A Hard Job Made Harder

Layla's Return

I arrived at the arena early today. There was no way I would be late today. My outfit almost mimicked last nights. But the theme was blue. I had replaced the red extensions with electric blue ones and they waved in bunches on my head. My suit jacket and pants were black with my blue bra peeking out from the jacket and my shoes were peep toed heels with a skull attached to them at the front. I was sat in my office looking through papers when David arrived.

“Ms Walker?” He knocked, peeking his head through the door.

“Come in David and you can call me Roxxie I don’t mind.” I smiled up at him. He had a box with him and I was curious to know its content.

“Well… Roxxie I looked into what you asked and so far I can tell you this. You’ve been Okayed for the Divas tag team division. And I went ahead and had the title’s made. I hope you don’t mind.” I opened the box to reveal two new tag belts. They were in the style of the Unified Tag Belts but instead of helmets clashing, they had silhouettes of amazon women with spears on either side, with Divas written across the top, Tag Team Champions across the bottom. To the side on the straps were the WWE symbol (the same as the men’s) and on either side was the divas logo.

“Otunga these are fantastic. Ok look, Long has an assistant so you can be mine. But I’m warning you, if you go behind my back on any matter I will make it my mission to make life hell for you.” I warned closing the lid on the box as Cena walked in.

“Hello John, what can I do for you?” I smiled shaking his hand.

“Hi, I just dropped into offer my congratulations on becoming the new General Manager. So what do you have planned?” He smiled noting the box that David was holding behind his back.

“That’s a surprise all will be revealed tonight John. And as for you, tonight’s match will be against Wade Barrett. He requested it and I’m inclined to give it him. Unless you have any problems?” I asked him. I could afford to piss off Smackdown stars, but I needed mine on side.

“No it’ll be fine. Thanks for the heads up.” He smiled and left. I had one other visitor before the show and I told her to wait at the entrance and I would call her.

The arena soon filled up, me and David made our way to the ring. I grabbed a mic and stepped in, David holding onto the box.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to take a short amount of your time to introduce myself. I am Roxanne Walker. I am the New General Manager of Raw. I replaced Laurinaitis last night at the Royal Rumble.” I paused as the arena erupted. “I aim to be a better GM than he was. And hopefully The Miz winning the Rumble is a sign of good things to come. On another note I have a surprise for you the WWE-Universe and this concerns the Divas as well, so do pay attention. No unfortunately it isn’t a bikini contest. Otunga if you would?” He pulled out the two new titles. “As you can see these are Divas Tag Titles. It is my intention to start up the divas tag team division. And as an added bonus I would like you to welcome back…” Nasty Girl- By Rihanna Played. “LAYLA!” The crowd exploded as Layla came down to the ring.

“Thanks Roxxie, It is good to be back. I can tell you one thing WWE-Universe. I will be one half of the First WWE Divas Tag Team Champions!” She hugged me and I left the ring with Otunga.

The second I got backstage I was surrounded by all the Divas. Everyone was firing questions at me and I couldn’t get a word in edges ways.

“QUIET!” I bellowed over them all. “Right, this is how it is. We will have a tag team tournament. I would like every diva to participate.” Somebody shouted about who they were partnering with. “You will be allowed to pick your own partners. If I haven’t got at least four teams within thirty minutes, I will be choosing the teams. Any problems?” I asked looking round at them all.

“Why weren’t we informed beforehand?” It was Eve Torres.

“That is simple Eve, it has only just been authorised and the belts have only just arrived. Anything else? No? If you have any other problems now or in the future, my door is open and my number is posted outside so you can contact me via phone. Well then ladies enjoy.” I left them to sort it amongst them as Otunga followed me back to my office.

“Wow I didn’t know you could sound so…” David struggled for the words.

“Fierce? Dominant? I needed to make myself heard and they needed to know I meant business.” I chuckled at him. “In all seriousness I just hope it boosts the ratings. When will we know about the other division?”

“It could take a while, they need to look at it from all angles. Plus we’ll have to look into the insurance for it.”

“OK, see what you can do. And thanks David you are being a great help.” I smiled happily at him.

“Ms Walker? Punk and Ziggler’s match is due to start.” A stage hand said as he passed by.

I headed out to the commentators table and stood waiting for the competitors to come to the ring. Punk was down first and as usual the crowd went crazy for him. Then Ziggler came down to intense booing with Vickie Guerrero at his heels. I quickly grabbed a mic.

“Vickie Guerrero! I suggest you leave right now. I made it clear that you would not be welcome at ringside for this match. Any interference will not be tolerated.”

“But I’m his manager…”

“And I’m the General Manager, My Show, My Rules. So Get Out!” I said pointing to the back.

The crowd began to chant Goodbye to Vickie as Punk stood on the ropes, his patented smile on his face as he blew her a kiss and waved. I walked back round to the commentating table and sat down next to Jerry Lawler, taking a headset as the match got underway.

“Well it is great to get the chance to finally meet our new General Manager.” Jerry spoke over the crowds chanting.

“The pleasure is all mine Jerry, Cole. And I would like to think we could all be friendly with one another so please do call me Roxxie.”

“Well Roxxie, what is with the stipulation of banning support for Dolph Ziggler at ring side?” Cole questioned me ploughing straight in.

“I haven’t just banned support for Dolph, the same went for Punk. During the time Laurinaitis was in charge he allowed on several occasions for Vickie and Swagger to interfere in his matches. I am simply not allowing it for this contest.”

“Well that’s fair enough. So what are you doing down here?”

“I’m here Cole to make sure that no one interferes. If anyone comes down they will face the consequences. Is it too much to ask for a fair contest between two of the best wrestlers on my roster?” This silenced Cole thankfully. Punk came away with the win and I clapped along with the crowd before walking backstage.

“You were true to your word Roxxie thanks.” It was Phil again.

“I told you, I did it because it was the right and best decision that could be made. But you’re welcome Phil. Anyway I want to get to the divas locker room, I want to find out what tag teams I’ve got.” I turned to go when Phil linked my arm with his.

“Well then allow me to show you the way. I’d quite like to see what tag teams there are too.” He smiled and winked causing me to blush again.

We got to the divas locker room with David trailing behind us, I knocked and stuck my head through the door to make sure they were all fully clothed.

“Hello ladies, Phil, David you can come in. So what teams do I have?” Layla stepped away from the others with AJ shadowing her.

“Well Roxxie, me and AJ will be one team. The Bella’s will be another, Beth and Nattie will pair up and Tamina and Kaitlyn said they would like to team up.” She smiled looking at the other teams.

“Well ok I asked for four tag teams and that’s what I got. Ok, Sarona (Tamina) and Celeste you’re up first against Beth and Nattie. Then Layla you and April can go out against Brianna and Stephanie. These are no contest matches ladies so if you want those titles you got to fight for them!” As I finished speaking my cell began to ring.

“Hello, Roxxie here.”

“Roxxie, it’s Stephanie. This is great the ratings are higher than they’ve been for months and the divas tag titles are trending worldwide.”

“That’s what I’m here to do. If they aren’t high and we aren’t being talked about then I’m clearly not doing my job right.”

“I know, I know. I told dad you were the right person for the job. But just look out okay, Hunter is sure it was Laurinaitis that sabotaged him. I can’t have the same happen to you.”

“Don’t worry I can handle it. I’ll talk to you later.” I ended the call and turned to David. “Could you go out and have Justin ready to announce the matches?” He smiled at me and nodded.

“I’ll get going now!” He took off down the hallway. I backed out of the locker room and headed to the green room to watch the matches.

“So who was that?” Phil asked me.

“Stephanie, she’s happy with my first show, but she wanted to warn me as well.” I sighed at the look of contempt on Phil’s face.

“Stephanie? Huh and she’s warning you? About what?”

“About the fact that someone might try to sabotage me and my position. Look she’s looking out for me. Yes I’ve known her awhile and I would to an extent consider her a friend, but I am by no means like her. I just hope that I can get enough of you on my side to prevent any possible incidents from happening.” I sighed again leaning against the wall.

“I guess it’s Ace that you have to worry about right? Well you can count me onside. As long as you’re straight with me.” He smiled and I relaxed this is what I needed, stars to announce their loyalty to me.

As we reached the green room Phil opened the door for me and began to introduce all the stars. I made it clear that if they had any problems they were to come to me and I would do what I could to solve them. They were all intrigued with the divas tag teams and we soon narrowed down our finalist. Layla and AJ would be up against the Tamina and Kaitlyn on next week’s show for the Championship titles.
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