave soul she is. No matter how brave, she couldn’t fully look at either Stryker or myself the entire time. She avoided our gazes as she poured the coffee. Stryker was his awake self, and noticed every single time that she would blush. I just shook my head at my mom, and voiced it. She told us to keep that sort of thing for when they aren’t there. She also decided then and there to be me a door that has a proper lock on it, and not the flimsy one that it has now. I just let her think that we actually lock the door, which we don’t, but I think it’s going to become a rule from now on.
I let Seth and Stryker already get into Chad’s huge Range Rover. Chad and I stayed in the back to pack everyone’s bags. There was also a huge cooler full of food and drinks that we might need during the trip. It wasn’t that heavy, but Chad suggested that I helped him lift it. It was quite in the car except for the blasting of Stryker’s head phones, and Seth’s light snore. They both were probably out of it by now. I was kind of pissed, but I’ll get my time to sleep as soon as I get into the back.
“Long night?” Chad smirked.
“Shut the hell up,” I laughed. “Like you and Taylor didn’t…”
“We didn’t actually,” Chad smiled softly.
“It’s fine.”
“I mean…we all can’t be waiting like Taylor, right?”
“Yeah….she’s kind of perfect,”
“Don’t get mushy on me, gross.”
“That’s rich coming from you,” Chad laughed semi-loudly, looking over at me. “Are you going to answer me honestly, though? Because I was nice enough not the mention the wicked limp your boyfriend is sporting this morning.”
I laughed almost as loud as Chad did.
“We, well actually it was just me, were reading lines for Dog Sees God, and he jumped me,” I joked. “Not literally, but he just… distracted me in that way that he does. It was…um… I was a gonner,”
“The fact that Stryker bottoms slightly surprises me, but doesn’t at the same time.”
“I don’t bottom,” I stated with a straight face. “No…just no,”
“Not even for Stryker?”
“He’d have to be pretty damn persistent with it.” I admitted. “And so far he seems to be a fucking power bottom. He’s got these toned thighs-“
“I’m stopping you right there,” Chad stated, tossing another bag into the back. “That’s the gayest you have ever sounded, honestly.”
“You’d be a pretty convincing straight guy if it wasn’t for the fact that you’re in love with a dude.”
“He’s hot,” I shrugged.
“Come on, loser,” Chad laughed, shutting the very back. “We’ve got a drive to get through.”

“When are we going to go to Disney World?” Stryker questioned. “Because this thought has been haunting me for the entire trip down here,”
“We’re going to Disney World every day for four days,” Seth replied. “As you can see, we are in a Disney World hotel,”
“Yeah, but that just might mean that we’re in our hotel for way too long,”
“Okay…” Chad trailed off. “We’re starting tomorrow.”
“On a Sunday?”
“Yes, Stryker,” I sighed.
“Anyway, we’re going to Disney on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then we’re going to enjoy all of what downtown Orlando has to offer on Thrusday and Friday. Saturday we’re going back to Disney World, and we’re leaving the hotel that night.” Chad explained.
“This feels more like a really good double date than it does anything,” Stryker stated. “You treat Seth well, you baboon!”
Chad rolled his eyes.
“Get him to sleep,”
“I can’t!” Stryker nearly yelled. “I just want to go to out,”
“We’ve got reservations at Planet Hollywood in two hours, so calm your tits.” Seth stated, cracking open a can of pop.
“I’m going to get ready later. What are we doing until then?” Stryker asked, sitting down on my back.
“Stop being a baby,” He stated. “So what?”
Chad rolled his eyes.
“Asher, entertain your boyfriend.”
“He’s not mine. I don’t claim him right now.”
“He’s annoying the fuck out of me,”
“Me too,” Seth spoke up, laying down on his and Chad’s bed.
“You all fucking suck. I’m going to smoke,” He stated before turning around and walking toward our balcony view of the entire hotel. It was wonderful. I sighed at the silence before I closed my eyes and fell quite easily into the sleep that I had been in before we arrived. Everyone else sighed before probably doing the same. The tv was on a very low volume, and it was wonderful. I drifted off for fifteen minutes before I felt someone else sink onto the bed. It took me a minute to realize that it was definitely Stryker. He didn’t say a word though. He just curled into my side, and slid underneath my arm. He wrapped his long arms around my middle, and nuzzled into my chest. I smiled. I don’t know why, but Orlando was making him a much happier person than Baltimore was. His mood drastically changed.
“I love you,” I whispered because I could.
I felt Stryker smile against my collar bone before he responded.
“I love you, too,” He replied.
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