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Almost Lover

Goodbye My Hopeless Dream

“I told you that he would be mad,” Kaylie sighed, sitting down beside me at lunch. Usually Asher and Izzy are the first ones here, but Izzy’s missing and Asher is waiting in the line for food. Kaylie and I were the first ones to sit down. “You should have told him before,”
“I realize this, Kaylie.” I sighed. “I knew that he would be mad either way.”
“Yet he didn’t find out the right way, and things went horribly wrong.” She gave me a knowing smile.
“Let’s face it; things were doomed to go horribly wrong.”
She rolled her eyes.
“Great. You’re sounding like that one chick in those vampire books.”
“Yes, fucking Twilight. I just don’t think moping around about Asher is going to solve any of your problems.”
“You don’t even know what happened!” I retorted. I was getting aggravated. I didn’t want to talk about Asher, yet he’s all I thought about. I can’t help the butterflies that seemed to grow strong when I see him walk down the hallway. It’s not right. It’s not natural. It’s wrong, but it feels right. “I miss him, Kay.” I finally sighed.
“Then tell him that.” She laughed. “You’re being a drama queen.”
I mumble-mocked her. I was about to say something back, but Taylor came bounding around in front of us. I instantly shut up, and crossed my arms. I hated even telling Kaylie, I didn’t need anyone else in our little, weird secret thing we’ve got going on.
“What are we talking about here?” She smiled.
Taylor was one of those naturally gorgeous, hipster looking girls. She had some feathers in her hair and random beads. Her hair was a auburn color looked more red than brown in the sun, but had a blonde tint inside. Her big brown eyes and freckles made her look slightly like a innocent kid, but I knew that she was anything but. Before people knew that Asher was full on gay, people assumed that they would get together. They just look like that couple that would be the it couple in high school. Of course Taylor’s dating Chad and Asher’s gay. What a world, huh? Can you feel my sarcasm?
“How Stryker is head over heels in love with Asher,”
My mouth nearly dropped.
She rolled her eyes.
“You guys are ridiculous,”
“What do you mean by that?” I asked, but she didn’t answer due to the fact that Seth, Chad and Asher all sat down at the table. Asher had a gloomy look on his face that I got used to seeing lately. It kills me to. Asher’s a people pleaser. He does have his moments when he’d rather be quite, but he’s just normally happy. Not like this.
“What are you guys talking about?” Seth asked.
“Nothing really,” Kaylie smiled. “I think that Stryker and I decided that we’re just going to be friends.”
Chad looked shocked, as did Asher.
“Why did you guys decide that?”
Kaylie shrugged, but kept her smile. I furrowed my brows at her. I don’t understand how she’s being so calm about this.
“I’ll let Stryker tell you,” She answered.
“What?” I reacted.
“Why did you guys call it off?” Chad chuckled.
“I…uh…I’ve…um…yeah.” I mumbled. “I like someone…else…other than…um..her.”
Seth nearly choked on his water.
“Dude, seriously?!”
Kaylie crossed her arms.
“Seriously, Seth. We’re still friends though, so it’s okay.” She replied.
“Awe…who do you like. Maybe I know them?” Taylor winked at me.
I groaned and covered my face. Or course Taylor knew. Asher had to have told her when they separated us this morning. I just wish they weren’t dangling it in my face right in front of my other friends. I was about to say something, but a kick to my chin ended up in a loud groan.
“Fuck…” I mumbled. I looked up and saw a small smirk on Asher’s features. I shook my head. I should’ve known that it was him. Asher’s slightly predictable. He smiled slightly at me, in a thanks of a sort. I know that I’ve messed up some, but this was a step in the right direction. I know that I’ll be in the dog house of a while, but I want it to get better. I fucking need it to get better. “I like someone. A whole fucking lot. It’s just different, so I’m taking things slow. I’ll let you guys know when…uh…things get sort of cleared up.”
They nodded and accepted it. Asher crossed his arms over his chest.
“Sounds to me like you need to have a party,” He laughed. “How does that sound, guys? Friday at Sydney’s?”
“You seem to be over your pissy mood?” I questioned.
“Eh…almost. I was starting to get over a little while ago actually.” Asher retorted. “Plus I’m going shopping with Taylor later.”
“Who in the hell told you that you could steal my girlfriend?” Chad joked.
Taylor rolled her eyes.
“I did, dip stick.” She laughed. “I love shopping with Asher. He’s so much better than shopping with you lame asses.”
“I’m a pretty good shopping partner,” I retorted.
“I’m way better, Stryker,” Kaylie rolled her eyes. “I promise.”
“How about we all go shopping today after school?” Taylor’s face light up.
“I’m down. What about you, piggy wiggly?” I playfully winked at him.
Asher shook his head.
“I figured I’d have to hang out with your ass sooner or later…”
I’m oddly thrilled with his response.
“You couldn’t stay away from me if you wanted to.”
“Trust me, Stryk. I’ve definitely wanted to stay away from you before. It’s just hard.”
“I knew it! You really do love me!” I joked around.
“Sometimes,” Asher laughed. “I vote that we take my car,”
“I’m down,” I shrugged. “What about you?” I asked Kaylie.
She smiled, and nodded in agreement before looking over at Taylor.
“What about you, Tay?”
“I’m fine with whatever,” She answered. “As long as I get to go shopping, I’m okay.”
“We’ve decided that she’s my new gay side,” Asher added.
I furrowed my brows.
“What about Izzy? Isn’t she your best friend?”
“She is, Stryker. She’s just…Taylor understands me.” Asher tried to explain. “I like her being my gay side better. We’re more alike,”
“Sarcastic personality and all…” I trialed off, making the others laugh at me. “It’s true. They are one in the same,”
Taylor smirked.
“I’m okay with that.” She replied.
“I am too!” Asher exclaimed.
“So it’s like you’re basically dating Asher.” Seth winked playfully at Chad, whom rolled his eyes.
“Chad’s not my type either,” Asher shrugged. “I like guys with tighter jeans,”
“Dammit! Why can’t I ever be good enough?” Chad fake cried into my shoulder. I gave him a weird look and Taylor patted his shoulder.
“It’s okay, baby. Let it out…”
“It hurts so much!” Chad nearly yelled, but it was drowned out by the other voices in the cafeteria. “Why can’t I be enough for him?! Why, God, why?!”
“If I go buy you a fucking cookie, would you count that as a date?”
Chad stopped crying, and lifted his head from my shoulder.
“What are you waiting for, bitch? Go get me that damn cookie!” He yelled across the table. Asher shook his head and threw up his middle finger before he got up to get Chad’s cooking. As he was walking away, I stared at his ass. I couldn’t help it. It’s not a girl’s butt, but it is still a nice one to look at. A very nice ass. Kaylie might have caught on because she elbowed me, and I blushed a tiny bit. I’ll never admit that though.

Kaylie and Taylor are evil. Simple as that. They both may be cute, and all innocent looking, but they really aren’t. I swear. They were evil geniuses in a past life or some weird shit like that. I don’t know what they have planned, but I’m slightly terrified. Those two together isn’t good at all. I knew that Taylor as already brewing something up when she suggested that all four of us go shopping. Something is bound to happen.
The final bell rang, and I was the first person out of the class room. I wanted to get to Asher’s car before the girls so that I could call shot gun. Childish yes, but it’s the shot gun seat. It’s the best seat, and it’s a plus because at least Asher isn’t acting mad anymore. I know that he is still pissed, but part of me is really praying that he won’t kill me in my sleep. He can be really unforgiving when he wants to be.
“No running in the hall!” The evil voice known as Mrs. Reynolds yelled at me. I cursed and slowed down just a little bit. I didn’t stop running at all. “Stryker Sutton, stop running right now before you get a detention for skipping class!”
“I’m not! Just running!” I remarked before I pushed the door, and I ran outside. I took the concrete stairs two at a time in hopes of being the first one to his car. I smiled as I saw just Asher on his way to his car. As I got closer, I saw the girls not too far off. I quit jogging, and started to sprint toward him. I got there first, and Asher looked at me like I was crazy.
“What in the fuck are you doing?”
“Shot gun,” I smirked, and looked at the girls. They were a lot further away than I thought they were.
“Sorry, Stryk. Taylor already called it earlier. We planed this before you decided to join,” Asher smirked. “Besides, who said that I wanted you to be in the front with me?”
I sighed.
“I take it that you’re still mad at me for earlier?”
“What do you fucking think, Stryker?” He stared at me. “But…I do care about you, obviously. I don’t want this to…stop. I talk to Taylor and she-,”
“She what?” Taylor smirked in our direction. “Come on, boys. I’ve got shit to shop for, and I have shot gun.”
I groaned, and looked over at Asher. He nodded toward the car. After we were all inside, he pulled out of the school. Asher reached for his CD player, and turned it on. Ke$ha started to play. I groaned and pretended to bang my head against the window. Sometimes I really hate his choice in music. Ke$ha, Lady GaGa, and Katy Perry are the only mainstream artist he listens to, yet they’re girls. Beside me, Kaylie giggled, and Asher and Taylor sang really loudly. I thanked God as soon as we found a parking space. I was silent the entire ride. I stretched out my limbs, and looked over at Asher. He gave me a small nod, and I huffed. I didn’t want a nod. That means that he’s still slightly mad at me.
“Where are you guys planning on going?” Asher asked Taylor. She smiled and shook her head.
“We were going early prom dress shopping! Aren’t you excited!” Taylor rolled her eyes. “Well, we’re just looking for a little bit. Then we fully plan on getting some cute clothes to.”
“This is going to take forever,” I whined.
Asher laughed, but agreed with me.
“Let’s just get this over with,” He stated.
The girls were giggling about something that was incoherent to my ears. I don’t really care personally. I’m only here for Asher. It was an excuse to hang out with him without saying something too stupid. Considering that both Taylor and Kaylie both know, it still puts me at ease that they are with us. We let them go on into the dressing rooms to try on whatever they were planning on getting. I looked around at some of their clothes, but I got bored.
“Hollister is better than this place,” I joked.
Asher rolled his eyes at me.
“Tell me about it.”
“Can we possibly talk now?” I asked.
“Straight to the point…that’s different,” Asher mocked.
“Thanks, fucker.” I retorted. “What were you going to say before Taylor interrupted?”
Asher nodded toward a spot in front of a rack. He sat down on the ground, and I quickly joined him. He patted my leg before removing his hand.
“I talked to Taylor, and she did point out some things.”
“Like what?” I asked, looking at me. His green eyes swam in excitement. The thing about Asher is that I knew exactly what he was thinking. I’ve always been able to read him like a book. He’s not one to hold his emotions in, and have his guard up.
“Like the fact that if you really are important to me. Maybe that you make me feel better than anyone else does. You make me happy, Stryker. You’re such a douche bag sometimes, and I definitely know that I can be.”
I chewed on my bottom lip.
“Would you mind waiting for me?”
Asher groaned, and looked down at his hands.
“Yeah, Stryk. I’ll wait,”
“Really? You’re not just saying that?” I asked. “Asher, look at me, okay?”
He looked up at me.
“I probably am just saying that. I’m not saying that being with me will be easy, but hopefully it will be worth it…”
“I-I think that it will…” I trailed off. “Do you want to try it?”
Asher laughed, and nodded.
“I think it will be worth it. But we do need to work out a few kinks our this relationship,”
“Can we work it out at your house? Tonight maybe?” I asked him.
Asher nodded. He looked around for something, and smiled back at me. I was a little confused, but then he started to lean in. Asher’s lips brushed against mine softly. I leaned in closer, kissing him harder. He pulled away and I was smiling at him.
“Yeah, I’m down with that,” He replied. “As long as you don’t do anything with any more girls, or guys for that matter,”
I groaned.
“If you’re waiting, I really don’t want to do anything else with anyone else. I want to be with you, Ash.” I answered. “Like, I really, really want to be with you. And only you. Is that as hard to believe,”
Asher looked down at his hand, and laughed half-heartedly.
“I guess not…”
“See, now that wasn’t that hard was it?”
We both turned to look up in front of us and Taylor and Kaylie were standing with bags in their hands.
“I told you that everything would work out, Stryker,” Kaylie winked.
I rolled my eyes.
“You told me that he would be pissed, not that they would work out, Kay.”
Taylor laughed.
“I told Asher that,” Taylor replied. “Come on ladies, I really want to go shopping!”
“Sorry!” Asher apologized before he stood up and offered me his hand. It lingered a little long in my own before he pulled away. “Are you guys ready to go do…anything else?”
“Yeah, I’m bored as fuck.” I stated, crossing my arms. Kaylie and Taylor skipped off to some other store, leaving Asher and I to walk behind them. “Was it really that hard?”
“Was it really that hard to forgive me?”
“You’re not totally forgiven yet,”
“I realize this…” I trailed off.
“Yeah, it was hard forgiving you.” He admitted. “I still don’t know what I’m thinking with forgiving you. It’s like you’re nearly hopeless. Part of me really fucking wants to give up on you, but at the end of the day, you’re Stryker. I can’t stay mad at you forever. You’re still my best friend.”
“Awe, how cute,” I mocked.
“Shut up, whore.” He stated.
I rolled my eyes.
“Yes, I know that I’m a whore, but you are too,”
Asher shook his head.
“Let’s be whores together,”
“Deal,” I agreed.
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